Sacred Games Episodes 3 and 4: Spoilers and Discussion Space

This is where you can get a summary of what happens in episodes 3 and 4, and where you can discuss what you thought of them.  I’m just trying to break down the spoilers a bit, so no matter where you are in the series, you have a place to talk.  The place to discuss the full series, or read spoilers for it, is here.

Episode 3: Atapi Vatapi

In the present day, Saif follows a lead to a TV actress who is under the thumb of Nawazuddin’s former gang member and convinces her to work with the police.  He also continues to struggle with the idea that his father may have known Nawazuddin, and calls his mother to ask about it, and she refuses to consider that there could have been any wrong doing.  Elnaaz Norouzi, the film star, tries to break free of her commitments to her next film only for her costar to blackmail her with threats of revealing her call girl past.  Radhike Apte continues to try to prove herself and get a field posting, stumbling onto the aftermath of a massive shoot out and managing to save the life of one man and take him to the hospital.  In the past, Nawazuddin becomes obsessed with proving himself against the current top gangster Issa who happens to be Muslim.  He falls for Issa’s girlfriend, Kubra Sait a bar dancer, and kidnaps her from the bar, winning her heart with his bravery.  From then on, she is his lucky charm and he quickly rises through the ranks.  He also recruits the same gang member that Saif is trying to capture in the present day.


The title of this episode is explained within it, two brothers Atapi and Vatapi, demons who trap you with false promises.  And that is the most important part of the episode, the reveal of Pankaj Tripathi explaining this myth.  It is also the episode that introduces our first Hindu chauvinist character, Jitin Sarna, Nawazuddin’s violent new recruit in the past and the abusive controlling TV producer in the present.

This is where the show begins to feel more and more episodic, in both a bad and good way.  It is broken into episodes, it’s good to have complete little mini-stories within them, like Nawazuddin kidnapping Kubra Sait.  But ultimately there is also a drive towards a grand conclusion, towards understanding the larger plan.  And Kubra Sait is meaningless in that, could have been left behind entirely.  As is, ultimately, Geetanjali Thapa in the present, Saif’s TV actress lead.  They are just an interesting way of treading water before we get to the second half of the series where things really start to happen.


Episode 4: Brahmanahatya

In the present, Saif and Radhike persuade Geetanjali to visit Jitin Sarna wearing a wire.  The plan goes wrong, Geetanjali is forced into a car, Saif follows her but then the cars split and he trusts Radhike to follow Geetanjali while he follows Jitin.  Saif sees Jitin meeting with a mysterious figure in a warehouse surrounded by empty water trucks, then is found and captured, eventually released the next day.  Radhike is lost.  In the past, Nawazuddin is approached by a politician and asked to help swing elections by terrorizing Muslims.  At first he refuses, thinking it bad for business since his neighborhood and his gang is so mixed, but Jitin convinces him to take the job and it turns out to be very lucrative for them.


The title, “Brahmanahatya” means the killing of a Brahmin.  There are two meanings for this sin, either the literal killing of someone of the Brahmin caste, or the more metaphorical meaning of the killing of someone who contains Brahma, the universal soul, that is essentially the sin of causing the death of any innocent. This episode seems to be dealing with the second concept.

In the present, against his better judgement, Saif allows Radhike to talk him into risking Geetanjali.  Radhike argues that the whole city is under threat and it is worth risking Geetanjali to save it.  But Brahmanahatya says that any death of anyone is a sin, even a TV actress trying to record evidence from her gangster rapist.  And in the past, Nawazuddin falls to a larger version of that sin, causing the death of multiple innocents in a quest for power and money.  This is his original sin that leads to the break down of his gang, just as the risk of Geetanjali eventually leads to the failure of Saif and Radhike’s investigation.




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5 thoughts on “Sacred Games Episodes 3 and 4: Spoilers and Discussion Space

    • Probably indefinitely, that’s the beauty of Netflix creating their own content, they don’t have to worry about paying for a new contract every few years.


  1. What was Anjali Mathur (Radhika Apte) doing outside Sartaj Singh’s house in Sacred Games season 1 episode 4 at 31 min 40 sec ? What did she have in her bag?


    • That moment confused me as well.

      I think the main point was that Saif and Radhike’s fragile trust was breaking apart, they were each going their own ways on their own investigations. They don’t interact again until after the rescue mission has gone wrong.


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