Silly Sunday Bonus! Anushka Love Triangle, You Pick Who She Ends Up With

I already put up a MASSIVE Anushka post and I didn’t want it to be too super super long, so I pulled this one story out.  Also, this is the story I need the most help with because I can’t figure out how to end it.

Anushka and Parambrata and Ranveer Identity Switching Love Triangle

Miss Braganza and I have been working this out in the comments all week.  Parambrata was Anushka’s co-star in Pari, and Vidya’s in Kahaani, he has this very gentle supportive beta vibe onscreen.  And Ranveer is Ranveer.  Both men were great co-stars for Anushka, and Miss Braganza and I couldn’t pick which one she should end up with, so we landed on love triangle.  But this is going to be a tricky choose-your-own-adventure style love triangle because I still don’t know who I want her to be with.

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(This guy)

The original set-up is easy.  Parambrata and Ranveer are lifelong best friends, because they are so different.  We flashback and see them as little kids in school, Ranveer locks on to Parambrata immediately and drags him out of class to help him on an “adventure”, and next we see Ranveer climbing out on to the top of the building.  Both boys get in trouble, Parambrata cries and is scared, Ranveer laughs at it, the next day Parambrata says he doesn’t want to be friends any more, Ranveer says okay, but then Parambrata gets into a fight at recess.  And Ranveer saves him and says “just because you aren’t friends with me any more doesn’t mean I’m not friends with you.”  Fast forward through years of friendship, Ranveer keeps doing big impulsive things and Parambrata stands by him, and meanwhile Ranveer gives Parambrata big fun presents and surprise birthday parties and fun things like that.

Then one day when they are both adults, Parambrata calls Ranveer all worried because he has to get a book and he is stuck on a broken down train, he needs Ranveer to take the library card for the university library from their shared apartment and get a particular book.  Ranveer goes to the library, brushes his hair dorky and puts on glasses so he will look like Parambrata’s ID, and starts looking for the book.  A librarian tells him to leave the closed stacks, they aren’t for patrons, he rudely ignores her, then tells her “just a minute just a minute” and finally when she keeps bothering him, turns and sees…. ANUSHKA!  In glasses and dowdy clothes, clearly the librarian.  And just as clearly, Ranveer has fallen in love at first sight.  He fumbles his way through a first interaction with her, she doesn’t seem to be responding to his usual charm, but then she notices the name on his ID and warms up right away, she loved the last journal article he wrote, she respects him so much as a scholar, and on and on.

So, obviously, Ranveer has no choice but to pretend to be Parambrata as he continues to romance Anushka.  He goes home that night and begs Parambrata to give him books to read and tell him all about everything he has been studying. Parambrata goes along with it, but Ranveer is quick to catch on, he actually has been listening all these years.  And let’s say it’s something cool, like the female warrior legend in Indian society, tying together Jhansi Ki Rani and Fearless Nadia and Indira Gandhi.

Ranveer goes out on his first date with Anushka, she is slow to warm up to him, seems quiet and shy, until he starts talking about his research, and then it turns into an adventure as he leads a big dance around the restaurant rattling off the stories of all the famous female heroines, with Anushka at first shy and then getting into it and dancing with him.

(Kind of like this)

Only, they get out to the boring scooter he borrowed from Parambrata to find out that it has died.  Anushka is nervous because she has to get home before her hostel locks the doors, so Ranveer ends up texting Parambrata for a ride.  Parambrata has no choice but to stumble out of bed and drive over in Ranveer’s sports car, while wearing Ranveer’s leather driving coat.  He arrives, there is only space for one of them in the car, so he ends up driving Anushka home.  And playing up the role of the bad boy thrill seeking rich kid with the fancy car, which ends with Anushka, slightly tipsy and saying “I want to do something for thrills for once in my life”, leaning over and kissing him.

Love triangle!  Anushka is torn between the exciting bad boy with the sports car Parambrata, and the smart open-minded scholar Ranveer.  And meanwhile the two boys are keeping secrets from each other.  Ranveer is pretending that he isn’t seeing Anushka any more because Parambrata tried to make fun of him for being too stupid for her, Parambrata is pretending he never started seeing Anushka and hiding from Ranveer that he has had a crush on Anushka for months, watching her at the library but not brave enough to talk to her, their first secret in the history of their friendship.  This goes on following a predictable pattern, Anushka almost falls in love with each of them, they are almost caught, the two boys feel guilty about lying to each other, their friendship weakens, they finally figure out that the other one is still dating her but don’t say anything, instead passive aggressively trying to sabotage the other one, ending with a big fight as it all comes out, that ends with hugs and the realization that they can’t keep this up, and both men tell Anushka the truth and ask her to choose.


There are three ways this can end:

a.  Anushka breaks up with Ranveer when she finds out he was lying about his name and runs to Parambrata, knowing that he lied second and is the one who wrote the research she loved.  But Parambrata, in talking to her, sees that she truly loves Ranveer.  Except for using Parambrata’s name, it was his real self she spent time with, he was really excited about the research and described it in his own terms, he made her laugh, he took her own adventures, and so on and so on.  And everything she liked about Parambrata was just stuff he borrowed from Ranveer, the poor little rich boy backstory, the cool art in the apartment, and so on and so on.  So in a last gesture of friendship, Parambrata tells her that Ranveer is awesome, and only lied because he has secretly never felt good enough for a real relationship with a good person.  And then at Anushka’s wedding to Ranveer, Parambrata is introduced to her cool more adventorous twin sister, and it is clearly love at first sight for the two of them, so he gets a happy ending too.

b. Anushka breaks up with Parambrata when she finds out he was lying to her and goes crying to Ranveer.  But Ranveer, in talking to her, sees that she really loves Parambrata.  She fell in love with his writing before she even met him, and everything she liked about Ranveer was just Parambrata, the research and the open minded attitude towards women and so on.  And everything she liked about Parambrata was really him, the willingness to let her make the first move and pursue him instead of the other way around and so on.  And in a last gesture of friendship, Ranveer tells her that Parambrata had been in love with her all along but never felt brave enough to talk to her, that Parambrata trying to romance her was the bravest thing he had ever done and a sign of how much he loved her.  And then at Anushka’s wedding to Parambrata, Ranveer is introduced to her even shyer and more introverted twin sister, and it is clearly love at first sight for them, so he gets a happy ending too.

c. Anushka breaks up with both of them simultaneously and explains that they were just sublimating their feelings for each other in this pursuit of her, there is a reason they are both 30 and still not married, and have been living together their entire adult life.  If they just admitted they truly love each other, everything will be better.  And then at Ranveer and Parambrata’s wedding, Anushka meets Ranveer’s cool rich uncle Shahrukh and it is clearly love at first sight, so she gets a happy ending too.

(I’m not the only one who got “sublimated desire” from the love triangle in Gunday, right?)


10 thoughts on “Silly Sunday Bonus! Anushka Love Triangle, You Pick Who She Ends Up With

  1. Kind of leaning toward option 1., for no particular reason except it just seems like Ranveer is set up to be the hero of the story. And couldn’t Anushka be the author of the cool research? I feel like female college professors get a bad rap in Indian movies. Miss Braganza (the original one) is mostly just sexy. Doesn’t seem like it would work with the whole library thing, though.


    • That could be part of it, if she ends up with Ranveer it is a realization that she only loved Parambrata’s research because she was jealous of him doing research, and Ranveer gives her the strength and bravery to write her own work. And if she ends up with Parambrata, she can become his wife and his co-author.

      On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 2:18 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’m liking option A purely because I like Ranveer, otherwise they’re all equally matched contenders and I’m chill with seeing any of them


    • I think I am leaning towards “a” primarily because Parambrata was such a little scuzzball in a very particular “nothing is my fault, I am sweet and loving, don’t blame me” way in Pari and I am having a hard time getting past that. He doesn’t deserve Anushka OR Ranveer!

      On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 1:01 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I like all the endings. Maybe this could be like Clue–film all the endings, then either play a randomly chosen version in theaters, let viewers buy tickets based on ending option (this could be a good way to get repeat viewings in theaters), or just play all 3 endings back to back like Clue did on home video. I would have voted more strongly for c, but seeing the song from Gunday really made me want to have Arjun as the third side of the triangle rather than Parambrata. He and Ranveer have such chemistry.


    • Has Arjun co-starred with Anushka yet? That triangle could be really fun, Arjun with a sort of brooding quiet intensity, Ranveer with all the loud sparkle, Anushka the blank canvass they throw their desires on to until she stands up for herself and reminds them that she is a living breathing person and doesn’t deserve to be the middlewoman of their game.

      What would be really fun is to not tell people there are different endings, let the buzz and confusion start after the film releases, and then count on the audience to figure out that different showings have different endings. Put in something obvious to help, like have the title card and the official theater showtimes listed as “Title (a)” or “Title (b)” or “Title (c)”. And then within a day it would be the kind of in thing to spread on social media, that the letter tells you which is which and you need to get tickets for “(a)” or “(b)” or “(c)” depending on which ending you wanted to see. And also trust the theaters to figure out how to play it for their audience, let them in on the secret and trust them to know how to mix the showtimes together and so on in order to garner maximum ticket sales. Maybe in some places, (c) only plays for the midnight show or something. And the key would be to have a really big cameo for Anushka’s eventual love interest, so people still want to watch it even with the nontraditional resolution.

      You and I should be running a studio! We would do so much better than the people currently in those jobs! (I’m still mad about the Ranbir announcement from this morning)

      On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 1:37 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Heee! I’m much more of a “bring the creative people tea and snacks” kinda gal, but studios need those types too, right?

        I’m kind of a dope for Ranbir, so I get why you’re mad, but I hope he pulls up his socks and gives a great performance.


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