Trailers! Thugs Song, Pihu Trailer, Simmba First Look, Madhavan in Telugu

What a trailer-riffic day today!  I guess everyone is putting stuff out now before Diwali when we still have time to focus on it.

Thugs again!  This time, a glimpse of Katrina’s song.  And YRF trying to gaslight us.  They did a short song trailer and put a big thing at the end saying “full song only available in theaters”.  So that we will all go “oh wow, how different!  Instead of releasing the whole song in advance, they are going to make us see it in theaters!  How outside the box and original, let’s all talk about it endlessly and help build buzz!”

But, EVERYONE DOES THIS!!!!  That is, the song video that releases in advance is always an edited down version of what is in theaters.  The only new thing here is acknowledging that instead of pretending it is the full song.  As someone who pays attention to things instead of just blindly believing hype, I am very aware that the “full song only available in theaters” has been true since song trailers started being put on youtube.  And actually what would be remarkable is if they put out a big thing saying “This is the exact same song you will see in theaters”.  And why have they been doing it this way anyway?  Just assumption of short attention span?

Here, I’ll show you what I mean.  Here is the new Thugs trailer:


And here is the trailer for “Manwa Laage”:


And here is the Full Song of “Manwa Laage” as shown in the movie:


The Thugs song is a very very short version, but just saying it is different from the full theatrical version, that’s nothing new, it’s always different.

Okay, wrenching myself away from petty discussion of promotional tactics, I will address the actual content of the song.  Looks like Kat’s character is going to be a Naach girl who performs for the British.  I have hopes that it will end up she is undercover as well and working with Aamir.  I have fears that it will turn out she is foolishly unaware of her own oppression and Aamir will have to “teach” her.  I am almost positive that it will not simply be a Naach Girl and soldier romance.


Moving on, Pihu trailer!  Full warning, if you are a parent this is going to be a very difficult watch.  But it’s a fascinating concept!  All the little dangers of common everyday household things when a child is unsupervised.


I also had that little voice in my head saying “but, what about all the unsupervised small children I saw on the road in India?”  Because it’s true, very very young children are everywhere without an adult in sight.  I’m not saying their parents were at fault, or even that they were in danger (I can’t judge another parent).  But it’s an odd thing to think about, that this movie is so terrifying because we are seeing a contained version in an upper middle-class home, but when we see the exact same thing every day on the streets, your eyes just look past it.


Simmba first look!  Which is really just a bunch of behind the scenes action shots.  I guess this is the new thing?  After Saaho yesterday.  Somehow more intellectual than just doing a big action sequence, giving you an idea of the work behind it.  What I found really interesting is that Rohit Shetty is highlighted almost as much as Ranveer.  I guess for this film they are looking for die hard action fans instead of die hard Ranveer fans.


And finally, Maddy!!!!!!  Who is doing what all men of a certain age should do, and shifting to character roles.  He was the “hero” in Vikram-Vedha and Saala Khadoos, but as much a character actor as a hero, not one dimensional and perfect by any means.  In Breathe he was the straight up villain, and in this one he is going to be the villain again.  And a villain who looks far more interesting than the standard hero!  Naga Chaitanya is playing the hero, looks like your usual “seems a casual campus type but can turn into a superhero when aroused” kind of guy.  But Maddy is the mysterious figure controlling all the strings and so on and so forth, way way cooler.

Oh, and it’s a Telugu film!  I don’t think this is Maddy’s first Telugu film, but interesting that he is branching out into a different industry.  Probably not a lot of work for him, could be he spends the entire film walking around one set reciting dialogue into a blue tooth headset (doesn’t even have to bother holding up a prop phone).



So, what do you think?  Out of all of these, which do you want to watch?


31 thoughts on “Trailers! Thugs Song, Pihu Trailer, Simmba First Look, Madhavan in Telugu

  1. I don’t have courage to watch Pihu trailer. I saw people on twitter saying, they couldn’t finish the trailer, because it’s too scary and they don’t know how it will be possible to watch entire movie.

    Savyasachi – I can watch Maddy reciting phone book, and be happy, so I’ll watch this movie for sure, but it doesn’t look good. The trailer is like: boring, boring, boring, sexy MADDY, boring, boring, bad explosion effects, boring, boring, MADDY TALKING TELUGU (looking super hot, and how cute he sounds in telugu), some fights. I want to be wrong but I don’t think it’s a good movie.


    • I find Naga a little cute too, so there will be that to entertain me. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful movie if some day Sunil Shetty and Maddy both play villain roles with grey hair and we never have to see the hero at all? Just them striding around describing their evil plans?

      The Pihu trailer is very scary. I had to keep reminding myself that they wouldn’t actually let anything happen to this little girl, like the little actress, that there were probably parents and other people just off screen watching over her. But you are right, I can’t imagine how they can make a whole movie of it without giving us heart attacks.

      On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 3:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I’m mad with Suniel Shetty this days for ruining #RX100 for me. I read an interview with him today, and it only worsen my anger because he said: I can’t do romantic films but my son can, and he will be romantic-action hero. Dude, nobody wants to see your son romancing. Find some honest job for him, save us from his “acting” and you do this movie.


        • Well, now I am mad with Suniel for saying he can’t do romantic films. I would so watch him in a romantic role! Don’t sell yourself short, Suniel!

          On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 3:43 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I watched Maddy’s parts like 5 times, to understand if it’s his voice or not, and I don’t know. First I thought it’s not, but then in this telugu dialogue it seems like his voice, and then again not.


    • And they think they have to play this strange game to convince us to see the movie just to see the rest of the song! Like that’s the only reason we would want to see it.

      Oh well, it could still be really good, we don’t know. I love Tashan. Gosh darn it! I forgot I have to review Tashan! Next Friday I guess?

      On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 6:40 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I watched Pihu trailor and it is a parents worst nightmare!!! I couldn’t stop crying after watching it!! But I’ve something to say about the house. It is not childproof at all. Who keeps glass bottles on the fridge and there is no balcony grill. Why is the phone on shelf instead of side table where everyone keeps their phone before going to bed.

    My husband had to travel on business for 3 weeks when my daughter was ~2 years. I left the spare key with my neighbour and asked her to check on us if I don’t collect the milk packets by 8am!!

    I don’t think I’ll ever watch the movie. True horror film!!


    • Maybe they are visiting relatives or something and that’s why the house isn’t childproof? Or maybe they are just those parents who would prefer to spend their lives saying “no” all the time than do basic childpoofing?

      I am so impressed that you did 3 weeks alone with a 2 year old! Forget all the nightmare disasters, how did you wash your hair?


      • Babysitting is not a problem here in India. There is always someone around to take care of a kid. It is not same for everyone and especially for people who move away from their state.

        Couple of my neighbours were always dropping by to play with my daughter. They will always come and check when she cries for more than 5 min.

        The true nightmare in the trailer is that a child is alone and no one is looking why the child is crying or why mom didn’t open the door.


        • It’s supposed to be a “one actor movie”, meaning the little girl, but I think that can’t be true. They must have something at the opening and closing to explain how this situation happened. Maybe they are visiting relatives and the neighbors don’t realize there is a little girl in the house. Maybe they are in a new apartment block that isn’t full yet (the Trapped situation) so there is no one around to hear. And it would have to be time limited, right? We see a photo of her father, so presumably he is traveling somewhere and will eventually be worried when no one picks up the phone. Even just the 8-20 hours it might take for someone to come, it is still terrifying, but the ending is built in, someone has to come by sometime.


          • I doubt they are visiting relatives because the house looks like they had a birthday party the night before. Look at all the balloons and decorations. Them being in a new block makes sense.

            I know someone would come by the end of the movie but I still don’t think I have the courage to see it.


          • Maybe I’ll sneak in while it is in theaters just to see the last 5 minutes so I can report back to everyone “it’s fine! Her Dad comes home and hugs her and everything is okay!”


        • Yep. First scary moment of the trailer is when she crawls into the fridge and shuts the door on herself. And then it goes from there, breaking a glass bottle, climbing on the shelves, trying to cook on the gas stove, accidentally turning on the iron, and finally climbing up on the railing of the balcony. We see her mother in bed and her trying to wake her, clearly the mother died suddenly, or maybe (hopefully) just slipped into some kind of coma. So the two year old is all alone. Very simple concept, very scary!

          And, obviously surely, they aren’t going to actually kill the little girl character, but it’s still going to be 2 hours of heart stopping near death moments.

          On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 11:18 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Did you see this?!?


    • I’m not sure if I believe it? I could see a sponsored tweet or something, but direct phone calls seems cost prohibitive for film promotions, unless I am missing something.

      On Fri, Oct 26, 2018 at 4:03 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Oh, I know what it could be! If there was a thing where you could put in someone’s number to have them receive a call. Like, there is a service that does that with Santa Clause, you can put in a friend’s number and name and they will get a call from Santa. But it doesn’t just call random numbers. Wouldn’t even have to be official, some smart alec could have taken stuff from the trailer and created an audio file.

          On Fri, Oct 26, 2018 at 4:15 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I never had the stomach for horror movies, but after watching Get Out, Stree, Pari and U-Turn in a short span I’ve come to appreciate the genre as caution tales. But ‘Pihu’ trailer screamed emotional manipulation more than anything else. We should be able to sympathise with any child in that situation, but if they’re going for “Look how cute she is and this is why you should be worried for her”, they’ve lost me.
            The promotional campaign is real. And not voluntary. (Even if it is, this is not a pleasant conversation with Santa. I would have to doubt the sanity of people who subscribed themselves or their friends to it.) Apparently random folks have been getting phone calls where a child screams for help and it ends up being a trailer for Pihu. Producer Ronnie Screwwala defended the strategy and replied that they will not stop pushing the envelope because some people are uncomfortable with it. It’s plain disgusting.


          • So strange, because it has gotten legitimate international acclaim at festivals, but now they are doing all these odd hooks to get the Indian audience to watch it. Maybe they really really need the box office for some reason?

            Oh, and I wrote a horror movie for tomorrows Silly Sunday! Two actually, one straight horror and one horror-comedy. The first one especially is on the social commentary side of things. So that will be something fun for you! If you read my fanfics.


  4. Telugu movies always have song teasers that are like 30 seconds to a minute long that are released as promotion and then the full video songs come out as early as 3 weeks later or even as late as six months later. I was so confused as too why they would release full length video songs in Hindi even if they weren’t the same as what they would be like in the actual movie. I always thought that it was a bit pointless until someone pointed out that releasing longer songs leads to the songs being played on the various music channels right away or something like that.

    Here’s a promo song from Aravindha Sametha


    • The Hindi song trailers seem to also be edited for the music, enough to give you something to sing and dance to, even if it isn’t the full version. Which would also work with music channels, you can fade in and out and do 5 songs in 15 minutes and then a commercial.

      On Sat, Oct 27, 2018 at 11:34 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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