I Skipped Namaste England, Sorry! Fate Was Against Me

Sorry sorry to everyone who really wanted a review.  It just wasn’t meant to be.  There were other things I was destined to do.

I have had such a productive day!  Lots of cleaning.  First, I sorted through my many many many earrings.  This is the first step in my grand plan to re-organize my apartment (give away earrings thus opening up the entire bookshelf that currently holds my jewelry, then move books onto it from the living room, then get rid of the living room bookshelf, then move the desk where the bookshelf is, and then get the armchair from the storage unit and put it where the desk is).  I got it down to 8 pairs I really really want to keep, and about 50 that I can give away.  How do I have so many earrings????  And why do I never wear any of them????

(I won’t buy more earrings until/unless the Once Upon a Time in Mumbai collection comes out.  I love everything Kangana is wearing)

And then I walked the dog, and wrote a blog post, and did the dishes, and made bacon (my traditional Saturday breakfast) and did dishes and wrote another blog post, and then I got in the car to go to Namaste England.  The only showtime of the day, and the only showtime I could possibly make this weekend.

(oooo, Badshah song!)

I got in the car, and two minutes later the sky went gray, the rain started to sprinkle, and the wind picked up to the point that trees where bending over.  So I took it as a sign and pulled off the road 5 minutes out and went grocery shopping instead.

(And Emraan Hashmi didn’t even show up to save me! Definitely time to go home)

I got more sardines (miracle food!  Vitamin D, Vitamin A, B12, and fish oil!), and apple cider (fall!) and more peanut butter (Dog Hazel is eating a lot of it) and Milk of Evil (the local organic milk producer makes great milk but has terrible politics).

Related image

(Not the fancy Indian style sardines either, just straight from the can)

And then I went across the street to the mall (a mall!  So retro!) where they were having a sale on leggings.  And then I bought a pretzel on the way out because that’s what our Mom always bought us if we were good when we went to the mall.

Image result for anushka sharma leggings

(I’ve been wanting leggings since I saw Anushka’s new ad campaign)

And then I started thinking “why did we spend all my childhood at the mall? Now I where the same clothes for literally decades” and then I remembered “oh right, children GROW!!!!  We had to get an entire new wardrobe, plus shoes, every 4 months.  No wonder it felt like we were always at the mall!”

(Or, of course, my parents could have done the Satyam Shivam Sundaram thing and just dressed us in progressively smaller clothes as we outgrew them until eventually it became straight up pornagraphy.  But unlike Zeenat’s father, they did NOT hate us and blame us for the misery of their lives, so they bought us new clothes instead)

And then I came home and had an indulgent afternoon, which for me means picking up and putting things away, plus I bought myself flowers and I put them in the window, and no my apartment is lovely!  Well, on the way to lovely.  After I finish the multi-step furniture re-arrangement plan, and vacuum and dust, and maybe buy a Shahrukh wall sticker, then it will be beautiful.


And now I am sitting on the couch with Dog Hazel snoring next to me, looking at the wind blowing and grey skies out the window and feeling very happy I am inside and not outside.



10 thoughts on “I Skipped Namaste England, Sorry! Fate Was Against Me

  1. Don’t blame you, the movie’s gotten such scathing reviews. Rajeev Masand rated it a zero (or refused to rate it). Not sure what this means for Parineeti, Arjun has enough connections so will probably bounce back.


    • And Arjun already has two films (I think) so far along that they can’t possibly drop him. Parineeti just has Housefull 4, which has turned into a disaster for totally other reasons.

      On Sat, Oct 20, 2018 at 4:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Oh right, Jabariya Jodi! that’s the one I’m excited about. Original concept, newish coupling.

          On Sat, Oct 20, 2018 at 6:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • And I finally put away last year’s Christmas gifts, so it was an overall good day.

      On Sat, Oct 20, 2018 at 6:17 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Go figure. My trip to the mall today was, in fact, to buy new pants for my kid whose ankles are showing now that we’ve finally transitioned to fall. No pretzels, just grown-up tea, because I managed to go by myself.

    I also have a complicated furniture swap in mind, just as soon as I can find the armoire thing I want for the bedroom, so I can move our dresser to the guest room, that dresser to the kids’ room, and the side table in the kids’ room to the guest room to replace the little crate we put there temporarily three years ago.

    Anyway, based on my unscienitfic mall survey apparently lots of people decided that their fate for today did not include Namaste England.


    • I am very excited about the Thanksgiving 4 day weekend, it will finally give me enough time to do the whole furniture swap in one go. Well, almost one go, I needed to do the earrings in advance, and maybe some more book sorting. But the actual moving of furniture will need to wait until I have 4 days to do the whole thing. Maybe two days to do it and two days to lay in bed and let my back recover.

      On Sat, Oct 20, 2018 at 9:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I was waiting for Namaste England review, but you did the right thing staying at home 🙂 Going outside durning heavy rains is the worst.
    I read a lot of opinions about the movie, and many people compare it to Race 3. It made me go from “maybe I’ll see it” to “I’ll definitely see it”. I can’t belive it’s so bad.


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