Happy Sunday Evening! I Got My Hair Cut!

Don’t worry, I just cut off about 4-5 inches, you can’t even notice it.  But it was also the funnest part of the day!

I have had a busy busy weekend!  Which means, No Monday Malayalam.  Although possibly Wednesday or Thursday Malayalam depending on how the rest of the week goes.

(Remember, next Monday is Ohm Shanti Oshaana again!)

I’ll skip Friday and yesterday (laundry, grocery shopping, returning shoes, seeing Andhadhun, writing a few blog posts) and start with today.  Up this morning at 8 am, started writing one of those posts that make people angry which will go up tomorrow morning.  I got so involved in my arguments that I realized I was late for church.

(Shoes!  Also, do you know how hard it is to find shoes that don’t make your foot go “ow ow ow” when you put them on, or your eyes go “ow ow ow” when you look at them?)

Throw on still damp clothes from the Friday laundry, leap in the car, drive drive drive, buy hot chocolate with whipped cream, drive drive drive, realize the Chicago Marathon is today and half the streets are blocked, illegal u-turn and then illegal parking, run run run to the Sunday School classroom.

(This is exactly what it’s like watching the Chicago marathon.  Except not)

And learn that there is no co-teacher for me.  Which means it is just me and 6 rambunctious children.  Kids arrive, little girl promptly hard sells me girl scout candy (she’s going to be running the world in about 20 years).  Little boy tries to throw things in the prayer candle (he will hopefully have successfully finished college in 20 years).  Other children variously kick each other, stand on their heads, otherwise experience Religious Education.

(Picture Urmila’s character in this song, but as she would have been at age 11.  That’s what one of my little girls is like)

I somehow survived the class (although I gave up and let them go ten minutes early, I couldn’t do the full 60 minutes), then ran to get my car and move it to where it could be parked legally.  Then ran back to church to give a 5 minute presentation to the new member class, then off to lunch with my parents at a wonderful new restaurant where they gave us free dessert because we were so nice.  And also ran my controversial opinion post for tomorrow past my parents.

(Turkish restaurant, I should have asked if they knew Shahrukh)

Then it was off home and on the way I suddenly had an impulse to get my annual hair cut.  I love doing it, because it is always such a great ego boost.  It took two people to brush it out, they took photos and made a big fuzz (as is usual) and then the poor hair cut lady had to crawl around on the floor to reach the ends.  But now it is all beautiful and even and non-broken and non-tangled.

(You know why Salman is working out?  He is preparing for a lifetime spent with the hard labor of being the person who brushes and cuts Bhagyashree’s hair.  It’s not a small task)

Finally reached home to discover little Dog Hazel was losing her Little Dog Mind, for reasons that I am not sure of.  I took her for a walk and gave her a peanut butter toy, she calmed down a bit, and then I rewrote the Monday post again and scheduled it, finished the Silly Sunday and posted it, and then DH and I had dinner, followed by her going insane AGAIN.  I took her for another walk, and now she is curled up next to me dead asleep a good 3 hours before her usual bed time.  Must be a full moon or something.


(What?  What is wrong little doggie?!?!?)

And here I am, writing this nice light post as a palate cleanser before I have to start figuring out what the heck I am going to say about Chak De India for Wednesday.

(Would you accept a review that just says “Shahrukh made me cry”?  Because that’s all I’ve got so far)

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