Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me Today? And What Movie Twist Sincerely Surprised You?

Happy Columbus Day!  I actually have to go to work, because it’s one of those holidays that not everyone gets off.   Fine with me, Columbus was a horrible horrible person.  Anyway, help me ignore Columbus by asking me questions!

As always, you can ask me anything from the personal (“why do you hate Columbus?”) to the specific and factual (“is there an Indian movie song about Columbus?”) to the general discussion (“what holidays make for the best movie releases?”).

The only rule is, you have to let me answer first! The discussion just goes better that way.  But once I have answered, feel free to jump in with your own comments.


Now, question for you!  Inspired by the twisty Chekka Chivantha Vaanam and Andhadhum which just came out.  What movie twist sincerely surprised and delighted you?


Oh dear, I just realized these answers will be riddled with SPOILERS.  Oh well, try to put the name of the movie first and then people can decide whether to read on, or else phrase it in such a way that people can’t figure out what you mean.  For me, in Race 2 when Saif suddenly shows up still alive.  In Baazigar, the moment Shahrukh takes out his contacts and you realize it is the same man.  In An Evening in Paris when you learn it isn’t just a coincidence, Sharmila 1 and 2 are secret twins.  And the whole last twenty minutes of Jewel Thief are just an incredible ride.  Oh, and the reveal of the villain in Byomkesh Bakshy!  And of course, the ending of the first Shahrukh Don.  I don’t even know if I like that ending, but it is one of the most brilliantly built twists in film history and you have to admire the workmanship.


And finally, for Columbus day and that horrible slaver murderer of a man:


9 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me Today? And What Movie Twist Sincerely Surprised You?

  1. Oh how I love the movies with twist!
    without too many spoilers:
    One of the best twists – Gangster
    One of the most ridiculous – Hate Story 3
    One of the most predictable – #RX100- Everybody was talking about this great twist but it wasn’t surprise at all. It was pretty clear who th villan is, and so I was sure there must me something else, but there wasn’t.


    • I already spoiled myself on the Gangster twist, and it was one of those that sounds like it isn’t just for shock, but actually changes and deepens the meaning of the story. But now I can’t watch Gangster because it has icky Shiney, and I’m having an increasingly hard time setting aside my personal feelings for Kangana to enjoy her performances.

      On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 10:37 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes, the beauty of Gangster is how the twist changes the way we look at the characters, good become bad and bad good, and even now after so many years I’m sad everytime I think about Shiney’s character. I know you can’t watch Shiney so I don’t say you should watch it, but I wish you had watched it earlier.

        Thanks to Gangster I have a soft spot for Bhatt’s movies like Zeher, Murder, Hate Story


  2. Hmm, let’s see – my favourite twist of all time is the reveal of Shobana in Manichitrathazhu. Its always delightful, spooky and it doesn’t insult the audience’s intelligence. Everyone in that movie is so good and Fazil got the horror/psychological thriller genre just right. It’s still one of the most watched movies in Malayalam.

    I also liked the twist in Kahani. Did NOT expect that in the theaters and I loved the interplay between all the characters.


    • Oh, I forgot about both those twists! Kahani might be my new favorite, now that I have remembered it. Manages to change everything you have seen before while keeping the same emotional resonance.

      And same with Manichitrathazhu, although I think I prefer Kahani because the emotional resonance isn’t as strong with Manichitrathazhu.


  3. Also Kahaani, but I also love movies where I know there’s going to be a twist. Bluffmaster comes to mind, as does Special 26. I like to guess the twist, and be wrong, and be amazed at how the twist comes together. The part of the twist in Bluffmaster that deals with Nana Patekar is the funniest thing ever, although I now feel conflicted because of Nana Patekar.


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