Saturday Small Talk: Talk Amongst Yourselves While I Watch Movies With My Sister

Happy Saturday!  My sister is in town and, after spending the week with my parents, now we are having Sister Weekend.  Which mostly means watching movies.  Maybe a trip to the grocery store.

Things you all can discuss!!!!

John Abraham is buying up single screen theaters in order to remodel them into two screens and expand film access.  Also, he thinks the rise of the 100 crore opening weekend business model is a disaster, the money is coming from inflated ticket prices that makes the audience resentful, especially when the film is bad.  He wants a return to cheaper tickets and long running films. (story here)

Question:  How does this make you feel?

a) It makes John so much more attractive, knowing he has sound business sense and cares about the audience.

b) John was already so attractive that nothing could make him more so, this just confirms the feelings we already had.


With our limited sister time during Sister Weekend, how should we prioritize the following activities?

a) Watching Hasee To Phasee

b) Watching S/O Satyamurthy

c) Fashion show of all the new dresses I bought since last we were together



And finally, what do we all think about the Batti Gul Meter Chalu trailer?  Am I the only one who was more excited about seeing Farida Jalal again than anything else?


17 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Talk Amongst Yourselves While I Watch Movies With My Sister

  1. It was nice to see Farida Jalal again! But the movie looks like a huge letdown for me. It’s what I expected in many ways…Padman with Shahid but about electricity and a role that Shraddha can pull off but won’t really charm us in (like Half Girlfriend). Shahid is starting to worry me…I like that he always varies his film roles, but this reminds me of how desperate he seemed in that “something something Poster movie” I forget the title. Very forgettable. And I wasn’t too crazy about his stoic hero turn in Padmaavat. I like him in roles where he is is out and out wild and intense (Kaminey, Udta Punjab, Haider). In this one he seems to be trying to recapture his chocolate boy charm. I loved his character in Shaandaar, but that was also a little off kilter kind of character. He’s still gorgeous (if a little wiry now) and I could just watch a full two hours of him dancing, for sure).

    Watch Hahsee Toh Pahsee!!!! I forgot that you haven’t seen it yet. You won’t regret it!


    • Shahid’s got the Arjun Reddy remake after this, that should be right in his manic passionate sweet spot. Very Kaminey/Udta Punjab.

      If I do watch Hasee To Phasee and I do regret it, I will blame you!

      On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 1:28 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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  3. Fashion show first cos clothes over everything!!!
    Then HTP – cos Sid is cute and he actually acted well in this, Parineeti too
    S/O – I haven’t watched so no idea


    • Agree! He seems pretty harmless.

      Could just be resentment of his very lucky accident of birth. But I feel like he hasn’t exploited it nearly as much as he could have, preferring to build his own career. Or maybe I am missing something.

      On Sun, Aug 12, 2018 at 10:10 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. `

    Today’s Google doodle featured Mario Moreno (Cantinflas). I am embarrassed to say I knew nothing about him until I read what was available on line. How big a deal was he?


    • It’s not my area so I really can’t answer, beyond knowing that Mexico has a healthy film history stretching back to the silent era.


  5. John is a beauty with brains he got his MBA degree whilst persuing his modeling/acting career, that too being an outsider. He is one of the few actors I genuinely love and respect.


    • His producer decisions are really smart and really interesting. He isn’t looking to become the most successful producer in the industry, I don’t think, but he is several films in to producing and has a far better track record than most actors-turned-producers in terms of commercial success. And a better record than most production houses in terms of critical success.


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