Happy Raees Week! Tezaab Had Gangsters and Garba Before Raees!

I’m I the only one who has seen Streets of Fire?  If so, you must ALL WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!  Anyway, Streets of Fire was remade in India as Tezaab, with Anil in a tapoori-type role and Madhuri in her break out performance, and lots and lots of 80s style action.

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Baaghi: Wait, This Was Before Sadak?

I was watching this thing thinking “okay, saw that in Sadak, saw that, saw that.”  And then I looked up the years, and Baaghi was first!  Sadak gets the mentions as this really cool deep love story, but it’s just doing what Baaghi did already.  Okay, so Sadak is doing it better (because Mahesh Bhatt > Deepak Shivdasani), but still, Baaghi did it first!

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