Savyasachi Review (SPOILERS): The Right Hand Doesn’t Know What the Left is Doing, Plotwise

Nice little Telugu movie, nothing special, I just watched it for Maddy.  If you might be interested in seeing it, definitely read the No Spoilers review and skip this one (the movie works a lot better if you don’t know what is happening next).  But if you won’t have a chance to see it for whatever reason, you can read this instead.

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Savyasachi Review (No Spoilers): Naga Chaitanya is Cute but Madhavan is Cuter!

What a fun movie to watch on a lazy Saturday!  I spent most of the day in bed, and then zipped over to the movie theater (missing the first ten minutes of the movie), and then zipped back home and now I get to write a fun little review of a fun little movie.

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