Trailer Again! Manmarziyaan, Abhishek Once More as the Unlikely Hero

Everything’s coming up Vicky!  Takht announcement, and now this trailer.  But, more than Vicky, everything’s coming up Abhishek.  He’s BACK!  And how!!!!

Abhi Baby, he’s never really been “leading man” type, he comes across as a little too interesting for that.  Comic relief or an unexpected non-heroic hero is what I love in him.  And this gives us that.

And, watching it again, I am remembering how Abhishek always does best in those kinds of performances.  Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, Kabhi Alveda Na Kehna, Hum Tum, he played the guy who wasn’t the girl’s true love.  Kuch Naa Kaho, Laage Chunari Main Daag, Guru, Delhi-6, he was the guy who knew about her difficult past and didn’t care.  But put him in something like Run where he is the straight up hero romancing the innocent heroine, it’s okay, but it always kind of feels like he is standing outside of himself saying “can you believe I am doing this?”  It’s not an easy fit for him.  This is NOT the typical leading man role.  And it is a very good fit for him.

(Oh young Abhishek and Kareena! And Kareena and Hrithik!  In that brief period before massive scandals drove you all apart)

Oh shoot, I shouldn’t have started with Abhi.  This is the first and most important thing to say about the trailer: EROSNOW!!!!  WHY DO YOU NEVER SUBTITLE YOUR TRAILERS????  No, it’s not even that, that would be less infuriating.  It’s that they subtitle them, but only days after they have been released.  So I have to discuss the plot this thing without be really totally 100% sure what the plot is.

Here’s what I have: wild hair Taapsee is having a passionate fun immature relationship with shaved head Vicky Kaushal.  He says stuff like “let’s run off together!” but then doesn’t follow through, and lives an uncertain life, and just generally is not marriage material.  Taapsee finally threatens to just marry someone else.  At which point, enter Turban Abhishek!!!  The nice NRI boy her parents have found for her who likes her right from her picture.

And then the timeline/hair gets fuzzy.  Taapsee keeps her highlights, but starts wearing her hair tied.  Abhishek suddenly has no turban.  Vicky’s hair gets every so slightly less alarming, but not by much.  And there is definitely conversations about Abhishek and Taapsee on a honeymoon.

So the plot appears to be, Taapsee marries Abhishek, but the Vicky relationship and Vicky himself keep popping up and making drama in their lives.  And the trailer at least leaves it open as to whether “true love” (Taapsee and Vicky and their wild relationship) will triumph or “married love” (Abhishek and Taapsee).


But of course what makes it different is that the trailer spits in the face of that whole “true love” versus “married love” false dynamic.  Taapsee and Vicky, sure, they have sex and passion.  But even just in the trailer, we can see this is a terrible relationship. Fun, but no real future to it, no plan, and Vicky will never grow up.  Completely appropriate for Wild Hair Taapsee, but also completely appropriate and predictable that she would grow out of it.

And her married relationship with Abhishek is not drama-less.  It starts with what we have seen before, even seen before from Abhishek, he is the “good boy” the safe choice who falls in love with her good girl picture.  But then right away it moves on to something different.  They fight, they talk, he listens, she listens, they get along.  It isn’t a “settling” relationship, it’s a real relationship with just as much passion as she had with Vicky.

Mostly what I like is that it is a film which takes the girl’s side in the usual “I was passionately in love and then she left me for a safe marriage, oh woe is me” kind of story.  We are always seeing our troubled heroes wandering around trying to stop the wedding or win her back or whatever, and often the girl is villainized for having betrayed their love.  But this movie says no, she had a perfect right to break up and marry someone else. It’s Vicky’s problem, not Taapsee’s.


Or maybe it says something totally different.  I DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SAYING!!!! ErosNOW is terrible.

13 thoughts on “Trailer Again! Manmarziyaan, Abhishek Once More as the Unlikely Hero

  1. I’ve been reading bad journalists on pinkvilla and other places summarizing the trailer trying to figure out the dialogue, too! Curse you, ErosNow!

    I’m so hoping that the final pairing in this one is Abhishek and Taapsee. If it is this is a clear updating of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam then, right? All performances look great and it has that cool Anurag Kashyap vibe without being too dark. I like how the production values look both polished and gritty at the same time. And, wow, Vicky has this great ability to look completely different in every film he does. Here he just looks like the sexiest bad boy role we’ve seen in Hindi films for a really long time.

    Taapsee is having a great year, with a variety of roles, but we’ll just keep hearing about how great Rajkumar and Vicky are in the media!

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    • I hope that’s the final pairing too, and I hope it is because Taapsee chose to marry him, although still with a few doubts, and finally wiped Vicky totally from her mind and was happy. I don’t want it to be her being forced into or it, I’d love a conscious choice to move on from the immature love.

      Oh, and I love the look too! I forgot to say it in the post, but I finally realized what it reminded me of. It’s very Spike Lee feeling, the sort of over/under saturated colors and distinctive but not filmi feeling clothing.

      On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 9:26 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Ha, Don Lemon is interviewing Spike Lee on CNN right now (discussing the current state of race relations in the usa) just as I’m reading your comment above. Other than re Chaiyya Chaiyya, I never expected to read his name in your blog.


  2. Wow, I’m impressed that you got so much right without subtitles. So as you rightly said, Vicky isn’t responsible and doesn’t turn up to Tapsee’a house to talk to her parents, so she threatens him that she’ll marry someone else. Enter Abhishek, who I guess she probably starts liking because Vicky asks her “Do you close your eyes and think about me when you are with him or do you look at him only” It sounds bad when it’s literally translated, but I guess it basically means that she’s falling for Abhishek. And I think Tapsee and Abhi get married, because their relatives call and ask them how their honeymoon is going on, and she’s like it’s not great, he forgot the condoms 😂


    • I thought that’s what the ending line was! It’s a great ending to the trailer because it’s funny, but also because it gets it out of the way right from the start that she is going to pick Abhishek and marry him. that’s not the question going into the movie, the question is how and why it happens.

      On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 11:55 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I feel like Jr B’s MO is Jr. Angry Young Man. He keeps playing himself in all movies, each time with an “acting showcase” scene in which he gets angry. I haven’t seen all his movies, but the only movie where I truly felt I was watching his character and not him was in Yuva. (Yes that includes Guru, he did a great job of playing himself playing Guru). So I guess in that sense, he’s more leading man than character actor. Clint Eastwood is the same way – not the conventional leading man, but you never forget it’s him on-screen. I like Jr B’s selection of projects though, one could easily run an Abhi film retrospective weekend based on his works.

    Vicky otoh OMG! How hot and sexy and OTT! He’s built his own actors showcase in just one year with such a vast variety of roles. He could easily build his own audition reel to take to other film industries now. I can see why someone would cast him with Ranveer as brothers, he could hold his own against Ranveer.

    Tapsee is making smart choices. She’s not competing with Alia but instead creating her own lane and USP, without being branded a parallel actress (like Richa or Radhika). While the other younger actresses are being bulldozed by Alia, Tapsee’s star is rising. In your list of the from another post where you said RRao, VKaushal, and TBD, I think your TBD might be Tapsee.

    Can I again say how much I love her hair in this? Very similar to my own hair, it’s nice to see hair like mine on the lead female, not every lead actress needs to have silky straight long hair, right? It’s validating and celebratory, in the same way that Kim Kardashian being famous for her figure makes so many pear shaped women that I know feel validated and self-accepting.

    Most western rom coms would have the woman end up with her “one true love”, whereas Bollywood rom coms the woman ends up oftentimes with the “best choice”, since ostensibly marriage is about more than just love. Since the trailer gives away the honeymoon, I wonder if that’s just the intermission cliffhanger, and eventually they go western romcom on us and she ends up with Vicky after he mans up a little?


    • Hmm. Interesting theory. Where would Bunty Aur Babli fit in the Jr. AB film world in that case?

      Love Vicky in Raazi, but in this I just want to yell at him to get a normal hair cut, pull up his pants, and generally smarten up. Which I think is less a comment on his objective sexiness and more a comment on my extremely low tolerance for rebellious manboys. And that also goes to your point! I can’t stand him in this, and fell in love with him in Raazi, which just shows how completely different he has made the two characters.

      Love Taapsee’s hair too! I find purple or other artificial colored highlights really trying too hard on light colored hair, but on black hair they look amazing. And they really do “highlight” the way they are supposed to, makes everything look deeper and richer and more layered by just having that pop of color, especially on the curly hair. So so SO much better than the blondish highlights that are much more common (for instance, Shahrukh’s newer look).

      I think I may be prejudiced, I want Taapsee it end up with Abhishek just because I have no patience for Vicky. Sit up straight and talk better and just generally grow up!!!! UGH! Those guys.

      On Fri, Aug 10, 2018 at 2:36 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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