Another New Youtube Video! Shahrukh and the Academy

Filmed immediately after that last video, so I look even hotter.  Not “hot” as in “attractive” but “hot” as in “my face is red and my hair is falling down”.  But hey, the content is good! And that’s what really matters, right?  Good content?




4 thoughts on “Another New Youtube Video! Shahrukh and the Academy

  1. I needed this video today, thanks! “Every industry has people who do hair and makeup, because every industry works with people who have faces and hair.” Oh my goodness that made me laugh out loud at my desk. Also, cute top!


    • Yeah, I felt like the content was so good with these, I should just post them, despite the funky visuals.

      And there is another post coming to cheer you up more!

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  2. I think you should either include the Dog Hazel or kick her off the couch. Your petting arm movements look like you have some sort of nervous condition.


    • Yeah, I try, but Dog Hazel has a mind of her own. I think my talking gets her excited/nervous and she starts whining for me to pet her.


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