Happy Birthday Aamir (Part 1) 53 Reasons I Love You!

I already gave Aamir a random day for all his reviews to be reposted a few weeks back, so for his birthday he will just have to be satisfied with the usual 53 reasons I love him.

1.He was the first Khan to hit it big, Qayamet Se Qayamet Tak came out a year and a half before Maine Pyar Kiya, and 4 years and two months before Deewana.

2. QSQT wasn’t technically his first movie, that was Yaadon Ki Baarat, and he looked adorable.

3. He has sticky-outy ears (see above and below), and I have come to find them kind of endearing.

4. He has the most changeable hair of all the Khans, going from poof to mullet to cool guy short to long and in period to shaven and back again.

5. He is also the most-mustachiod of the Khans.  And, I think, wears it best.

6. His first adorable song.

7. His second adorable song

8. His third adorable song

9. His fourth adorable song

10. His fifth adorable song

11. That in his second adorable song, he agreed to be partnered with the tallest extra, and then had him raise his hands up to make him look even taller, while Aamir looks like a witty-bitty doll boy (4:10 through 4:22).

12.  That in the same adorable song, his new wife was an extra who could not stop laughing at him (4:50 through 5:12, in the red dress).

13. That he was launched opposite similarly adorable and young and very short Juhi Chawla.

14. That baby Imran Khan plays baby Aamir in this film, just like Aamir jumped in to help out and play young Takir Khan (Aamir’s cousin) in Yaadon ki Baarat.

(aw, little Imran!  Did not inherit the family ears)

15. That his third adorable song takes the “dancing around the trees” trope and embraces it.

16. That you were in a terrible movie, which lead to a brilliant humorous youtube video

17. Also, this scene from Dil.  You know, I think I like the scenes in this movie even better than the songs!

(See, he tricked Madhuri into betting that she would kiss him if he won the fight.  Also, how cute is Madhuri in those pigtails?)

18. This scene from Dil, in which Madhuri sends a message

19.  Well, I like this Dil song at least.  It’s got kind of a Grease vibe, doesn’t it?

20.  Oh, and this one.  Especially the sad peddle boat memories (don’t worry, the movie has a happy ending after all)


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Aamir (Part 1) 53 Reasons I Love You!

    • He did indeed! And now we all pretend they never existed and he was the artistic perfectionist his entire career.

      On Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 9:34 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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