Sonam Report on Instagram

Well, this is going to be a multi-day thing.  I’m exhausted and I’m not even invited.  But I do have to do the very important job of judging everyone’s outfits, which is very tiring.  Perhaps you all can help me? (oh, and Monday Malayalam is delayed because I had to do this instead.  Sorry!)

This is from which is not one of my usual go-to sources, but by golly they have pulled together every single instragram pic!

First, here are the 5 things I have learned about Sonam’s groom:

  1. His name is Anand Ahuja
  2. He is from a super wealthy born-with-a-silver-spoon kind of family
  3. He didn’t finish his MBA from Wharton
  4. He runs a fashion sneaker company
  5. He stood up and loudly cheered from the audience when Sonam won her FilmFare.

Two of these things really make me like him (standing up and cheering and dropping out of Wharton, MBAs are the worst).  Two of these things make me not like him much (spoiled rich kid, fashion sneaker company which is such a rich kid thing to do), and one is neutral (His name.  I don’t care).

Oh, a 6th thing to break the tie!  He is shorter than Sonam and doesn’t seem to care.  A definite plus, 3 good, 3 bad, and one neutral, so he’s okay in my book.

Moving on, who was at the Sangeet?  Random first photo, Sonam and Kat.  I don’t like Kat’s outfit much, but I am glad she rejected the STUPID high neck choli style.  It looks like they all put their shirts on backwards, and I hate it.

But overall, classy and not hideous!  Good job Kat!  Well, grading on the Kat-curve.  I could have done without the strange draping around the belt, I could use some big earrings and a necklace, and she should do something with her hair.  But otherwise good.

On the other hand, Karan is perfection.  And has lost the baby weight.  Looking good Karan!  Love the simple but striking design.


Shilpa is not simple but striking.  She is kind of a mess.  But is also such a finished person that she is almost carrying it off.  Cotton is too casual, and there are way too many layers, and it doesn’t fit right around the waist, and it is wrinkled.  But her hair is perfection, so is her make-up and her earrings.  Essentially, I want to unscrew Shilpa’s head and place it on Kat’s body.

Rani looks GREAT!  With an actual neckline instead of that stupid shirt-on-backward look, and a graceful drape to the outfit, and a stunning side-flower hairstyle.  And best of all, a happy confident smile.


Swara’s fine, and clearly a close friend since she has actual Mehndi on.  But she also has the horrible choli style that I HATE and want to DIE.


Anil looks awesome.  No duh, he always does.

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Proud daddy #anilkapoor #sonamkishaadi

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Woo-hoo Jacqueline!  the only problem is that she looks so good, she is running the risk of overshadowing the bride.  Amazing bold pattern on the outfit, perfect fit, flatterin cut, great hair and make-up, and most of all, perfect presentation.

Sridevi’s girls were also there, and all I have to say about them is that I think it is cute that they are wearing semi-matching outfits, just like my sister and me when we went to our cousin’s wedding.  We were 8 and 10, it was adorable.  And they are adorable too!  And get my “teenagers have enough problems” fashion pass.

Arjun!  Breaking the white pattern, not sure why.  Although he’s not the only one, maybe it was more just a “white and grey and maybe some accents” color scheme.  Most important question with Arjun, has he lost a little weight?  I think maybe so!  Good for you Arjun!  Although you aren’t dressed nearly as well as your uncle Anil, but then no one is.


Boney also went for no white, and just generally a kind of discoordinated outfit.  Poor guy, at least he showed up.  Oh, and Harsh is still handsome.


This is Sonam’s mother with her friends.  I just think they look like a fun group of friends.  And I really like friend-on-the-right’s sari border, and that she has little flowers in her hair just like all the young woman.

Speaking of awesome groups, Farah’s triplets!!!!  So cute I could DIE!!!!!  I can’t pick a favorite one, they are all great, smiling standing girl, cautious crouching girl, and smiling spoiled boy, all great!!!!  And totally over-shadowing Rekha.

Anshula looks really great too.  Especially considering she doesn’t have movie star style looks, she managed to find an outfit that is both high fashion and super flattering to her body type.  And her hair looks amazing.

Sanjay’s daughter!  Suhana’s good friend.  She looks sweet, and gets the “teenagers have enough problems” fashion pass anyway.  I just wanted to put up her picture because it reminded me that she is friends with Suhana and that is an interesting connection.  And also, I can’t figure out where she is standing.  An office that is also a garage?

Of course Karan got a photo with Sonam!  And Sonam’s AMAZING henna.  She really went all out there.

Also getting a photo with Sonam, Karisma.  Huh.  Only representative of the “other Kapoors” that I have seen so far.  I guess they weren’t invited?

Cute photo that also really highlights how much make-up Rekha is wearing and how little Rani is.  And yet they look equally good.  Really, Rani was just glowing.


So, to sum up, a lot of people came, but not nearly as many as could have.  Farah brought her kids which makes it feel over all more like a family party.  It’s a sign of how much people sincerely like the Kapoors, Rani to Rekha to Karan, showing up not because it is the “Sangeet of the season”, but just because they wanted to come.

10 thoughts on “Sonam Report on Instagram

  1. The pics from the wedding are very fun! The one of Ranveer, Rani, and Arjun may be one of my favorites. They are just three of my all time favs!


    • But outside of Sonam’s look (the high neck choli is a bit weird but still very regal), I really like Swara’s look at the mehendi. I also like Katrina’s dress. It’s a cool take on fancy Indo-Western with the way the draping cuts across her body. And it’s totally on point for the event’s dress code and who she is. Arjun looked incredible in his navy blue outfit. He should always wear navy and/or black formal attire. He has lost weight or at least toned up, probably for his Panipat role.


      • Arjun also really stepped up at this wedding, very brother-of-the-bride. And seeing Jhanvi and Khushi and Anshulla running around made me realize, this is the first of 3 times he is going to have to do this. 4 if you count Rhea. So many women in his life!

        On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 7:50 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. uhh hate that new trend where you wear a lehenga just above ur belly button. Everybody seems to be wearing that, including Rani, which doesn’t suit her body type at all.


    • I wonder if it is because of wearing the high choli blouses? So the lehenga goes higher to make the outfit modest, instead of the choli going lower.

      And also, I agree with you, it’s very unflattering. A low curved waistline always looks better on a woman.

      On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 8:55 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • She looks so happy, all day! I love completely happy looking brides.

      On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 3:34 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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