TGIF: Puppy Players! Famous Movie Roles Recast With Puppies

Well, this is a ridiculous post.  Inspired by my finding a photo of the most evil puppy I have ever seen.  Clearly a super villain in training.

Amrish Puri in Mr. India

Image result for mogambo amrish puri

As played by a puppy

Desna 2

Nadira’s evil Princess from Aan

Image result for aan nadira

As played by a puppy

Gravity 1


Seeta Aur Geeta

Related image

As played by puppies

Barbara 1


Sunny Deol in Gadar

Related image

As played by a Puppy

Mason 3


Band of imprisoned freedom fighters from Bhagat Singh

Image result for legend of bhagat singh jail

As played by puppies

Gus 1


Tiger Shroff in A Flying Jatt

Image result for tiger shroff flying jatt


As played by a puppy

Pastrami 1

Madhubala in Mughal-E-Azam

Related image

As a puppy

Yegor 3


Dharmendra in Sholay

Image result for dharmendra sholay


Played by a puppy

Sarito 1


Amitabh in Deewar

Image result for amitabh deewar


Played by a Puppy

Thunderbolt 1

Kajol and Kareena in K3G

Image result for kajol kareena k3g

As played by Puppies (with a random shelter volunteer standing in for SRK and Hrithik)

Jolene 1


Shahrukh as Devdas

Image result for devdas shahrukh


As played by a puppy

Little Lamb 1


Shahrukh as Devdas leaning on the stronger Madhuri as Chandramukhi

Image result for devdas shahrukh madhuri


Played by puppies

Little Lamb 3


The Dhanak kids

Related image

Played by puppies

8 puppies F & M 3


And finally, the baby in Heyy Babyy

Image result for heyy babyy baby akshay

Played by a puppy

Chocolate Mousse 1



Almost forgot my southerners, and I know you would get mad at me.

Bahubali Baby

Image result for bahubali baby

Played by a puppy

Oakley 1


Bahubali adult angry

Image result for bahubali prabhas

Played by a Puppy

Concerto 1

Bahubali adult dragging defeated enemies

Image result for bahubali dragging lion head

Played by a puppy

Gaspard 1

Bahubali adult riding elephant

Related image

Played by a puppy (elephant played by human)

Hercules 1


Bahubali adult preparing to protect his people

Image result for bahubali prabhas

Played by a puppy

Rollie 3


Prabhas and Rana in Bahubali united against a common enemy

Image result for bahubali prabhas and rana

Played by puppies

Rodney 4




Now, question:

Which of these is the best fit?

I think I have to go with the first one, evil Mogambo puppy.

Desna 2


If you had limitless time, money, and space, which puppy would you adopt?

Obviously, the entire puppy cast of Legend of Bhagat Singh.

Gus 1


15 thoughts on “TGIF: Puppy Players! Famous Movie Roles Recast With Puppies

  1. D’awww.

    Best fit: Tiger doggie
    Would adopt: Kajol and Kareena puppies. They remind me of puppies our landlord’s dogs had in Ethiopia. One black, one brown, one almost white. We called them coffee, tea, and milk in Amharic (bunna, chai, and wetat). We wanted to bring them back to the US SO BADLY.


  2. Best fit:
    Gadar, Flaying Jatt, and Dharmendra puppies
    None of them, because I’m obsessed with Spitz type or as I call them “white face dogs” (it sounds better in italian 😉 )
    Oh and if we are talking about Baahubali and dogs, my favourite:
    Why did Catappa kill Bowbali?

    Liked by 1 person

      • She is great and even her character matches: “Because of my issues, I need someone who is willing to love me and give me the chance to fall in love with them and to trust them. It probably won’t be the easiest of roads, but I am so worth it.”


        • Oh, I didn’t read her bio! Boy, the rescue group really doesn’t like her family do they? Quite a bit judgey.

          That’s the problem with the really pretty dogs (I am finding, reading the pet bios), a lot of them are from puppy mills or families who just wanted the pretty and weren’t willing to do the work and abandoned them. The funny looking dogs tend to have much happier lives. Very similar to movie stars 🙂

          On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 2:56 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Best match is Determined Bahubali puppy. That puppy will defend his people to the death. I would adopt Drunk Devdas puppy because he looks so laid back.


    • Although maybe Drunk Devdas puppy just looks laidback because he is so broken hearted nothing matters to him any more.

      I really love determined Bahubali puppy too! That is how my childhood dog looked when we got her at the pound, we picked her because she was so clearly ready to defend all the other puppies so we figured she would be a good family dog. which she was.


    • Not that long! They are all on petfinder, waiting to be adopted. I just scrolled through the puppy photos looking for ones that looked interesting, and then found movie photos to match. The key is to start with the puppies, not the movies 🙂


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