Saturday Small Talk! It’s the Weekend, Let’s Waste Time

Happy Saturday!  I am helping my parents open up the family house, and also washing my dog.  So, not much time for postings.  Anyway, Alicia/Bollywood Newbie asked last week if there could be a post between Monday and Wednesday for random small talk.  This is that post!  Let’s see how it goes.

Small talk!  The Royal Wedding this morning.

Image result for royal wedding

Shahrukh’s twitter post yesterday

Amitabh’s strange feud with twitter,


The new Race 3 song


Or anything else you want to talk about!  Lay it on me, it’s the weekend, it’s the time to hide from family by checking your phone for blog comments.


9 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk! It’s the Weekend, Let’s Waste Time

    • But such fun to watch! My mom and i went to a Bar that opened at 5:30am and was serving tea and scones and champagne.

      Any way, i loved the American Bishop. He probably toned his sermon down considerably, but it was still awesome and he didn’t care that these stuffed up Brits couldn’t handle it.

      Also i think Meghan’s mother is endlessly elegant.

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      • I was in tears when they reached the alter and till that part of the ceremony. Everything was perfect. And then the Hollywood bits started. And all I could think about was “would she have opted for this exact kind of service had she married a Hollywood guy?!” and I wasn’t convinced she would’ve. She wouldn’t be caught dead having Ave Maria played at her regular guy wedding because it’s been done to death.

        People can tell me it was their day all they want but the fact is it was a state event, funded by the taxpayers and taking such liberties with traditions (I didn’t see her courtesy to the Queen) is a disappointment. Them not waiting for the balcony to do the kiss, no bridesmaids, her father being absent, plus the entire declaration of her Americanness was really out of place for a royal wedding of anywhere let alone Britain was LOUD. It wasn’t adorable. You marry the grandson of a head of state, who himself is a contender for that same post technically, you should have more respect for the traditions of the “office” you’re inheriting. I haven’t heard her objecting to being given a royal title, or having it be funded out of taxpayers’ pockets, or living off of taxpayers’ money — those parts of the British tradition are just fine by her! She just needs to make this ceremony her own?

        Again, her life, her choice but guess what? She’s not a private individual anymore and her choices are everyone’s business now. She made that deal voluntarily.

        Also, I don’t understand how her hair and dress started to fall apart by the end of the ceremony.

        And yes, her mother was the epitome of grace!

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        • I started watching in the end and was really disappointed seeing her hair and dress. It looked like made/bought last minute without thinking too much.


        • In terms of the structure of the wedding, it felt a bit like it wasn’t enough one thing or the other to me. Like everyone compromised on their dream wedding and the end result was something no one would like. Would have been better to just avoid the compromise and be all one thing or the other. Really, every wedding needs a captain, whoever it is (bride, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, theoretically could be the groom himself but it never is), and that captain should provide the vision for it. This one, it felt like there were too many visions, you know?

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