TGIF: Birthday Boy and Girl, Who Wore it Best, Alia or Aamir?

Happy Friday!  The end of Aamir/Alia abbreviated week!  And, of course, they get to have this weeks TGIF post.  But they have to share it between them.

Here’s the challenge: Who wore it best?


Image result for alia turban

Image result for aamir turban

I think I gotta give this one to Alia.  Aamir’s look is more traditional, but Alia has more flare.


Red Dress

Image result for aamir baazi

Image result for alia red dress

Definitely Aamir.  That dress does not fit Alia right, and is way too short to be comfortable, and she is standing oddly.  Aamir nails the attitude and the accessories and the fit (at least, what we can see of the fit)



White Suit Jacket

Image result for alia white suit

Image result for aamir white jacket

This is really not fair, but it’s Aamir’s fault for always dressing so casually!  I could not find a picture of him in a white western style suit, this is as close as I could come.  And it’s kind of a disaster, shoes and pants and sweater jacket all different colors, blech!  While Alia looks wonderfully put together.





Image result for alia mustache

Image result for aamir mustache

Oooo, a tricky one!  Alia’s is obviously fake, which is bade, but then Aamir’s is just plain ridiculous.  I think I still have to give it to Alia, at least in these two photos.





Image result for alia bhatt fedora

Image result for aamir khan fedora

Yep, DEFINITELY Aamir!  Alia looks cute, sure, but Aamir looks like he knows exactly how and why he wants to wear that hat.




Image result for alia

Image result for aamir glasses

Definitely Aamir!  His clean cut Clark Kent look was a wonderful era.




Disco Dance Look

Image result for aamir disco

Image result for alia disco

Obviously Aamir!  Possibly the greatest outfit he, or any other male star, has ever worn.





With Baby

Image result for alia with baby

Image result for aamir azad

Aamir again!  That little half smile is much more natural than Alia’s kiss.  Plus, look at Azad’s little face!






With Shahrukh (obviously, had to put it in a TGIF somewhere)

Image result for aamir shahrukh

Image result for alia shahrukh

I think I have to give it to Aamir again!  That is one of the most handsome looking photos I have ever seen of him.



So, grand total:

Aamir: 6

Alia: 3

Aamir wins by a blow out!  At least, for me.  Tell me in the comments how you rank them!


29 thoughts on “TGIF: Birthday Boy and Girl, Who Wore it Best, Alia or Aamir?

    • And it’s not goofy over the top PDA like Ranveer and Dips, it’s just a couple whose been married a while and sometimes kiss.

      On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 2:26 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Yes, but his points get removed for the stupidity of actually trying to grow a mustache versus Alia’s intelligence in realizing she could just paste one on. And also his stupidity in wearing that sweater with the long hair and mustache and sultry pose, and thereby creating a Full 70s appearance.

      On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 2:29 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I love that picture, because he is standing where I was sitting when I watched A Throw of the Dice. Kind of ties all of Indian film history together.

      On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 2:30 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  1. Turban: Aamir
    Red dress: Aamir
    White jacket: Alia–and that’s even including the Aamir tux pic I found
    Mustache: Aamir
    Fedora: Alia (even though I think neither hat is a fedora–joyomama?)
    Glasses: Aamir
    Disco: Aamir
    With baby: tie–both cute in different ways
    With Shah Rukh: Alia for days


  2. Everyone alive~man or woman~looks better when SRK is in the picture. He is just so gorgeous that the excess seems to seep over onto whoever is standing next to him. Check it out!


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