Box Office: Allu Beats Mahesh, Amitabh Beats Them Both

Welcome back to Box Office!  I skipped last week, just because, no real reason.  But now I am back!  In time for excitement with yet another good Telugu release. (as always, figures courtesy of renttrack by way of Bollywoodhungama)

Naa Peru Surya!!!!  Which is not about Peru, like I was kind of hoping it was.  Oh well.  At least Allu Arjun’s hair doesn’t look terrible in the promotion stills, that’s still something.  Oh, and also it is making decent box office.  Only $2,975 per screen, but on 185 screens, which is enough to make it 15 overall at the American box office.  It could do better, Allu is a big name and all that, but I think it just released on too many screens.  Drop it to closer to 130, and the per screen average would be more than decent.  Over all, this is keeping up the trend of 2018 being the year that the Telugu box office comes roaring back after the slack times of 2017.  Which, frankly, I think was just a side effect of the general terrible American mood and disinterest in seeing movies in 2017, since the overseas Telugu box office is primarily American.

Image result for naa peru surya

(Don’t love the hair, but I don’t hate it)

More interesting, Naa Peru Surya is also doing well in Australia!  Continuing this new trend of Aussies reaching out beyond Hindi.  Punjabi was all the rage for a while, but now it’s getting some competition from the southern industries.  Naa Peru Surya is doing $3,500 per screen.  Which isn’t great, but is promising for a newish market.

Moving on, how is Bharat Ane Nenu doing?  Well, it’s sinking.  There is still a little bit of that “everyone who wanted to see it saw it opening week” effect.  Now in week three, it has dropped down to around $1,100 per screen in America.  Could definitely be doing better.  But this isn’t terrible.

And finally, 102 Not Out!  It started slow but steady, $3,796 per screen in America on 102 screens, $3,145 in Canada on 18 screens, $1,152 in the UK on 53 screens, $2,793 in Australia on 35 screens.  A definite word of mouth movie, and definitely a movie for a particular taste.  America is higher than I would expect, both in screen count and per screen, a good sign for a continued run as more people trickle in.  Canada is surprisingly good as well, just because they don’t usually go for this kind of film.  The UK is bad, but then I think they shot for the stars there and released it on too many screens.  Australia is bad, but then it was never an Australian movie (no action).  Overall, this is a good sign that a film with an interesting plot and aging stars can do better than the razzmatazz flashy action type films.  I think this is a better box office than Amitabh has had for his last few movies, the action dramas where he played a supporting role like Wazir and TE3N.  He should be the lead more often.

(I still love this song from Wazir, even if it didn’t have a great box office)

3 thoughts on “Box Office: Allu Beats Mahesh, Amitabh Beats Them Both

  1. Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India is not my kind of film, but I have a soft spot for it now because it was the first telugu title I almost understood (thanks to malayalam lessons)


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