Trailer Update: Everything Old is New Again! A New Bhatt Young Romance, A New Govinda Comedy, and a Remake of a Kishore Classic

Funny collection of trailers today, one of them is for a movie that isn’t even playing in theaters.  I guess they are just the September dregs, not big enough to wait for Diwali or another holiday, so might as well throw out the promotions and the films now.

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Gold Review (SPOILERS): Chak De India, but Different

This is an interesting movie.  Because it is both a sports movie and a true story, which means we know everything about it already.  But at the same time, we don’t, because we don’t know what particular angle the filmmaker is going to choose to look at to show us this story.  So, I leave it up to you.  You already know the details of the plot, the trailer spelled it out. If you want the tone and message of the film to surprise you, don’t read this review, read this one.  If you don’t care, do read this review.

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Breathe Amazon Series Final 2 Episodes! (SPOILERS): We End With Hope and a Hero

And we are at an end!  No more charming-but-murderous Maddy, no more troubled-but-reliable Amit, no more police jeeps driving through the streets of Bombay.  Well, unless you want to watch one of the many many movies that involve police jeeps driving through the streets of Bombay.  I recommend Talaash! (part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here) Continue reading

Breathe Recap/Review (SPOILERS): Episodes 5 and 6, Opposing Forces Find their Places

Happy Thursday!  Sometime around midnight tonight (I haven’t figured out the schedule exactly yet) the last episode of Breathe will come out.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a second series at some point, so the story may not necessarily be over, but at least the first part will be resolved. (part 1 of my coverage here and part 2 here)

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Tuesday Tamil: Breathe Review/Recap, First 2 Episodes (SPOILERS), Dark Interconnected Crime Drama Comes to India

I finally watched it!  Partly for Maddy, partly for my beloved Amit Sadh (if you like him in this, WATCH RUNNING SHAADI!).  They were both good.  And I am putting it up as a “Tuesday Tamil”, even though it is in Hindi, because really we are all watching if for Maddy mostly, and he is a Tamil industry guy. (part 2 here)

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Silly Sunday Speculative Post: North and South! The Perfect Crossover Plot, Now that Bahubali Has Broken Through the Northern Markets

Happy Sunday!  A week ago I put up a post asking for suggestions/votes for classic novels to be turned into fanfic.  Pride and Prejudice was the first choice (thus last week’s post), but North and South was a close second.  Which also inspired me to finally watch North and South.  And it really is perfect for a remake!  I barely have to change the plot at all, just streamline it a little.

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Running Shaadi Review (SPOILERS): Bam! First Five Minutes, They Break the Rom-Com Mold!

I already said in my no SPOILERS review that this is a great great rom-com!  And you should definitely go see it if at all possible.  Don’t just read my SPOILERS review!  Only read it if you have already seen the film, or if you are one of those people who can still enjoy movies even after reading all the spoilers.

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Running Shaadi Review (NO SPOILERS): The Best Rom-Com I’ve Seen Since Humpty Sharma!

Okay, maybe I was just in the right mood, or maybe it’s because romantic comedies come along so rarely these days, but I was really really impressed with this one!  Old-fashioned idea, new fashioned execution, real characters with real conflicts, and a happy ending!  And a central couple that was kind of cute and sparky.  If only there were some really big budget song numbers, it would be the perfect movie.  Seriously, if you like light rom-coms and have been waiting for a new one to come out that feels like Happy Bhaag Jayegi or Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, go right over and watch this!

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Sultan Full Summary Part 1 of ? (SPOILERS!)

It’s time to start my traditional full summary shot by shot and scene by scene of the movie I just saw in the theater!  Sometimes these can be incredibly long (like Fan) as I get distracted by backstory and metaphors and references and stuff.  And sometimes they can be really short, because there just isn’t that much to talk about (like Rocky Handsome).  In this case, I honestly don’t know how much I will have to say, so I’m just going to start and see how fast I go!

(part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, part 6 here, part 7 here)

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