Saturday Small Talk: What Do You Want to Chat About on Ashaji’s Birthday?

I am out at the summer place, again, which doesn’t mean I am totally unavailable but might mean there are stretches when I’m not around.  So there better not be any big stories popping up that I am missing!  I don’t want any trailer releases or engagements or so on while I can’t read every article and write long posts.

Let’s talk!  On the low end, any opinions on the new PC and Kangana news?  I’m just assuming there is some, because there always is and they are just so fun to gossip about.

Image result for kangana PC


Or you can share any other news you might have, if Tiger Shroff shaved his head or something important like that.  I know Arjun finally released his “look” for his India’s Most Wanted role.  How do we feel about that?

Arjun Kapoor first look as Prabhat in India's Most Wanted


And then on the high non-gossip end, favorite Asha Bhosle song?  Any votes?

I think it is a three way tie for me, between “Raat Akeli Hai”


“In Aankhon Ki Masti”


And of course “Dum Maro Dum”

6 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: What Do You Want to Chat About on Ashaji’s Birthday?

  1. Raat akeli hai is in a class of its own.Though I always wonder about Tanuja’s empty fridge.I do have a soft corner for those songs, where she does not sing in a high pitch.Like Man Kyun behka which is a rare duet with her sister Lata. Will there ever be a Rekha song list where she doesn’t have a courtesan song?

    Of course Helen -Asha combination is lethal. But when you add Sadhana to the mix it’s bound to be a sure-fire hit

    Though Helen-Asha duo is dynamite, she sang for vamps Aruna Irani and Bindu as well.This here is from Love Story where Aruna Irani tries to seduce a very young Kumar Gaurav who is running scared and not at all certain that he wants Aruna whom he hired for the night

    Much before Asha and RDB ganged up she was O.P.Nayyar’s protegee.They parted bitterly.And Nayyar received that year’s Filmfare trophy for best female singer on Asha’s behalf and threw it in the rubbish on his way back.This song is from that last movie.Pran Jaaye par vachan na jaaye.And yes that’s another Rekha courtesan song -albeit a much younger (and plumper) Rekha


  2. I would like to chat about gossip that comes in the desguise of blinds which gives gossiping the veneer of a play, a quiz. Gossip already caters to not so nice tendencies in us human beings…doesnt the blinds make it even worse?


    • What I have noticed about blind items is that people tend to believe them more. The same way that you think gossip is more true if someone whispers it and says “don’t tell anyone else” instead of just telling you straight out. The assumption is that the truth is dangerous and therefore you can’t say it straight out. And of course the opposite, if it is said straight out, it’s easy to think you have to look for the “hidden truth”.

      On Sat, Sep 8, 2018 at 7:51 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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