I’m on Instagram! Just Like The Young People

Welp, I finally figured out how I could use instagram.  It only takes like half an hour per image (find the image, find a quote, add the quote to the image, email it to myself, open it on my phone, load it from my phone, add caption, DONE!!!!)

I’ll be keeping an eye out and seeing if this actually gains me any new readers, or if it runs into the same issue I have with other sites like this, that no one is willing to click out of the site to go somewhere else on the internet so all it does is gain the site traffic.

Anyway, please share, repost, whatever it is people do on instagram.  And feel free to make similar image posts yourself if you want, the point is just to get a DCIB quote out there with the website address attached.



24 thoughts on “I’m on Instagram! Just Like The Young People

  1. Have followed you on Instagram. Is there supposed to be a link to your blog on each Instagram posting? (where it says For more visit etc…) If so, no clickable link shows up for me.


  2. Margaret, You’ll want to add a profile picture of yourself.

    Also, when viewing on my phone, Instagram cuts off the sides of your pictures (and thus the quotes) making a square shaped image. You’ll want to edit the pics to be Instagram friendly sized. And you can put a link in the comments I think but it won’t be a hyperlink that can be clicked. You’ll want to tag the stars in your photos if they’re on Instagram or Hashtag their names.

    I only lurk on Instagram and am no expert to be sure. Just wanted you to be aware that it’s cutting off the text when viewed on phones.


  3. Hey just followed you on Insta. You should probably add a display pic of yourself so that they know there’s a face behind the blog. And also the link in your bio is clickable – so not sure what you meant. People tend to link to their latest or important posts in the bio.

    And yes to tagging and hashtags like moviemavengal suggested!


    • I’ve already completely failed at tagging and hashtags on twitter, not sure if I’m going to be any better on instagram.

      And I’m increasingly thinking, “is this really going to do any good in terms of getting people to the blog?” I mean, if someone you followed posted something that was an image and 4 words, would it get you to go to that persons bio and click through to another site?

      Blech, I just hate the idea of breaking everything down to images when I’m a writer.


  4. Hey there! I think a great way to make the pictures Instagram good is to use a photo editing app like pic collage or layout. The app allows you to make the picture in the correct size, make collages, add text, etc, then post directly to your instagram on your phone.
    You can the use screen captures or images from the internet, frame them properly, add a quote, and post it. I can send you a few examples via DM on Insta.


    • So, here’s my concern. The goal is to make people say “oh wow, she’s a great writer, I am going to make the supreme effort and actually leave the safety of instagram and go to another site.” Is a quote that is only a few words long going to do that? Which is my problem with instagram in general, I want people to actually read writing, not images, and I’m not sure if IG is the best way to attract people who want to read.


      • Check my personal Instagram, perpetually eliza. You can see my photos and my descriptions and hashtags. Also I put “link in bio” to direct people to my link.
        The biggest thing is participating. You can probably fi d a lot of gossip and cinema pages. Follow, like, and comment. You can follow hashtags, for example, #Shahrukhkhan and everytime someone mentions him it pops up on your feed.


        • Honestly, social media makes me sooooooo unhappy to use (the way some people feel about public speaking, it gives me crazy anxiety and depression), I’m thinking I should just dip into my savings and pay someone. All they would have to do is mindlessly like and follow and tag people based off of the content I write, so I don’t have to be miserable. And also terrible at it because I am so miserable.

          On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 1:09 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Well I have a contact in India (my fiances brother) who actually does social media engagement, if you’re interested in that. I can pass the info whenever you wanna look into it.

            I understand completely. I could never see myself properly running a blog as a business. I’m not a sales advert type person and I’d feel very vulnerable.


          • Exactly! I can do the blog, because I can control the content and give context and so on. But putting myself out there on social media just makes me hyperventilate, like someone’s forcing me to go from wearing shorts in my backyard to wearing a bikini at a public pool, you know?

            On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 1:32 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Instead of a screenshot of your words, how about a screenshot of the movie, or a photo of you together with the movie poster or clip (live or on a computer monitor or phone), then put your review – or excerpt from your review – in the caption of the post. That would be the more accepted way of doing things. A photo of words is weird unless the words are spectacular and brief (like a quote from Rumi or Gandhi).
    And deff put the hashtags #dcib and #dontcallitbollywood in every post.

    We your followers can also use Repost to repost your posts to our Insta accounts too, thus hopefully garnering your blog some hits and followers from out IG friends.

    I’ve occasionally had semi famous people Repost photos I’ve taken of them from the audience attending their performance.

    Welcome to Insta! P.S. You are a young person lol. And by Indian standards, anyone who is never/not married and no kids is considered young until they start graying or balding.


    • Do people actually read the captions? Especially when the photo is going to be completely dull, since I’m not a photo person, I’m a word person.

      And at heart, I am about 50 years old and have been my whole life! For instance, tonight I am all excited about hosting my church quilting group and getting the update on everyone’s various health issues and grandchildren and new sewing projects while we have tea and cookies. Wild times!

      On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 10:03 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. hey good for you..don’t just come on instagram for gaining readers..have some fun with it ..add pictures of hazel or show your collection of books ..snippets of your posts like images ,gifs..remember have fun with it ..i can’t promise i’l be a regular on instagram though..but definitely give it a like every time i come online


    • Interesting idea! Makes me really uncomfortable to open myself up like that, but it’s something to think about.

      On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 1:41 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • oh don’t give your personal information in their like the place you live or Date of birth,etc…Just a few details …You know like your dog’s mood right before your shoot or what you are eating..if it makes you uncomfortable no need to put yours or your family’s pictures out there..you have no obligation to anyone but you can take a picture of the food you eat..i think you get what i mean..do it at your own pace..you’ll be fine..


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