Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Watching and Reading and Thinking this Week?

Happy Wednesday!!!  Halfway through the week, my sister is in town this weekend, I am excited!  What’s going on with you?

I’ll start!

Reading: Not much!  I’m doing a lot of running around and driving about the past few weeks, plus the mad rush of trying to squeeze in 3 movies in one weekend last weekend.  I miss reading!  But I’m not allowed to read until I finish watching all my movies, and I never manage to finish watching all my movies.

Watching: Went over to a friend’s house last night and we were going to watch Fashion but then her streaming was jittery and we couldn’t get Netflix to work, so we watched 1942 A Love Story on DVD.  The ending is still SO GOOD.

Thinking: Did I mention before Dog Hazel and the ghost?  I think she successfully got rid of it!  I am so proud of my little doggie!  Every since I moved into this apartment, one closet has smelled like cigarettes.  I could air it out and get the smell to go away, and then as soon as I closed it up, it would come back.  So I just gave up and figured I had a smoking ghost and rearranged all my clothes so the only things stored there are stuff I don’t mind smelling like smoke.  And then last week Dog Hazel had her weird night of running around and whining and being excited and hyper and wuffling at the door by the hall.  And ever since then, no smell in the closet!!!!!  So either she chased the ghost out to the hall and away, or it is just a coincidence and she had random dog excitement, and whatever very strange air draft that was putting cigarette smell only in one closet in the center of my apartment went away.


(So brave!  So vicious!)


Now, question for you!  A silly one because it’s Wednesday and I was up too late and have no energy, and also reposting the Iruvar review made me think of it:

Of the following (pick any or all), who would you rather date, befriend, marry, whatever:





Prakash Raj


Amitabh Bachchan

Rishi Kapoor



Nivin Pauly



Jaya Bachchan


Priyanka Chopra

Kangana Ranaut


Aishwarya Rai

Katrina Kaif



Nazriya Nizam



(feel free to add on other pairs in the comments)


42 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Watching and Reading and Thinking this Week?

  1. I’d definitely date Ranveer, love his energy. Ranbir – Meh, Pass.
    I haven’t watched much of Mohanlal, so I guess I would befriend Prakash Raj, who is also a fellow Kannadiga. And btw, his actual surname is Rai, not Raj. Till date haven’t figured out why he changed it.
    Amitabh – Meh as well. And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Rishi. Find him too rude and arrogant.
    Dulquer – In case I haven’t made it clear, I loveeeeee Dulquer, so definitely marry him. My boyfriend reminds me so much of him, or maybe I’m projecting :P. I’d befriend Nivin, he seems really sweet
    Rekha and Jaya – Pass. Don’t like either of them.
    I’d like to be Priyanka’s friend, because I envy her figure and would like to know her fitness secrets.
    Kangana I find sorta weird, so pass.
    I don’t think Ash would make a good friend, she seems a little icy. Katrina on the other hand was a lot of fun on Koffee with Karan so I’d like to be her friend.
    I met Parvathy in a flight and she was really sweet and down to earth,she wasn’t even in business class, just premium economy, so she’s definitely on my friend list. Nazriya is my age, so I’d get to have a lot of silly trivial conversations with her. And maybe she would introduce me to her friend Dulquer 😀


        • Oh you are a bad bad woman!!!!

          But I agree, primarily because I feel like Ranveer would be exhausting at night. Not in a dirty way, just in a “I know I know!!!! Let’s go to this all night kareoke bar!” way.

          On Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 12:21 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Ranveer- date /marry, seems like a good bf. Ranbir – befriend for gossip. Nothing else.

    Mohanlal – date lol cos old love
    Prakash Raj- befriend and hear his political views that I enjoy listening to

    Amitabh Bachchan – nope nope
    Rishi Kapoor – nope nope nope

    Dulquer – date/ befriend seems so sweet.
    Nivin Pauly – marry cos its nivin

    Rekha – befriend maybe cos she could do with good friends like me. Hehe
    Jaya Bachchan – young Jaya marry in a heartbeat

    Priyanka Chopra – date lol. She has quite the lifestyle. I ll hang out with her
    Kangana Ranaut – will stay as far away from as possible.

    Aishwarya Rai – umm befriend ?
    Katrina Kaif – definitely marry. She seems lovely.

    Parvathy – befriend to know what exactly goes on in her mind. Such a chamaleon in screen seems so lovely off it
    Nazriya Nizam – date lol. We’ll have fun dates


  3. READING: Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole (so disappointing though everyone is loving it in Romancelandia), also reading America for Beginners by Leah Frangiani…it’s lit fic about a Bengali widow coming to America for the first time (OK, but not great…the author is a white American who is married to a Bengali man and lives in India)

    WATCHING: YouTube interviews with Bollywood stars…I need a dose of KWK soon!, So You Think You Can Dance, and I randomly watched Go Goa Gone because I needed a Saif fix. I kind of liked its silliness because I was in the mood for it. Kunal Khemu is so pretty and is suited to these comedies…I never understood why he doesn’t have a bigger career and he hasn’t done a true rom-com…I would watch that for sure! Also, Vir Das is underused in bigger Hindi films…he’s pretty good too

    I would rather…

    Ranveer – too tiring
    *Ranbir – there’s something about an awkward, tortured type I’ve always liked and I think he’s much sexier

    *Amitabh Bachchan – but definitely the young/angry man avatar, always a thing for the bad boys, too
    Rishi Kapoor – nope, never, not only is his chocolate boy sweet guy schtick not my thing in his early movies, his real life personality and issus would definitely turn me off

    Dulquer – difficult choice, I like both
    *Nivin Pauly – but Nivin doesn’t have as much star-kid baggage and I hate cars and DQ is obsessed

    Rekha – too high maintenance even if you did get all the best gossip
    *Jaya Bachchan – if she likes you you’re good for life and it would be fun trying to make her smile

    Priyanka Chopra – ultimate mean girl
    *Kangana Ranaut – mean girl, who’s misunderstood

    Aishwarya Rai – too vacant and self absorbed
    *Katrina Kaif – I respect her work ethic and I bet she has some great stories about people in the biz with an outsider’s spin, plus she could be my personal trainer

    *Parvathy – she’s smart and outspoken (isn’t she a doctor?) and I like that she’s like a chameleon
    Nazriya Nizam – too quiet/submissive


    • “Duke by Default” is such an amazing title! One of those titles that would make it a bestseller all on its own.

      I have an instinctive shudder at American wives who live in India, mostly because they tend to write terrible blogs. So because of this illogical prejudice, I am not surprised the book is a disappointment.

      I saw Vir Das live! I have no memory of if I posted about that on the blog. He did an American tour and I had a friend who worked for a comedy club and got us in for free. I think we were the only non-desis there. I didn’t totally love the show, but I did appreciate him making a joke about how no one was going to be tipping tonight, and my friend checked with the staff on the way out and confirmed, worst night for tips they have ever seen. $5 on a $200 bill.

      I will let you have Ranbir if you want him, personally I have no use for him. Although, boy, between him and Ranveer I don’t know where I would go! Maybe Ranveer if I could medicate him?

      I can’t believe no one wants Rishi! He’s so charming! Although there would be that same over-energized issue that you have with Ranveer.

      Yaaaay! Nivin! You can sit by me.

      Jaya seems like the perfect balance of low/high maintenance. You know you would earn her respect, but at the same time she wouldn’t make any demands for herself.

      I want you to be Kangana’s friend so you can fix her life for us and she can get back to acting.

      Now see, I would have picked Kat as the “too quiet” one and Nazriya as the nice and hard working one.

      On Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 12:33 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Party with Ranveer but not marry or date because woo, too much work. Hook Ranbir up with an older woman like Rekha who will sleep with him and then dump him and hopefully cure him of being a f-kboy.

    Date young Amitabh with the wounded masculinity and full mouth fo sho. Rishi can go home and sulk unless I have a chance to go out drinking with him and Dimple.

    Rekha = Fence jumper for me. Jaya is too martyred for me to like her much. Plus didn’t she chase off Karisma? Boo.

    No way in hell do I want anything to do with Priyanka, she’s toxic, vengeful and can’t be trusted.
    Kangana could by my friend only if she agrees to mental health care and a medication regimen so she can go back to be the amazing actress she is.

    Aishwarya is that beautiful but boring woman who has had men falling at her feet her entire life so she doesn’t make any effort in her relationships. Pass.

    Katrina would be fun! A bit bubble-headed but mostly kind and loyal, will come through for you in a pinch.

    Here’s another pairing: Akshay vs. Saif. Saif as a friend, he’s a bit thin-skinned and sensitive but he could get you in with royalty. Akshay for…other things. Ahem. (crushing on him hard at the moment). Of course, if we were in Slash Land, I could also be friends with Sakshay and tag along with them at parties and watch them give a lot of PDA.


    • My respect for Dips is growing by leaps and bounds as all of us declare ourselves not up to the challenge of a relationship with Ranveer. Agree that a settled in control older woman would be the best thing for Ranbir, might help him get over his mommy issues too.

      Now you have me all distracted thinking about Amitabh’s full mouth.

      If you can pick young Amitabh, maybe also pick young Jaya, when she was cheerful and optimistic and open minded.

      I think Kangana might need you as a friend more than you need her.

      Kat seems like a good “drive you to the airport” kind of friend. Which I am learning to appreciate more and more as I get older.

      I want to be in Slash Land!!! Let’s go there in our minds.

      Now, in Slash Land:

      Sakshay or Preity-Rani? Who do you most want to be your friend?

      On Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 1:52 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Oh, and speaking of Slashland and Akshay crushing, you MUST watch the video I just posted. Actually, both videos.

      On Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 1:52 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Prabhas vs Mahesh Babu vs jr NTR
    Vikram VS Nagarjuna VS Chiranjevi
    Rana VS Allu Arjun
    Anushka shetty VS Nayantara VS Ramaya
    Kajal Aggarwal VS Sai Pallavi VS Tamanna
    Ram charan VS NAGA VS NANI
    Ram potheni vs Akil
    kaMAL HASSAN VS Rajinikant
    samantha vs shruthi hassan vs rakul preet


    • Prabhas for me, no contest. Mahesh is too handsome, jr NTR has too much family stuff, Prabhas is just right.

      Nagarjuna, ALWAYS

      Rana vs Allu is hard. I think Rana for romantical purposes, but Allu for friendship

      Anushka Shetty

      Sai Pallavi, except she is a little young to be my friend. I guess Tamanna because we are more age mates


      Don’t know, pass

      Rajinikant onscreen, Kamal Haasan in real life

      Samantha by a million. Can’t stand Shruthi, bored with Rakul.


      • Varun VS Shahid vs tiger
        Sid M VS Adithya roy k
        Alia vs sharaddha vs parineti
        sonam vs sonakshi vs deepika
        raj kumar rao vs jim sarbh
        nawazuddin vs irfan kahn
        John Vs Arjun Rampal
        akshay vs sunil shetty vs ajay devgan vs saif
        sunny deol vs govinda
        vidya vs rani vs kajol
        madhuri vs juhi chawla
        radhika apte vs tapsee panu
        kriti vs jaclyn
        lara vs sush


  6. Ranveer
    He seems like a one woman man.

    Date. Favorite exbf.

    Amitabh Bachchan

    Rishi Kapoor


    Nivin Pauly


    Hang out with

    Jaya Bachchan

    Priyanka Chopra
    Hang out with

    Kangana Ranaut
    Hang out with

    Aishwarya Rai

    Katrina Kaif




    • Breaking this down to the really challenging second competition:

      Prithviraj or Ranveer, there can be only one, who do you marry?


  7. I’m now basically on vacation and watched a lot of stuff. I finally got to the first installment of Sacred Games, and I’m really looking forward to the rest. I knocked 1.5 Ray movies off my bucket list: I watched Charulata and so far about half of Mahanagar (The Big City). Charulata is the origin of the Bengalis-swinging-and-singing-Rabindra-sangeet thing, which was in Parineeta and I think I’ve seen in other movies. In Mahanagar there is a young woman who plays the hero’s little sister and she is absolutely marvelous, and looked vaguely familiar. I Wikipediaed the cast to see if she ever got any further in her career and turns out that was little Jaya Bhaduri in her first role! She was fifteen. You can totally see she was always going to be a star.

    Then I got tired of watching people’s lives get ruined very slowly in black and white, and I watched Shahid. This is the sort of very good movie that makes you realize good things about it all the next day. Among them: This is probably a very realistic portrayal of a Indian courtroom, although of course I don’t know. No big dramatic speeches, just prosecutor and defense yelling at each other and the judge. Shahid is not shown to be a great orator, just a competent lawyer who had the bravery and patience to defend very unpopular clients. Raj is great showing a very subtle character arc: he is completely passive in the first part of the movie, and by the end he shows great moral and physical courage. But the film shows his flaws as well–he harangues his wife about her perfectly reasonable fears for her family’s safety the same way he would harangue an opponent. Now I wish Fanney Khan were better. I would really like to see Rajkummar be happy and not die.

    To your question–sorry, I can only speak about the Northern actors.

    Ranbir vs. Ranveer: Ranveer definitely. I like Ranbir as an actor, but Dips has publicly stated that he’s a terrible boyfriend. And she’s with Ranveer, so that’s enough of a recommendation for me.

    Amitabh vs. Rishi: Amitabh in Abhimaan, or earlier, but no later. Rishi just does not appeal.

    Rekha vs. Jaya: This one was so hard–I’d like both. Rumor has it that Jaya’s controlling but I’m chalking that up to sexism. She seems the one who’s more in control of her life, so I’ll go with her.

    Priyanka vs. Kangana: seems like too much drama for both, but I think I’ll go with Kangana. She gets better movies and might have cooler friends. And she’s one of my friends that I have a standing coffee date with and that’s it–no texting back and forth.

    Aishwarya vs. Katrina: Oh, Aishwarya I guess. Hardly seems worth the trouble for either, but Aaradhya’s cute and maybe I’d get invited to family dinner.


    • Charulata is the only Ray movie I have seen. So now I feel superior because I watched it ages ago and you just got around to it. A teacher showed it in film class in college for India week. Ugh, she was so terrible at the Indian film stuff. But, I saw Charulata. So that’s something. And it was after I saw Parineeta, so I had the exact same reaction you did! “Oh, this is where all the innocent Bengali swing stuff comes from”. Plus there’s all this talk about novels, which was also Parineeta related, so that kept me entertained while waiting for the big song sequences that never came.

      I have been avoiding Shahid and Aligarh because I know they will upset me too much, but I feel like I should watch them for the reverse reason you want to watch Fanney Khan, I need to see Rajkummar in one of his great performances instead of just his happy mainstream stuff. Maybe I compromise and watch Newton.

      Ranbir is losing heavily so far! It’s not a total blow out thanks to Filmilibrarian, but it’s not good. He better hang on to Alia since apparently no one else wants him.

      Really? Early Amitabh with the floppy hair and skinny body? I prefer Abhimaan to Silsila Amitach, filled out and figured out his hair, but still young and no side-burns.

      If you are friends with Jaya, then you don’t need Aish. Or maybe you use Aish to get to Jaya? Still gives you family dinner and Aaradhya access, but more interesting to talk to.

      I like your Kangana system. Boundaries seems to be key with her.


      • Yeah, but I still win for Mahanagar and seeing Jaya’s very first performance.

        Aligarh is a great movie, but it’s more Manoj’s movie. Rajkummar is good, but it’s a much smaller supporting role and he doesn’t have a huge amount to do.

        I love Amitabh, but the only time I ever thought he looked handsome was in Anand. After that he just got a bit over the top seventies with the bell bottoms and the sideburns.


  8. It would be funny if you asked some questions from koffee with karan like how KJ says rank the actor in acting ability or rank in order of sex appeal haha


    • Oh, maybe I should? I’m trying to put up fun questions that you don’t have to be an expert to answer, you just need an opinion.


  9. Mohanlal or Prakash Raj cracked me up. Normally the question that makes every Malayali wonder at the purpose of existence is Mohanlal or Mammootty.
    Ranveer any day for me. Can’t stand Ranbir’s fake intelligent persona.
    Parvathy & Nazriya both for me. When I’m tired listening & contributing to Parvathy’s sincere outrage, Nazriya will crack some smart, silly observations. Oh, we will also marvel together at the wonder that is Fahadh. I want to add Tapsee to this group-we need a tough cookie to handle all the trolls & haters.
    I’m losing interest in DQ & Nivin-both are such boy scouts-in reel & real.
    Neither Kangana, nor Priyanka nor Katrina. I want to chat up with Ash talking about her elaborate experience working with the who’s who in Indian films & also some mommy talk. Btw she gave some candid answers to being asked about working with SRK again & on Alia Bhatt(two very separate qns).
    The true burning question is Rana or Prabhas-I will take Niviblog’s route. Rana during the day & Prabhas at night🙂
    Anjali Menon or Gautam Vasudev Menon?


    • Oh boy! Normally I would pick Anjali, but then Gautam is the one who did the long comment on my Varaanam review, so I feel like I have to pick him out of gratitude. If Anjali does a long comment on my Koode review, then I’ll switch the answer.

      You never answered! Mohanlal or Prakash Raj????


      • I think Anjali is the kind who interacts closely with the non-filmy ppl/followers. So u may get the surprise some day.
        Mohanlal any day for me as an actor. But because I’m so fed up of his offscreen shenanigans, I will go with Prakash Raj. I find his political talks slightly rhetorical- still it takes guts to take the position he has taken. So go Prakash!


        • All right, Prakash finally gets a vote! Everyone else ignored that one, and I feel like Prakash deserves at least a little love.

          On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 7:41 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I will just chime in here because I think like Meenakshy. Prakash Raj over Mohanlal for the same reasons, Ranveer over Ranbir always, Kangana, Priyanka, Katrina – I’m not interested etc

            Liked by 1 person

  10. One day later, but here I am.
    Perumazhakkalam – my first movie with Dileep (even if he was barely there)
    Phillauri – because you all said it’s touching . And yes, it is. Not the perfect movie, for sure, but I really appreciated how they did the ghost, so subtle and beautiful. And I absolutely loved Anushka’s brother and their relation. I want more movies with siblings like this!
    I watched a documentary about Sunny Leone on Netflix too. And it was terrible. I wonder what they wanted to say with this film. I thought it was made to make her look good, but I came from being indifferent to not like her. And the creepier part was when they talked with some aspirant actresses and they were complaining that the talent doesn’t matter if you are not ready for “compromises” and how unfair is this, but in the end they were like “‘ll do anything to be famous”. WTF? And why this crap is on italian Netflix, and the series about Luis Miguel not?


    • So glad more people are watching Phillauri! It didn’t get much notice in theaters, but it seems like it is getting more and more of a following after leaving theaters.

      On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 8:22 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  11. I watched Chi La Sow earlier this week and I really enjoyed it! It’s a pretty simple love story but it was so fun and refreshing. I really loved both the heroine’s character and Ruhani Sharma’s acting. I couldn’t believe that this was her acting debut. Sushanth on the other hand is Nagarjuna’s nephew and he was a terrible actor in the other movies of his that I’ve seen, but he was good enough for the character in this movie. I had a couple of other actors in mind that would have been better but I still thought Sushanth did well enough for the character to work for me. I think you would really enjoy Chi La Sow and you should totally check it out if it’s still in theaters near you. Here’s the trailer:


    • Oh! This is the movie Alisa was considering as her first Telugu film in theaters! Because the trailer looked so cute and the plot sounded so pleasant.

      On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 12:37 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Oh yeah, I think this would have been a really good option as a first Telugu movie. It’s a small budget movie but it’s really cute!


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