News Round-Up: Imraan Has a New “Job”, Disha Patani is Folded into ANOTHER Priyanka Story, Kangana’s Manikarnika Sounds Like a Disaster

I have 20 minutes before the kids get here, so I am going to write a news report post real quick, and then dig a croquet set out of the attic so they can hit each other with mallets.  Or possibly actually play croquet, but that seems unlikely.

Imraan Has a New “Job”

Oh Imraan!  I am sure actually working takes time away from his busy schedule of picking out ironic t-shirts and putting gel in his hair, so it is nice that he is trying.  Tepidly.  After 3 years of “paternity leave” (again, I think paternity leave is super important and a wonderful idea, but I also think leave for the non-primary caregiver should be 6 months AT THE MOST, and 3 years is insane considering his wife is also not working, and their child has no major health issues), Imraan was vaguely possibly considered working in his uncle’s Mahabharata.  And now he is maybe possibly thinking about directing.  Based on having done one ad film for Dharma. (full story here)

And I think the only way to convey how I feel about this is to tell a story of corruption from my home state.  When I was a teenager, there was one of our occasional scandal stories, patronage jobs given by an elected official.  And the smoking gun was an memo saying “So-and-so is sending over this guy and this guy and this guy, you have to give them jobs.  And also an assortment of the usual bozos”.  Those lucky “bozos” got to keep their jobs and not be indited because they were so unimportant that they didn’t even get their names listed out in the corruption memo.  Anyway, that’s how I feel about Imraan at this point.  He’s one of those usual bozos, you have to accept him and give him some kind of low level job because Aamir sent him over and you need to stay in good with Aamir.  Notice Dharma isn’t giving him another film, or even a high profile directing job, but they can dig up some sort of ad film for him, just to keep him busy.

Image result for imran khan baby

(Cute kid, but does she really need two non-working parents totally focused on her?)


Priyanka is Shoehorned into Another Story

I didn’t even realize that PC was forcing herself into the royal wedding storyline in a similar way until I ran across discussion on another non-Desi website.  The regular commentators were saying “it seems a bit odd, but I guess if she is asked the questions, she has to answer”, and then a few of them were saying “yeah, but, surely there is some way she could avoid the question?  No one else seems to be talking like this”, and then there was one self-identified desi who said “PC is always in control of her public image, if this is happening, it is on purpose”.

Now that PC is back in the India zone for the first time since I’ve been doing close coverage of news, I am FASCINATED by how good she is at this!  This story line is officially about Disha Patani who was injured doing a stunt for Bharat.  So it’s also a little bit of a publicity for Bharat.  And yet, here is PC. (here is the story)

The official story is your usually injury onset spin, turn lemons into lemonade by making it a story about how exciting and difficult and different the stunts will be in this film.  Apparently Disha is playing a circus performer (now I am getting a bit of a Mere Naam Joker vibe) and in her dedication to learning her acrobat stunts, she sprained her knees while training.  With international trainers (always an exciting buzz word in film promotions), who are helping her prepare for the spectacular circus sequence that will start the shoot.  Fine, whatever, I’ve heard this story before.  The public always likes evidence that movie stars are actually working, not just going around looking pretty in costumes.

The bit that distracted me was thrown randomly into the middle of the article:

It was also being said that international trainers from abroad were invited to India to help Disha Patani train for her role in Bharat. While she will be sharing screen space with Salman Khan for the first time in this Ali Abbas Zafar directorial, it is yet to be seen if she will have scenes with the leading lady of the film Priyanka Chopra.

Whoa, what???  Where did Priyanka come from?  Sure, remind people that Salman Khan is in the movie with her, it’s the only reason we care about the film.  But what an awkward way to insert Priyanka into the storyline!  It’s not like there is any real reason for us to care if she shares scenes with PC, they don’t have any sort of real world connection, so why bring that up?  Besides Priyanka’s PR team being ON IT and making sure that any story which is even vaguely related to her will have her name stuck in just to remind us that she exists.

Image result for priyanka chopra tiger shroff

(PC stood next to Tiger, Disha’s boyfriend, at a press conference once. Is that supposed to make us care about whether or not the actresses will interact?)


Manikarnika Tries Desperate Tactic to Remain Relevant

Well, Kangana was forbidden from promoting the film (supposedly) because she can’t control herself in interviews.  And the shooting was delayed and delayed because it didn’t look as good as they wanted or something.  And now the release date has been pushed almost a year from the original release. (story here)

This isn’t just a Kangana issue, because she has Mental Hai Kya going still and I’m not hearing anything super nutty about her on that set (but on the other hand, it is also a small enough film that they could easily hide or work around the nutty).  I’m thinking it’s a “whole film is a problem” issue.  That’s what it usually is when stuff is delayed and delayed and delayed.

Image result for mental hai kya

(Also, they totally picked the title to work will with Kangana’s public persona, right?)

And now the new release date REALLY looks like they are desperate.  Manikarnika is now releasing on Republic Day 2019.  Opposite Hrithik’s Super 30.  Which means both that they can blame any failure of the film on evil Hrithik and his team taking up screens and publicity and so on, and that they can get the little bump from the Hrithik-Kangana news stories.  Maybe let Kangana loose to promote after all, because she will have an excuse for potential Hrithik ramblings.


19 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Imraan Has a New “Job”, Disha Patani is Folded into ANOTHER Priyanka Story, Kangana’s Manikarnika Sounds Like a Disaster

  1. Pingback: News Round-Up: Imraan Has a New “Job”, Disha Patani is Folded into ANOTHER Priyanka Story, Kangana’s Manikarnika Sounds Like a Disaster — dontcallitbollywood – Business Startup-Bay Area

  2. Imran doing anything excites me (as does the salt and pepper look going on in that photo)…I don’t care about the nepotism here. I can see him try to have more of a Farhan Akhtar career going forward.

    Moving the Kangana film to open opposite Hrithik is such a disgusting move on the part of the studios. It’s just so obvious. I don’t care how bad the film is, I think it will be interesting. Though the subject matter does deserve the best Bollywood can give us!


    • If Imraan goes full Farhan and decides he is going to be a rockstar instead, I will roll my eyes so hard they will fall out of my head.

      What would be really disgusting, and what I suspect will happen, is that they will stay opposite Hrithik just long enough for maximum publicity, and then move and claim that Hrithik “forced” them off.

      On Sat, Jul 21, 2018 at 12:52 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I hope Manikarnika delay is not to milk Hritik-Kangana thing because Krish is a very good director. He doesn’t need this sh*t.

    I don’t think you have reviewed his movies. Gamyam, Vedam and Kanche are beautiful films. Please check them out if you get a chance. Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum is also nice but I don’t think it was a hit.


    • Just looked up the director, looks like he squeezed this in between two other historical epics, Gautamiputra and the NTR biopic. That seems like a lot of distraction from Manikarnika. There is a chance that the other two are the really good ones, and the Hindi one is the one he is just dashing off for the money.

      Anyway, I definitely need to watch something by him. But NOT KANCHE!!!! I recognized the title when you said it, and I just looked it up and went “oh yeah, it’s the dark deep serious war movie I will never watch because it is too upsetting”. I’ll check out the two thieves road movie instead.

      On Sun, Jul 22, 2018 at 6:12 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I recommend Vedam if you can find a copy with Subtitles. Its from Bahubali producers. Please don’t watch Gautami Putra Satakarni!!!!


        • I just looked up the plot again to see if I remembered right, and I did. It is SUPER dark!!!! With bright spots, sure, but ultimately seems a bit bleak for my weakwilled heart.

          On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 11:26 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Since my comments have twice been sent to moderation hell, here’s my third comment without a link:

    I hope Kangana’s career gets back on track. She is so incredibly talented and she brings a quality to the screen–brash, vulnerable and charismatic–that no one else has. I fear that if things continue to deteriorate she’s going to end up a tragedy like Frances Farmer.

    If you take a look at the comments that didn’t get through your spam filter, there’s a link to an interview with Kangana and Anupama on Film Companion. It’s an advertorial sponsored by Grey Goose so she’s getting softball questions but Kangana always comes across as crazy intense (or just crazy) even in an advertisement.


    • Surely it is moderation limbo? With Hell being the trash and heaven being posted.

      Parveen Babi is the Indian example i keep thinking of, struggled with her sickness for years while the press kept descending and encouraging her to give crazy quotes so they could sell papers.

      At least Francis Farmer was allowed to be forgotten, a loss for film but probably better for her as a person.


    • Oh I saw that interview & most of her answers didn’t make much sense to me. To qns like ‘when/what will be your directorial debut’, she spouted some philosophical mumbo jumbo & avoided giving a direct answer. If that’s how she talks in real-life, she can’t be much fun to be with. Anupama had a weird smile all through.If I posted this comment there, sure would have been told that I’m plain stupid to not understand the deep, intelligent & another level thoughts of Kangana the Sadhguru.


      • This does not bode well for her ability to stay on point and successfully promote Manikarnika.

        On Sun, Jul 22, 2018 at 11:30 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • On the contrary, I think she sells the ‘intelligent’ vibe rather well-going by the comments below the interview. The success of movies like Sanju, Dhadak, Mahanati etc makes me think I may be in the minority(along with you)who don’t like what most ppl out there likes-for whatever reasons. So if I dont fancy Kangana’s yawn inducing outpourings, dsnt mean that the others would do the same. They are raving about it😂😂.


          • This curse is also why I have consistently chosen to back every failed young actor as the next Khan. I was all about Viviek Oboroi, and then Imraan Khan, and then Sidharth Malhotra. I got over it, but in their break out years I was all “this guy is great! He’s gonna be a big thing, I am sure of it”. Meanwhile, Ranbir, Ranveer, Varun, I was all “clearly not going to last, no talent there, we will all have forgotten their names in a week”.

            On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 7:27 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. A comment and a question:

    Kangana Kangana…what a swimmingly quirky actress! She has it all over my faves- Annushka Shetty, Sonskshi Sinha, Rani, Vidya Balan. But halfway thru her films, I move on; even Tanu/Manu 1 and 2 with the ballast of wonderful Madhavan. She makes me itchy.

    Sacred Games: Did anyone else notice the discrepancy between the English dialogue and English subtitles? BTW, Saif and Nowaz were stellar.


    • Sorry, this somehow ended up in Spam, just now seeing it and answering.

      Interesting comment about Kangana. I love her in Queen, but didn’t like her at all in Rangoon, and I wasn’t able to finish TWM 1 or 2. I blamed the films for that, Rangoon being just kind of a mess and TWM being a bit too dark in its view of romance. But now I will have to think about it, maybe it is something about Kangana for me too.

      I noticed the discrepancy, but I was more focused on the discrepancy between the Hindi and the subtitles. All around just not a good subtitling job. The original script, what I could pick up with my tiny amount of Hindi, was really well-written, it’s too bad that didn’t come through in the subtitles.


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