Saturday Small Talk: 6 Kids and a Rainy Day, Wish Me Luck!

Happy Saturday!  This message comes to you from our vacation home, again.  I am here for a very exhausting and also (hopefully) fun weekend!

As you know if you are a regular reader, I teach Sunday school and I love my Sunday school kids.

(I am just like Hema Malini, except without the sari)

My class is 15 kids between the ages of 9 and 13, and it tends to descend into mild cheerful anarchy every week.  My co-teacher and I have a strong attitude of “why say ‘no’ when it is so much more fun to say ‘yes’?”  But hey, the kids like it and it keeps them coming back to church!

(We built tribuchets out of popsicle sticks and flung spitballs at each other one Sunday.  Learning!)

Anyway, a whole bunch of my kiddos are graduating to the Young Adult group next year, where they will have to be all serious and sit on furniture and talk about feelings and stuff.  So for a grand finale, I asked my parents if I could invite them up to our family Lake House for the day.  And my parents said yes, and now 6 kids are coming.

(Like this but with small children)

That day is today!  I took a day off work yesterday so I could come up early and work work work, and now we have a whole array of things planned, depending on whether it rains all day, rains part of the day, or clears up any minute now.

(If I get really desperate, we could always try to recreate this song number)



So, that’s what my Saturday is going to be like!  Think of me, potentially tied up and held hostage by 15 children, as you go about your happy days.  And feel free to stop by this post and leave me little messages, that I will try to respond to on my cell phone between physically restraining children from drowning, jumping off roofs, setting themselves on fire, etc. etc. etc.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: 6 Kids and a Rainy Day, Wish Me Luck!

    • Oh, that sounds amazing! Except for walking with a cat, that I wouldn’t like. My next door neighbor has a cat, and she takes her outside in her carrier to sit with her on the shared back porch. I’m thinking this is also a cat that likes people, or at least likes direct outside sunshine.

      On Sat, Jul 21, 2018 at 9:45 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. A fully choreographed dance in the rain would be the best activity for them – don’t forget to put the video on YouTube…..🎉

    Have fun and good luck!


  2. Hope all goes well with your brood.
    I have five grandsons, ages 5 to 20. The two youngest are with me on this stormy July Sunday. What to do until their parents come for them? Right now its pancakes and Chak De India. Later, hamburgers and Ra One. I started them on Indian cinema practically from the cradle. Best move I ever made!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It did NOT rain, thank goodness, so we got to just throw them outside all day.

      That sounds like a perfect Sunday with Grandma. Have you tried them with Eega yet? It’s on Netflix, and I have gotten unanimous reports of success with children.


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