Trailer Update: Everything Old is New Again! A New Bhatt Young Romance, A New Govinda Comedy, and a Remake of a Kishore Classic

Funny collection of trailers today, one of them is for a movie that isn’t even playing in theaters.  I guess they are just the September dregs, not big enough to wait for Diwali or another holiday, so might as well throw out the promotions and the films now.

Oh the Bhatts!  Smart cookies, they are.  They know that the one thing that will always sell is a dreamy fantasy romance.  Because there is a new 13 year old girl born every minute.

You don’t want to waste too much time, money, or talent on it, because 13 year old girls don’t have a lot of economic power.  But if you calculate it correctly, you can make a nice solid profit every time a new generation turns around and decides the films their older sisters watched are passe.  Aashiqui 2 came out a while back, Shraddha and Aditya are “old” and “Tum Hi Ho” is boring, time for a new movie!

This one is a remake of a Bengali film, but it sounds like they took the original and squeezed all the juice out of it (the original had a varied cast of characters interacting, while this just seems to have 3).  Ditto the performances, Rhea Chakraborty sounded familiar so I looked her up.  She was in Mere Dad Ki Maruti and Sonali Cable, both interesting low budget youthful kind of comedies.  Very much not the sort of “but I love you!” kind of heroine performance she gives here.  So it looks like all they are keeping from the original is the structure and basic plot.

Rhea is a tourist who comes to Delhi, falls in love with the casual Delhi tour guide who takes her around, is childish and eager and convinces him to marry her because they are in love forever and ever.  But then she gets a work opportunity and he refuses to leave his family and Delhi, and they split.  But what makes it interesting is that the whole thing takes place on a train ride, where Rhea is trapped with Varun and his new wife, who does not know who Rhea is.  And it flashes back and forth to their past failed love story.  So, it could have been done in a really interesting way, but based on this trailer, I suspect it is not.  Also, it’s a first time director and male lead.


Now, something totally different!  Instead of cheap and unimaginative and popular, expensive and imaginative and unpopular. Although still a remake.  A trailer for a short film (which seems weird, because the trailer is like 1/3rd the length of the whole movie).  But a film with interesting original visuals, an experienced cast, and a romance with some real stakes to it.  A young man moves to Bombay and lies about his religion in order to get a place to stay, then falls in love with his landlords daughter over late night talks and walks around the city.

This is an update of the New Delhi plot, the comedy classic where Kishoreda pretends to be Tamilian in order to rent a room even though he is really Punjabi, then falls in love with the landlord’s daughter.  Massive complications and hilarity happen after that, but this is just a short film, so it only has time for the first idea.  And the original idea is so universal (housing is highly in demand in Indian cities, and yet the cities are still divided by caste/religion/ethnic background) that it can be remade 60 years later and still feel fresh.

(Also, maybe seeing their chemistry in this film will get people to watch Running Shaadi, their other unusual romance?)


And then there’s FryDay.  A throwback to when Govinda was popular.  Strangely, also starring Rhea Chakraborty.  Anyway, if I am understanding this trailer correctly, Varun Sharma is a door to door salesman who gets caught up in Govinda’s whacky romantic misunderstandings when he knocks on his door.  Looks like not really a “plot” so much as a series of comic set-pieces.  Just like the classic Govinda films.  I wonder how it will do?  If the audience will react with nostalgia, or with disgust as they feel it is too out of date?


12 thoughts on “Trailer Update: Everything Old is New Again! A New Bhatt Young Romance, A New Govinda Comedy, and a Remake of a Kishore Classic

  1. Rhea Chakraborty is an interesting actress. She never seemed to get her big breakout role. I really liked her in Sonali Cable and only vaguely remember the Maruti film. Looks like she might have been signed on to YRF and got lost a bit in the mix! At least she’s still able to do films for other studios, but they are second tier releases. Maybe she’ll break out later in her career, kind of like Kangana.


    • These are two good releases for her, both kind of youthful but slightly higher profile than her previous films. And a good balance between the two, one showing she can carry a romance, the other showing she can be support in a star lead comedy. I’ll be interested to see what she does next.

      On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 11:27 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. OMG I have seen the bengali movie Jalebi was based on, and this hindi version looks like poor and bad acted caricature! The original movie- Praktan, was good, characters were much more serious and it definitely wasn’t a movie for 13 years old girls. The female character was an adult woman who loved her husband but she wanted to work too, and be independent. Unfortunately he wasn’t ready to have a wife like this, and instead of supporting her he choose being jealous. After many difficult and painful months they decide to separate.
    Jalebi looks like they said: hey you must be the most spoiled little girl ever, and we will film it and see what we can do with it. Terrible, terrible movie. I wish they never had the idea of remaking the original.


    • I’m guessing all the were excited about was “hey, an accidental train meeting between a divorced couple and his new wife! That will tear peoples’ hearts out” and then just sort of picked and chose what they wanted from the rest of the plot. I could even believe they will end up changing the ending, making it so he can leave his new wife. In the original they have a child, right? So there is no way the marriage could end. I don’t think I saw a child in this version, if they are newlyweds then it could be conceivable for the new wife to say “your love is so beautiful and rare I cannot compete! Take him back!”

      On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 3:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • The more I think about it, the more I appreciate the original film. It was well made, because first the first wife meets only this other woman in the train (without husband, who will join only after some hours), and she knows nothing about her. but then slowly, slowly she starts realizing the woman is married to her ex-husband. And yes, there is a child. But the main obstacle is not the child but the sad truth that they wasn’t perfect to each other, there was a reason why they divorced and you can’t enter the same river twice, even if you want. And now compare this with this horrible trailer and the character who is so idiot she doesn’t even know how to enter the house as a new bride.


        • I saw that the original won a National Award for something. Interesting that they chose to kind of bury the connection instead of calling it “remake of National Award winning hit ——“. I’m thinking probably because they know the two movies are going to attract very different audiences, the ones who saw the original would feel ripped off my this remake, and the 13 year old girls they want to watch the remake are going to avoid a National Award winning film like the plague.

          On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 4:19 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Oh yeah, I can totally see Jalebi being that heartbreaking romance which teenage girls love. Especially if the soundtrack is good, and their movies always have good songs. Aashiqui 2 was that movie for me and my friends.


    • My generation had Titanic, the next one down had Twilight, and I am sure there is something else even newer the kids these days like, I just don’t know what it is.

      On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 7:19 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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