Sacred Games Episodes 5 and 6: Summary and Discussion Space

This is just to break it down a little so you can discuss and read as you go if you want.  The full SPOILERS review is here, if you want to talk about or read about the whole thing.

Episode 5: Sarama

In the present, Saif and Radhike are both working their own plans to get Jitin.  Saif wants to rescue Geetanjali, and she sends him a message letting him know where she is held.  Saif goes to Neeraj Padi for help to get her out.  But Neeraj is working his own game, wanting to make sure Jitin is killed before he talks because Neeraj knows he may implicate him in something.  Meanwhile, Radhike has set up a deal to get Jitin out of the country and tell everything he knows to RAW.  Saif and the police arrive as Jitin is being escorted out by the RAW agents and it all goes wrong.  Geetanjali stabs Jitin, Jitin shoots her, Saif chases, the police shoot everyone, Jitin is hit by a truck.  In the aftermath, Saif finally testifies and lies as agreed about the police shooting, and Radhike is taken off the case and sent back to Delhi.  And meanwhile in the past, Kubbra Sait dies in the middle of an attack and Nawazuddin starts dealing with an STD.  He survives it, decides to get married, but the marriage is interrupted by another attack, so instead he has a last minute marriage to his maid Rajshri Deshpande.


The title refers to the “female dog of the Gods”.  A goddess who can be called upon to help the male Gods.  Possibly a reference to both Geetanjali in the present and Rajshri Deshpande, the maid in the past who helps save Nawazuddin from his STD and agrees to marry him after his other wedding falls apart.

This is episode 5, the middle point of the show, and the point at which things shift around.  And part of that is the action beginning to move to the present more than the past.  Everything is changing very suddenly in the present, there is a stand off and a gunfight and Radhike is set back to Delhi and Saif lies to the commission.  And meanwhile in the past, Nawazuddin gets sick and has a vision of a tiger and then gets married.  It’s not that exciting.


Episode 6: Pretakalpa

In the present, Radhike is gone and Saif is struggling to find a new lead.  His assistant, Jitendra Joshi, gets pulled into an unrelated investigation of a young man who disappeared from the Muslim neighborhood.  At the same time, actress Elnaaz Norouzi has pulled off her plan to frame her costar as an abuser in order to get Neeraj Padi to help her, and then with Neeraj’s help, get him arrested for drugs.  It ends with Elnaaz performing at a police benefit as Jitendra watches, he gets a call about the young man he is looking for and leaves to ask questions to two friends and potential witnesses and is stabbed.  Saif runs out after the attacker and kills him.  Jitendra dies.  Saif goes throw his wallet and finds a photo of Elnaaz Norouzi, his favorite actress, and recognizes her as another one of the call girls in Nawazuddin’s pimp’s file.  At the same time in Delhi, Radhike is putting together hospital footage from the murder of the witness she found with files of an international assassin, giving her another lead.  Meanwhile in the past, Nawazuddin finally finds out who is the mole in his gang, Bada Bariya, and shoots him, and his brother, and then has sex with Rajshri finally.


The title refers to a section of the Vishnu Puranas about the proper way to carry out rites.  There’s a lot of rituals happening here.  Nawazuddin’s retribution against the men who betrayed him is a ritual and so is his final consummation of his marriage.  Radhike studying photos to prepare for her next posting is a ritual.  Saif going through Jitendra’s wallet after his death is a ritual.

This is a very effecting episode because Jitendra is a great actor who made a great character, the nice regular guy with the wife who loves him and the two kids who watch TV, and we hate to see him die.  But, on the other hand, does it really mean anything?  Or did they just need an episode to fill in time and somehow connect the dots and move the investigation forward again?  This is where I am beginning to feel the awkwardness of turning one book with one story into multiple series of episodes.  The first bit, setting up the characters and moving Nawazuddin rapidly through the decades until he is the top gangster in Bombay, that was fine, but now they are sort of treading water until they get to the big cliffhanger that ends this series.




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8 thoughts on “Sacred Games Episodes 5 and 6: Summary and Discussion Space

  1. I’m at Episode 5, and why is no one talking about the Ranbir storyline? OMG, I can’t believe they went there :)) It is so specific, maybe they think Salman fans won’t get around to watching this series!


    • Are you thinking the same thing I am? That Kat is supposed to be one of those models/call girls who slowly worked her way up? And Salman is the spoiled druggie star son?

      On Sun, Jul 8, 2018 at 6:21 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yeah it’s so specific, and there’s that bit about her accent too. I read somewhere that Kay refused yeh Jawani because Salman didn’t want her to work with Ranbir (now these are the rumors so don’t know who true they are)


        • It doesn’t feel quite right to me, because Salman isn’t a spoiled brat who is getting by on the popularity of his female co-stars. But definitely the idea of Kat as coming from a shadow-y background out of nowhere, and still seeming to feel extra grateful to Salman for rescuing her from that shadow-y realm.

          On Sun, Jul 8, 2018 at 9:08 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • But the bit about killing two people after drunk driving? :O
            I’m guessing they’ve mixed up the character to avoid comparisons straight off the bat. Anyways loved “Gudgudee 2”. Totally seems like a movie someone would make.


          • Oh right, forgot about the drunk driving!!!!

            I had the same reaction to Gudgudee 2. And also feels like the kind of series a talented actor may find themselves stuck in after they should have moved beyond that. The title just inspires visions of immature hijinks that the audience would love and which would be deadly dull for an actor to play. And which are only popular if you keep bringing back the same actors over and over and over again. Like if Dips had been blackmailed into still appearing in Housefull movies.

            On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 12:05 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. The book also has a number of stories…tied by a common thread, sure. I’m glad they chose to keep that in the series. My big concern was that the series would end up being just one story (the main one) and they’d forget about the rest.


    • I haven’t read the book, but I’ve had that experience plenty of times with adaptations and it is frustrating, when the stories that came together to make the book feel so whole and fresh and textured are removed.

      On Sat, Jul 14, 2018 at 2:33 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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