Trailers! Sid is Angry, Akshay is Funny, I Am Moderately Optimistic

I love the months between big holidays. Lots of weird funky little low pressure movies that are just kind of fun.

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Trailers! Tiger and Nani, Both Playing Sports Heroes in VERY DIFFERENT Movies

Thank you anonymous commentator for alerting me to the new Nani trailer! And thank you Karan Johar to alerting me to the new SOTY2 trailer. Although, that’s kind of his job, so I don’t know if I have to thank him for that.

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Kalank Full Length Trailer is Out!!!! (Also, it’s not based on What the Body Remembers)

Well, it’s pretty much what we thought. I think. No subtitles, because Dharma hates us. And then they will magically appear in like 3 hours. WHY DO THEY DO THIS???? Oh, and I actually did 5 minutes of research and confirmed that it is NOT based on What the Body Remembers any more than Paa was based on Benjamin Buttons (yes, that was a story for a while too).

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Veere Di Wedding Trailer! My Hopes and Dreams for the Plot Based on the Plotless Trailer

You’ve all probably already said everything you have to say, but if you feel like repeating it all over again, here is this space!  Because I finally got around to watching the trailer, and now I can talk about it.

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Raazi Trailer! What Do We All Think?

Well, this is a fascinating trailer!  2018 continues to look like a much better year for films than 2017.  The old dinosaurs, Stars and Directors, are stepping back and new faces are getting a chance to shine.  This film is a perfect match of a new actor and a new creative team behind her.  Which came together to create a new story.

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Upcoming Movies! From Salman, Anushka Sharma, Sharman Joshi, and ADITYA ROY KAPUR!!!!

Oh boy, lots of interesting movies to talk about today!  None of which are actually out there in the world yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about them

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Trailers! Raid, Gold, Welcome to New York, and Veerey Ki Wedding

Yesterday was Day of News, today is Day of Trailers.  Ajay’s new movie, first teaser for Akshay’s next or, as I think of it, Reema Kagti’s next.  And a song from Welcome to New York.  And Veerey Ki Wedding, just to round things out.

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Trailer! Welcome to New York

Normally I try to mix these trailer posts up a little, adding in a few to compare.  But right now, there is NOTHING. Because stupid Padmavat messed up the release schedule and there is this weird gap.  All the movies that got moved to February last minute, their trailers came out months ago when they were supposed to release.  And all the movies that might otherwise be release in February have scuttled forward to March and their trailers aren’t out yet.  But this one trailer does look fun!

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Two Tamil Trailers: Richie and Tik Tik Tik

Two big Tamil trailers came out today (say that ten times fast!).  I am slightly more excited about one than the other, because it is a slightly better edited trailer and also has Nivin Pauly.  But the other one is pretty darn good too.  Most of all, they are both challenges to the Hindi dominance of everything.

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Ittefaq Trailer! And, More Interestingly, Ittefaq Publicity Campaign!

Karan, Shahrukh, and other people all tweeted the trailer at the same time late last night.  Which is interesting on its own.  But also, the trailer is kind of good!

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