Global Box Office: Baaghi Bags Screens, Bluffs Box Office; Ram Charan is KING!

Box office!  A day late because I got distracted by the John Abraham story yesterday.  (figures, as always, courtesy of bollywoodhungama)

Baaghi!  Which is being called the arrival of Tiger, massive hit, blah blah blah-de-blah.  Only, it’s not really.  It’s good, definitely solid hit.  But not the kind of groundswell that announces something really spectacular.

Like Aadhi, Baaghi 2 is a screencount hit.  It made less than $3,000 per screen in America.  But it released on 123 screens, which drove up the overall box office.  And like with Mohanlal’s son in Aadhi, I don’t mind that their father’s name and connections got them the opportunity, I appreciate that they put in real work and tried to make the best film they could, but I very much resent that they got the benefit of this ridiculous release that is making them appear far more popular than they are.

It’s not just in the US that Baaghi has this pattern.  It made about $7,000 per screen in Canada, which is very good (would be great in other places, but Canada has expensive tickets), but it’s not spectacular.  It only looks that way because it was on 22 screens.  It was on 51 screens in the UK and made about $2,500 per screen.  30 screens in Australia, $8,000 per screen.  16 screens in New Zealand, about $10,000 per screen.

So, Baaghi is a solid masala action movie.  It did well in the traditional action markets (Australia, New Zealand, Canada) and poorly in the traditional romance belts (US, UK).  But the overall box office was driven up and up by screen count, and there seems to be a further effort to drive up the buzz around the film to make it appear as though it is a much bigger, and more surprising, hit than it really is.  This is not the “Tiger is now a star who can open a film on his name alone” moment.  This is the “Tiger is now a solid lead who is not a detriment to a movie” moment.  Which is an important moment!  Nothing to take away from Tiger, it’s a big deal when you reach the plateau of having enough name recognition and experience that people don’t go “what, who’s in this film?” but instead go “oh, that looks fun, and Tiger’s in it, he’s okay”.

Image result for baaghi 2 poster

(What I am saying is, the helicopter and gun and general action vibe were as appealing as Tiger in this poster.  But Tiger was a definite plus point too, a marked improvement from Baaghi 1)

I should say that I enjoyed Baaghi 2 myself, and I saw it in a packed theater, mostly with young men.  And Tiger got whistles when he appeared.  So he does have buzz, this movie has a legitimate fan base, it’s a true hit.  Way way better than Aadhi in that regard.  But it’s not good for Tiger to give him more credit than he deserves at this moment.  He has proven his ability in a very specific genre kind of film.  Let him do Student of the Year 2 and a few other films, let him have a real big budget big hit after that, THEN you can announce “Tiger has arrived”.

Other box office news, Ram Charan has arrived!!!!!!!  For realsies.  Rangasthalam is MASSIVE in the US.  Okay, not massive, but way way way way way better than any other Telugu film (besides Bahubali 2) in over a year.  Almost $9,000 per screen.  Even allowing for inflated tickets and a Thursday release, that is still super good.  And, more importantly, that is better than the last Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu movies, and Chiranjeevi, and Allu Arjun, and essentially all the big names.  So, Yaay Ram Charan!  Listen to all the excitement over Tiger and pretend they are talking about you, because they should be!

(Here, dance on one leg for like a year in celebration)


9 thoughts on “Global Box Office: Baaghi Bags Screens, Bluffs Box Office; Ram Charan is KING!

  1. Yay for Ram Charan!! I’m going to watch this movie as soon as it streams on Amazon prime. I had this massive crush on him back in the 10th grade after watching Magadheera. Glad that he’s finally found a huge success after a really long time.


    • I was wondering if this was his first post-Magadheera hit. I didn’t remember anyone here recommending or even mentioning anything else with him, so I thought maybe.

      On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 1:01 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • He’s had a few solid hits since Magadheera like Racha, Nayaak, and Dhruva but this his first blockbuster movie since Magadheera.


      • He did a couple of massy commercial movies which I didn’t really like. He probably took that route because he followed up Magadheera with a romcom called Orange, which was actually an enjoyable movie but it tanked at the box office. I like the movie though Genelia’s voice is a little irritating.


  2. Ha! Mumait Khan was in Magadheera!

    I’m really surprised by the succes of Baaghi 2. Ok, I admit, I liked the trailer, but didn’t imagine it will be so popular. I hope it doesn’t mean we will have years of only action films now, like in the 80?


    • I have loved Mumait Khan since Lucky: No Time For Love and Hulchul. Isn’t it funny that of the 3 women in this song, Mumait Khan and Meher Vij are the ones with the booming careers now?

      On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 1:12 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I used to hate Ram Charan but I’ve started to like him over the past few years. I’m glad that Chiranjeevi returned to movies because it led to Ram Charan making better movies. Basically when Chiranjeevi retired, Ram Charan was looked at as his true heir by the hardcore fan base and Ram Charan resorted to making a bunch of mass masala movies to satisfy that fan base. He had success but he was basically the Tiger Shroff of that time. Once Chiranjeevi came back with Khaidi 150, Ram Charan moved away from the typical mass masala and so far has done Dhruva which is a pretty good thriller and Rangasthalam. He’s also co-starring with Jr. NTR in Rajamouli’s next which I’m really curious about.


  4. When it comes to box-office results (not only in India), I often asks myself how much is manipulated – in both directions. I wonder why one doesn’t take footfalls as reference…that would at least eliminate the difference in ticket prices.


    • I believe Renttrack does count footfalls at least in America, I know they did in my theater. I don’t know why they don’t make that information more widely available. Or maybe they do and no one bothers to report it. In India, I would suspect any footfalls data is incomplete. Just because theater owners are scamming distributors and lying about how many tickets were sold if nothing else.

      On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 11:17 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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