Friday Classics: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Everyone Gets a Happy Ending! And Katrina Gets Her Best Ever Role

Huh!  This was an even better movie than I remembered!  Managed to balance real feeling relationships and specific characters with broad comedy.

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Silly Sunday: Wedding Secret Romances

Happy Sunday!  I am sitting on the couch at the end of a long day (groceries, laundry, knitting group, errands) and I am going to treat myself by writing a fun little Silly Sunday post.

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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Sultan: What Do They Share?

Well, that’s easy, they share a director.  What I am curious about is what elements the director might bring between the two films.  Especially if Sultan came about through the same process as Fan, that is, if it was always the end goal for Ali Abbas Zafar and his early films were just training.

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