I Have A Very Weird Busy Weekend, so Late Posting of Reviews, Sorry!

This is going to be such a complicated, but ultimately very nice and relaxing, weekend.  Summer always seems to get like that.

Last night I went home after work, walked Dog Hazel, fed Dog Hazel, gave Dog Hazel a frozen treat to entertain herself, and then went to pick up Friend Dina and see Bhavesh Joshi.

(This song video was not included, even over the end credits.  Very disappointing)

Then, I got back to my place around 11, and considered grabbing the dog and my overnight bag and throwing them both in the car and hitting the road, getting to my family’s lake house around midnight. Before realizing that I was way too tired to make that a safe option, and not doing it.

(My party pretty much ends around 10:30)

I’m excited to get there because I have the house to myself completely for only the second or third time in my life, but it’s not scary because I have fierce Dog Hazel to protect me.  If any intruder arrives, she will drop and pant until they are so worried for her that they leave (she does not do well in heat).







I am writing this post in The Past, so I am not sure what happened this morning.  It was one of two things.  Either I will wake up super early, drive straight to the lake house, get the dog settled, maybe take a nap, and then drive off to see Veere Di Wedding.


Or I will sleep late, and end up going to see Veere Di Wedding from my apartment, then going back to the apartment, grabbing Dog Hazel, and getting to the lake house in mid-afternoon instead of early morning.

(This version is so much better!)


And then I will be DONE!  All I have to do is write a review of Veere, and Bhavesh, and the Sunday fanfic which is just a good time anyway, and I can spend the rest of the weekend sitting on the screen porch with Dog Hazel and a good book.

(I packed the Savitri bio just in case I felt like reading something thick and deep instead of light and fun.  But I probably won’t)



6 thoughts on “I Have A Very Weird Busy Weekend, so Late Posting of Reviews, Sorry!

  1. Have you seen some of the online reactions to Veere Di Wedding? The slut shaming is intense and Swara in particular is coming in for a lot of criticism. I’m dying to see it but I have to work this weekend, sob.

    Meanwhile, the Priyanka/Nick PR push continues.

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    • Ignoring the online reactions, but the early box office buzz I am seeing is ridiculously good. Which is what really matters, proof that a female lead film for women can still make money. One nice thing about this particular movie, it seems like they must have known going in it would cause waves, and made sure the cast is 4 women who are tough enough to handle whatever gets thrown there way. Swara, Sonam, and Kareena at least have already gotten plenty of hate and risen above it. I can’t imagine anything that comes up with this movie for Kareena, for instance, would be any worse than being slut shamed in real life for kissing her boyfriend at a private party when she was 24. That was A Thing for like a year.

      And you got me to click the link, and then that got me to click another link for his other romances. KATE HUDSON?????? I have to believe he is just a serial fake dater, there is no way all these women were actually into him. Unless it is a Wilmer Valderamma situation and he is some sort of amazing sensitive perfect lover who just makes you feel awesome about yourself.


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