Silly Sunday: Wedding Secret Romances

Happy Sunday!  I am sitting on the couch at the end of a long day (groceries, laundry, knitting group, errands) and I am going to treat myself by writing a fun little Silly Sunday post.

In the discussion of Namaste England, it came up that we are all very excited at the idea of Arjun getting married to someone else while Parineeti stews about it.  Just generally the idea of a wedding background while the hero and heroine have a secret byplay.

So, what other ways could that be structured?


Option 1: Wedding Planner is Roommate of Groom’s Ex-Girlfriend, Knows the “Real” Him

The groom is a good boy, works beside his father and older brother at the family corporation, and planning to marry the nice proper bride that his family has picked out.  She is very sweet and traditional and doesn’t have much conversation, but it’s what his family wants and they tell him it will all work out.

But then, showing up at the wedding venue, is the spunky young assistant event planner, who recognizes the groom immediately, tries to cover, and then waits to talk to him alone.  Back when they were all in college together in America, he dated her roommate for 4 years.  She doesn’t like him, as the guy who was always loud and drunk and inconsiderate and she had to put up with him.  The roommate is married to someone else now, it was a mutual break up with no hard feelings, but she still feels like she should tell the perfectly nice and innocent bride who hired her company that she is marrying a man who used to drink and party all night, flirt with other women, and had a serious girlfriend.  He begs her not to say anything and asks for a chance to convince her that he is a different person now, he will be a perfect husband.

(Yes, this is in many ways the plot of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan)

And so there is a bit of a cat and mouse game, she keeps arranging for temptations, his favorite brand of alcohol, dance girls for a bachelor party, and so on.  And he easily passes the tests, he really has changed.  And to convince her, he also offers to spend time with her, help with the wedding errands and so on.  They spend more time together, and she starts to remember the nicer moments of those 4 years.  When she was sick and he showed up with her favorite food from an Indian restaurant he had to drive 4 hours to get to.  When everyone forgot her birthday, and he helped throw together a last minute celebration.  When he helped her study for an exam and saved her from failing the class.  They weren’t in love or anything, but he was always a nice guy down deep.

She finally tells the bride “the truth”, while he is in the room.  The truth being that she knew him in college and he was always a kind considerate caring person, who will make anyone a wonderful husband.  Now that the tests are over, they go out for a last fun night, he rediscovers his college craziness, and she reveals her new craziness.  He is shocked that the tense perfectionist A student he remembers from college has become a woman who can laugh and have fun and make him laugh.  They end up spending the night together, just talking, and fall asleep together, and the next morning he admits that he is in love with her.  That she is the one person who can combine his past and present, he was too stupid to see back in college that a focused intelligent woman is better for him, and too stupid until just now to see that an ambitious challenging woman with her own goals is better for him than someone who is willing to take a back seat.  It is all perfect, but then there is a knock on the door, she hides in the bathroom and overhears him talking to the father of the bride about how happy they are with this marriage, how important it is that even after their family scandal (the bride’s sister is divorced) a good family like his is willing to marry into them, and so on.  He leaves, the heroine comes out of the bathroom and they have a big fight, he says he can’t cancel the marriage and do that to the Bride and her family, she says that he has to be selfish, he can’t sacrifice everything over again.

Which leads to the next plot movement, this time she is trying to get him to break down and reveal himself for his own good.  She spikes his drink, plays the dance song from college he could never resist, dresses up in a sexy sari to seduce him, and so on and so on, in order to save him from himself.  He barely manages to resist it all, until the very last minute, during the actual ceremony, when he suddenly announces he can’t do this, it would be wrong, it is a lie.  It all works out all right though, because the bride admits she doesn’t want to get married to him either, she could sense he didn’t really love her and she only wants to marry a man who loves her.  HAPPY ENDING.


Option 2: Bride and Groom Work Together To Sabotage Their Own Wedding

The bride and groom have both been sabotaging and every “first meeting” they are dragged to.  She is divorced after a disastrous elopement.  She has a job and friends and wants to move out of her parents’ house.  They made a deal, she can move out with their blessing so long as she at least tries an arranged marriage.  They are planning on her realizing that a nice safe marriage to a nice man would be so much better than living a lonely life in her own apartment.

He is an engineer with a job lined up overseas, but he doesn’t want it, he wants to work in Indian villages traveling around with an NGO.  A wife would stop him from being able to do that.  His parents make a similar deal with him, he has to at least consider the overseas job and meet with these women.  They are counting on him falling in love with the idea of marriage and therefore giving up his silly do-gooder plans.

(Maybe Rajkummar Rao as the hero?)

At the first meeting, they both accidentally say the right thing, which would be the wrong thing for anyone else.  She declares she is ambitious and wants to work after marriage, his family is thrilled by that thinking it will keep him focused.  He declares he doesn’t know what he wants in life, is considering multiple options, nothing really lined up.  Her family thinks this is ideal for their take charge daughter.  And so they find themselves maneuvered into a potential engagement without having met each other yet.  The families set them up on a date, and they confess the truth to each other, that neither of them really want to be married.  She has an idea, they should agree to the engagement and move forward and then make it such disaster that their families will see they should leave them alone.

And then stuff happens, her uncle gets involved and suddenly it is a grand destination wedding taking place in just a few weeks, they have to ramp up their plans, she becomes bossy and rude to him, he becomes so spiritual and unwordly that he can barely function, lots of hilarious scenes of them playing tricks on their families.  And of course in the middle of it they spend lots of time together getting to know each other and can’t help getting chemistry.  Especially because part of the game is pretending to their families that they are happy and in love and it is the families who will have to cancel this marriage.

And then it all blows up when her ex-husband shows up at the engagement party.  Her marriage wasn’t kept a secret, but they told his family that it was over years ago and a big mistake, hardly worth talking about.  Now her ex is there and angry and declaring she is still his wife and it is all very messy.  She is upset and starts to cry, and gives a speech about how she thought her heart would never wake up again until now, she suddenly knows what real love is.  The groom realizes she is serious and has been surprised into truth and is revealing that she has fallen in love with him.  He stands up and warns the husband off and gets him to leave.  He spends a long night of the soul walking around and then breaks into her room the next morning to passionately declare his love.  But she has spent a similar night and decided that it must just be his pity and desire to help others, he doesn’t really want to marry her or anyone, he wants to live his own life.  She is going to ask her parents to break the engagement once and for all.

And then I am not quite sure how it ends, but happily somehow.  Maybe they meet again at another wedding?  Maybe he creates another trap for her, inviting her to his wedding only to reveal at the last minute that it is really his wedding to her, he was just trying to convince her to admit her love?  Something.


Option 3: Two Exes Work Together to Sabotage a Wedding

This is the simplest one.  A rich girl dumps her passionate poetic off and on poor boy boyfriend in order to marry the man her parents’ picked out, a rich boy has a fight with his live in girlfriend and impulsively agrees to an arranged marriage.  The two exes both show up at the engagement party and start drinking together, and eventually share stories.  They both think they have to “rescue” their loved one from this marriage, the poet thinks his girlfriend most be afraid to go against her parents and the live in girlfriend thinks her boyfriend is just angry with her and will get over it.

They do a series of dirty tricks, framing for infidelity, all kinds of things.  But somehow the bride and groom manage to get past all of that and keep their relationship alive.  Somewhere along the way, the poet and the live in girlfriend have to start pretending that they are a couple in order to keep up their cover.  They spend more and more time together, and share stories, he fell in love at first sight and can’t give her up because she is the only woman who ever inspired him, made him feel alive.  The live in girlfriend can’t give him up either because, after her parents’ divorce, living with him was the first time she felt like she had a home.  They start to catch feelings for each other, but feel guilty because they are supposed to be thinking about their “one true love” all the time.  He is the first to give up, sees the bride the night before the wedding and realizes she really is happy and in love, she doesn’t want him, he should let her go.  He tries to convince her to give up as well, but she is more determined and reluctant to let go. She goes to talk to the groom, and the groom finally tells her the truth, that she was just a convenience, something to kill time while he waited for his marriage.  He pretended to be upset about breaking up with her to make her feel better, but he sees now that was a mistake and he should just have told her the truth.  She is heartbroken and wanders out into the middle of the wedding festivities, at which point the poet (who overheard the whole conversation) grabs the microphone and dramatically declares his love for her, tells her that she is his true muse, the one who finally got him to submit his writing not just inspire him to write it, and now he wants to pay her back by becoming her “home”.  It’s all very romantic, they embrace, song, HAPPY ENDING.

(Mere Brother Ki Dulhan again, only if Imraan had fallen in love with Ali’s ex)



So, what do you think?  Which do you like best?  And who should be in the cast?


2 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: Wedding Secret Romances

  1. Your option 2 is very, very similar to Dumm Dumm Dumm. No divorce but the bride to be (Jyothika) wants to continue with her studies and the groom (Madhavan) would like to continue his life as a care-free bachelor. The families force an engagement but the couple decide to work together to break things off. Its actually a lot of fun.
    Side note – I always enjoy reading about your fanfics.


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