Light Thursday Discussion Post: What Are the Best “Sexy Because He Isn’t Thinking About Being Sexy” Roles in Indian Film?

I finally finished my Sanjay Dutt series, it was exhausting, I don’t have the strength to think about anything intelligent after that.  So instead I am going to think about something totally unintelligent, and you all can join me.

We were talking on Wednesday’s post about the idea of the role that is sexy because it isn’t trying to be sexy.  So, for instance:

Irrfan in Piku

Image result for irrfan piku

Shahrukh in Chak De India

Image result for shahrukh chak de india

Ajay Devgan in Raid

Image result for ajay devgan raid

Akshay in Airlift/Patiala House/Real Life

Image result for akshay kumar

Akshaye in Ittefaq

Image result for akshaye ittefaq

Amitabh in Everything 1975-1984

Image result for amitabh young



For me, the best “I am too busy living my life to think about being sexy and therefore become sexy in a different way” role has to be Shahrukh in Swades.

Image result for shahrukh swades


How about you?  And yes, region cinema is allowed.  You can throw in your Madhavans and your Nivins and your Prabhasi.

What is your favorite “I know that’s not the point of this character and he’s not even thinking about it, but OMG is he sexy” role?

51 thoughts on “Light Thursday Discussion Post: What Are the Best “Sexy Because He Isn’t Thinking About Being Sexy” Roles in Indian Film?

  1. Oh, I think Ajay was trying to be sexy in Raid. That man is so aware of his particular kind of macho sex appeal that he unleashes it whenever he can.


    • Maybe i was blind to it because the last thing i saw him in was Shivaay and it was so digustingly high in that, it makes everything else seem small by comparison.


    • My additions are:

      Madhavan in Saala Kadoos

      Arjun Rampal in just about everything in the second half of his career (but especially D-Day, Kahaani 2, and Daddy)

      Rana Daggubati in The Ghazi Attack

      Fawad Khan in Kapoor & Sons (like Arjun Rampal his spectacularly handsome face and understated demeanor on screen will always equal a natural sexiness)

      Akshay in Brothers and a lot more

      Randeep Hooda in Highway

      Arjun Kapoor in Aurangzeb

      Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Kahaani and many more films…I think he’s got a very classically handsome face and that combined with his intensity is hot no matter what role he is playing

      Hrithik in Agneepath

      Vikran in Raavanan

      Abhishek in the Sarkar films, Yuva and many others

      Salman Khan in Saawariya

      Saif Ali Khan in Omkara

      and then there’s the uncomfortable feeling when you find an actor’s portrayal of a villain kind of sexy like that guy in Mardaani

      the list goes on and on clearly:)…plus I didn’t even include the films where the romantic hero is supposed to be really sweet and beta and is sexy as hell like any Kunal Kapoor or Ali Faizal romantic performance

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        • Oh Rajkummar in the sexy bits of BKB and shadi mein zaroor aana! Nivin as the older comrade in Sakhavu is like a very dignified sexy and of course realistically sexy cop in Biju, Dhanush in Maari (and Dhanush in a beard in anything), Prabhas in Darling (he was supposed to be an idiot and he played an idiot quite well) Ajay is incredibly sexy in most roles he plays (or is it just me 😂) DQ in Kali (ill tempered brat is never sexy but….)


          • Yes to the first, no to the second. John Abraham in MOST things. But in Dostana or Jism or something when he is “supposed” to be sexy, it’s no good. I like John in Joothi Hi Sahi and other things where he wears boring clothes and seems kind of quiet and shy.


          • It’s not just you, Asmita. I have a weakness for Ajay that I can explain (the opening scene in Singham just about sums it up), but I have a love/hate relationship with his kind of macho appeal.

            I thought of DQ in Kali, too, or even his totally different role in Charlie.

            The lead actor in Angamaly Diaries was also pretty sexy and I hope his career takes off over time.


          • I was actually talking about Ajay the guy that does bit roles in telugu films. But I head year about Devgn too!! I don’t even know what he plays in Kaal but man, Ajay Devgn in pathani suits makes my knees weak 😂


          • Biju is perfect. He isn’t thinking about being sexy or looking good, he just wants to do his job well and be a good fiancee. And that’s what makes it sexy!


          • Plus the uniform… Arrrrrrrrrr… I actually have a real life crush on a cop 😂 DIG Navneet Sikera 😂 one of the more notable “encounter specialists” in the country ATM 😁


  2. Isn’t the point of all Indian films that the hero is always unintentionally sexy? Like the omg sexy hero films are the real rarity and they have to go out of the way to have the topless scenes! 😂


    • Yes and yes and yes! Really, Madhavan in any o fhis Ratnam roles. Alaipayuthey, Guru, Kannamittal. And I wish ARK would do more adult roles. He would be sooooooooo hot in a boring tech office worker kind of role. Maybe married with kids and he has to bring home groceries on his scooter.


    • As a super fan of Saif, I’m ashamed I have yet to see the Race movies and have tried to avoid them. I think that Saif hardly ever taps into his sex appeal in films and it too often comes across as obnoxious when he does (that whole spoiled playboy thing). The closet he’s come to being naturally sexy is in his more dramatic, serious roles which I wish he’d do more of like Omkara, Parineeta, and Agent Vinod. I find him sexier in real life interviews than most of his films (except when he’s saying stupid shit about eugenics!).


  3. This feels really wrong, but Irrfan in A Might Heart. It came out right after I started watching Hindi films and I didn’t know who he was, and the whole movie I was just thinking “WHO is THAT and why won’t Angelina Jolie move over so I can see more of him?” I know it’s a terrible tragedy but he’s just so quietly brave and competent I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

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  4. Sid & Madhavan are sexy most of the time but they are like two different flavours- Cool mint & hot chocolate.The first time I realised a character is making me sweat is Anbu Chelvan in Kakka Kakka. Running Surya & his eyes were a recurrent topic during our hostel nights🙂 I am a sucker for boring, brooding husbands with quiet strength onscreen-so Fahadh in Bangalore Days, Mohan in Mouna Ragam, Madhavan in Kannathil Muthamittal, Arvind Swamy in Roja -all rock my boat. Also Rana in Leader- bispectacled, gawky-but that voice & quiet intensity is the stuff that made me go on a Rana-movie binge for a week. SRK in Swadesh, second-half Hritik in Lakshya, Ajay in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam(he was hot in Raid but young, intense, suffering hubby Ajay was off-the-charts hot in his 3 layer blazers while competing against a shirtless Salman ), Saif being bad in Ek Hasina Thi etc are all effortlessly sexy.

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  5. As already discussed in the other thread, for me it would be Irrfan in The Namesake (even outside of the specifically sexy scene), Irrfan in Billu, Randeep Hooda in Rahasya, older Shreyas Talpade in Om Shanti Om (even with the stupid grey powder in his hair), lots of second banana/friend character actors can be quite (unintentionally?) sexy at times. Something about having a restrained performance so as not to overshadow the leads.

    Outside of Hindi movies, Martin Freeman in many things pre-Sherlock. After Sherlock he’s become too aware of his special brand of sexiness–which people on tumblr call a combination of kittens and rage. Jack Lemmon in The Apartment and many others.

    One reason I like older Shah Rukh movies is that I find several of his earlier performances to be non-“sexy” sexy–before he developed the mannerisms and reputation of the King of Romance. Raju ban Gaya Gentlemen and Yes Boss (outside of actual love songs) being two nice examples. In Chak De I think he was deliberately playing sublimated sexuality–because he aimed every kind of energy in his life at achieving his goals–kind of like how Varun says he is in real life about acting/film-making. Swades it’s not in the forefront of the character, but still there, I think. Thinking about all the stuff with cigarettes and food (he’s a sensual guy), the “hot teacher/submissive student” vibe, and the way he teases Gayatri. Mmm. Mmm.


    • Oooo, Irrfan in Billu! YES! At the end of the film we find out he and Lara Dutta had a love marriage and eloped together, and I always think “oh yeah, I can see why she would leave everything for him”.

      Jack Lemmon in The Apartment, yes YES. And I like that you included both that movie and the Shahrukh version, Yes Boss.

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  6. Not fair – such interesting topic when I was absent 😦

    First one “Sexy Because He Isn’t Thinking About Being Sexy” that comes to my mind – Tovino in Guppy. So sexy, I don’t mind even this stupid hipster beard, the same with DQ in Charlie.
    And does Nivin in OSO qualifies? He was there, always in the background, doing serious things and working on the fields and I’ve never seen sexier man.
    Or Unni in Oru Murai Vanthu Paarthaya – simple electrician riding his bike (and doing wrestling in his spare time), and hoping he could marry the girl he likes. And talking about wrestling – Tovino in Godha.

    Funny, that the all first characters I thought was from malayalam movies. Now other guys:
    Amit Sadh in Running Shaadi
    Maybe odd one – Pankaj Tripathi in Anaarkali of Aarah
    Vineet Kumar Singh in Mukkabaaz (going half of the movie shirtless, but his face when his girlfriend was looking at his muscles- priceless)
    And of course the king of I’m sexy and I don’t know it – Maddy in Tanu Weds Manu Returns.


    • Yep Tovino in Guppy. His character isn’t thinking it, and the film isn’t thinking it either, he is supposed to be in a children’s movie not a romance or anything.

      Nivin in OSO is a hard one, because I feel like the character didn’t know he was sexy, wasn’t thinking about it, but the film certainly did, very aware that a guy working in the fields is very hot for a gently brought up young woman.

      Tovino in Godha I would have said yes, except for that wrestling scene at the end in his tight boxers. I just rewatched it and that was definitely the director making him sexy.

      Yes Amit Sadh!!!!! He was so busy being a good guy and planning things and so on that he didn’t think about being sexy at all, and yet he was.


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