Wednesday Watching Post: I’m Home Sick!

Happy Wednesday!  This comes to you from under a mountain of blankets.  For once, I called in sick even though I could technically walk.  I feel so guilty!
So, what am I watching? Mostly old sitcoms while I drift in and out of consciousness.

Reading, nothing!  Books are so heavy.

Thinking, thinking about when it’s time for my next Advil.

And now, a thematic question for you! What is your home sick movie, the one you can watch over and over and it makes you feel better?


Wednesday Watching: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking This Week?

Happy Wednesday!  Padmavati comes out in 2 days (maybe), and December starts (definitely).  And I am going to finish my Christmas presents on time (almost definitely maybe).

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Watching Wednesday (on Thursday, Sorry Sorry! Very Late): What Are You Watching and Reading and Thinking This Week?

Happy Thursday!  I was so excited by the new deleted scene yesterday that I totally forgot to put up my watching post.  So here it is today, and hopefully SRK doesn’t distract us again.  Which leads to my question for you: what is your story of a movie/movie related thing that distracted you from a real life responsibility?

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Wednesday Watching Post, You Get to Pick My Next Posts!

I know I know, you are sick of Jab Harry Met Sejal.  Or, alternatively, you love it and are depressed that it will be ending soon.  Either way, I am sure you have opinions what I should do next with my post-JHMS life.  And here is where you get to help me decide!  Oh, and also do your usual Wednesday report on what you have been watching and reading and thinking this week.

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Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Thinking and Watching This Week?

Welcome to your general discussion post!  Here is where you tell me how many times you have seen Jab Harry Met Sejal, what other SRK movies it inspired you to rewatch, etc. etc.  Or, how very little interest you have in Jab Harry Met Sejal and how frustrated you are that the blog has been entirely turned over to that coverage. (sorry-not-sorry, I am getting SO MANY views and comments, and anyway, I love the movie and writing about it makes me happy)

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Wednesday Watching Post: Last Day of May Edition!

Happy almost-June! And Happy Wednesday!  I am so ready for this week to be over, moving all weekend really takes it out of you.  Anyway, in the meantime, here is the place to talk about all the things we have been reading and watching and thinking this week.  And, to get us started off, I have a question for you!

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