News Round-Up: All Actresses!!! Kangana Contracts, Alia Dances, Patralekha and Sara Sign

Always so much news on Saturday!  Which is nice, because it is easy to write these posts and then I don’t have to think of anything new.

Ashwini Iyer Tiwari is No Fool

You know how we have been saying “why is Kangana still getting movie roles?  Why would anyone sign her?”  Well, Ashwini Iyer Tiwari has been listening to us!  And also presumably to her investors, advisers, and concerned friends.  New news is that she has created a rock solid contract and asked Kangana to sign it, guaranteeing no interference with the direction. (story here)

What I find interesting is that the story carefully says that Kangana and Ashwini are getting along great and excited to work together and there are no problems.  This contract is just to be safe.  But also, the contract exists.

It’s a very careful version of the truth that is being put out, on the one hand Kangana and Ashwini enjoy each other and this movie is a result of cheerful creative collaboration.  But on the other hand, don’t worry, there is a safety net and Kangana won’t go out of control.

I am also very doubtful of the contract actually helping anything.  In this film, she actually chased off the director.  Which seems far more extreme than simply deciding to break a contract.  And the producers did nothing.  So, what, she breaks the terms of the contract and they fire her mid-shoot losing all their money?  That’s not going to happen.  Or she thinks “I deeply feel that I could direct this movie better and am the only possible savior, but there is a contract so I won’t”?  That’s not going to happen either!  The only thing that might possibly make a difference is if the contract guarantees that Kangana will make up any financial losses if she blows up the film (again).

Image result for kangana manikarnika

(Kangana, bloodied with the blood of the directors she has vanquished)


Alia and Madhuri Dance Together-One of These People Is a Much Better Dancer Than the Other

Standard Kalank promo news, get ready for a big dance number!  Oh boy!  But I don’t care how much they spin this, Alia training for Kathak for a year (a whole year!  that’s long enough, right?) or it being important to her character or anything, Madhuri and Alia dancing together is a DISASTER.  Well, for Alia.

Alia is a good actress, and charming, and pretty, and all of that.  But she is not a good dancer.  She struggles to keep up the female part of a pop song with Varun Dhawan.  Can you imagine her trying to match steps with Madhuri in Kathak?  Or (based on this leak) playing a Kathak dancer?  This is just a TERRIBLE IDEA.

Or, maybe you disagree with me.  But then you would be WRONG.



Patralekha and Sara Both Sign, Very Different Movies

First, Patralekha has signed another movie.  Sort of.  It’s an anthology with Pradeek Sarkar (Parineeti and Helicopter Eela director).  This isn’t bad, it will get her to work with more people and be more noticed.  It’s still not all she deserves, but it’s nice. (story here)

Sara Ali Khan has signed another movie, which might be MORE than she deserves.  Or not, who knows, her first film still hasn’t come out.  Maybe she is supremely talented and we just don’t know yet.  Anyway, David Dhawan is directing Varun opposite Sara in a movie Rohit is producing.  Start your “nepotism” engines now! (story here)

Anyway, I don’t actually think it is nepotism in this case.  This is kind of a last minute movie squeezed in between Varun’s big films for other producers, they needed an actress who was free now, Sara is between movies and comes with the slight bonus of a known name, why not?  It’s not going to be the greatest role in the world or the biggest boost to her career.


16 thoughts on “News Round-Up: All Actresses!!! Kangana Contracts, Alia Dances, Patralekha and Sara Sign

    • It looks SO CUTE! Also, the electric machine he is using at the end is from the 70s or 80s and I am back to wondering if it is a period movie.

      On Sat, Sep 8, 2018 at 11:27 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Not that I really know what to look for but I can’t really tell if it’s a period movie or based in the present. Varun or Anushka haven’t really mentioned anything either in their interview.


  1. Also this is the first movie for their new production house so maybe it would be cheaper to take someone like Sara Ali Khan who isn’t established yet. Varun and David Dhawan probably aren’t getting paid outright either. I’m guessing that they’ll try to spend more on the crew and the actual movie than on the cast.


      • I’m sure they could have gotten someone close to the family like Shraddha for less than usual but maybe they didn’t want to use their connections like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shraddha does a song or something though because she does do quite a few guest appearances. Maybe they will even get someone like Taapsee or Jacqueline. I don’t know, I just feel like Varun will go all out for this movie since it is a home production.


  2. The only case I would like to see Madhuri and Alia dancing together is that M. is a dance teacher, and Alia her student (in begginer course). This would work, otherwise NO.
    And reading about it reminded me about Bhool Bhulaiyaa and Chandramukhi. In the latter Jyothika (who is a good dancer) dances with Vineeth who is amazing. Later he was cast in the same role in Bhool Bhulaiyaa but unfortunately Vidya Balan doesn’t dance as good as Jyothika, so the choreography has been adapted and simplified for her and it was disaster. Maybe for somebody who hasn’t seen Shobana and Jyothika version, it won’t be bad, but for me it’s terrible and boring. I hope Madhuri’s talent won’t be sacrificed to make Alia looks better.


    • This is the first time I’m seeing someone praising Jyothika in Chandramukhi. She got so much hate and was compared to Shobhana, which is not fair since Shobhana is a trained classical dancer. And apparently Jo only trained for a day or two, she tried her best. But I felt that her expressions were way over the top. Actually the entire movie (Chandramukhi) is over the top because it’s supposed to be a Rajnikanth film.


      • I haven’t watched Chandramukhi, because as you say it looks too over the top, but I like the dance scene very much and I think she was good in it. But I must admit I mostly look at Vineeth while they are dancing 😉 And I have seen the dances in : Chandramukhi, disappointing Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Manichitrathazhu order.


  3. I’d like to see alia playing a dancer along with MADHURI and people blindly praising as the next Michael Jackson cos why not she’s already been called Meryl Streep for her acting. (Can you tell I’m annoyed?)

    So happy for Patralekha! Best news!! Yay.


    • I can easily see myself praising Alia for her dancing, but it would be “so improved!” rather than “good”. She has a lot of room for improvement, so that seems like a likely praise.

      On Sat, Sep 8, 2018 at 9:51 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I am sure KJo is going to be get them to shoot it in a way such that she comes off as good. That’s the thing with Alia – she’s not very good while dancing live – atleast thats how it looked like from the Dream tour videos. But in movies, they shoot her such that she comes off better than she actually is.


    • She was okay in Dream Team when I saw it, but then dancing in a show like that is different because it’s all about the costumes and the lights and stuff. I notice it in movies, not on the first watch, but on re-watches I start to notice how the choreography is making it easy for her and her partner is covering up her mistakes. There’s a lot of “walking and smiling while he dances around and behind and in front of her”. I don’t think she’s even had a solo dance number.

      On Sat, Sep 8, 2018 at 11:24 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Off topic but Nick appeared on Kimmel and most of the time was spent talking about Priyanka and the Engagement. First of all I can’t be the only one who thinks the minute he talks about the engagement hit just all fells very rehearsed, he’s hand gestures become smaller but when he was talking about the Keaton story he seemed far more passionate about it. Maybe it’s just me.
    Also I found it very interesting the way he tried to explain the time line of their relationship. He mentions the texting 6 months prior to their first meeting. They met around May 2017 (met gala) or even before that. So that means the were texting while she was according to Priyanka’s version ‘in a very committed long time relationship’. But then her entire outbursts(ttps://


  6. Sorry error there… I was at But then her entire outbursts (interview jacket what not) all must have happened while she was allegedly already eying another man but that’s not unusual at all. What I find interesting is that some how she was in contact with Jonas fellow but articles about her ‘low key promoting’ raees, mind you the words of her own ‘friend sources’ where all over the place.
    Here’s the link to the video :


    • Definitely the ‘timeline’ is a bit confusing and Nick seems rather uneasy to elaborate on the subject and it was strange that Priyanka seems to not want to be seen…but all this is just a bit odd…they still can have a love-love-relationship 😉 (thanks for the video)

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