MovieMavenGal/Pardesi Had Me On Her Podcast!!!!

Cross-media promotional announcement!  Just like a real grown up person!  You can listen to me talk too loud and too much on a podcast!

As you know if you are a long time reader, I used to do podcasts.  But there wasn’t much interest, and it was time consuming and complicated to figure out the technology.  Plus it cost $360 a year.  And most importantly, it didn’t get me any blog referrals and the whole point is to get people to the blog.  So I decided not to bother (similar problem with youtube by the way, no referrals and few views and it takes time out that I could be spending writing blog posts).

But now the lovely and delightful MovieMavenGal/Pardesi has decided to start a podcast!  And because she is much smarter and more media savvy than me, she figured out all the stuff that puzzled me and got it all set up and then invited me to be on an episode.

For which I rewarded her by being bossy and loud and talking over her.  Oh well.  If you are an “oral learner” type person, or just have a life that is podcast-friendly (I am not and do not), here is a podcast for you!  And if you like it, MovieMavenGal is going to put up a bunch more episodes for you to listen to, and I will continue to guest occasionally (well, I’d be guesting anyway, because it is so much fun to talk to MovieMavenGal).


12 thoughts on “MovieMavenGal/Pardesi Had Me On Her Podcast!!!!

  1. I had to listen because I knew it would be much more fun than what else I was supposed to be doing at work–though I did a little work around the edges. An informative and fun conversation! It’s nice that you have an established rapport as well as shared enthusiasm for Shah Rukh and Indian movies more broadly.

    A few quick follow ups. I should remember, but what’s your one “off” moment in JHMS? I bet its when he cries after waking up with her, before Radha, right?

    And, it’s so interesting to me that people think Aryan looks like Shah Rukh, because to me he is a masculine lookalike of Gauri. There are some expressions which recollect Shah Rukh, but his features are Gauri’s, and his smiles even more so. His height and lovely hair are his own though. 🙂 Suhana is a feminine lookalike of Shah Rukh, though her face shape may have some Gauri in there.

    Finally, I enjoyed your discussion of Zero–the possibilities and the anxieties, lol. I felt ambivalent towards TWM and TWMR. There were nice aspects to both but ultimately I didn’t feel a moral center in either to ground the drama or the comedy. And, from Rai’s comments, I don’t think his take is to de-Shah-Rukh-ify Shah Rukh as it is to distill Shah Rukh’s essence but have it in a different body. Well, at least we can be pretty sure it will be interesting, good or bad.


    • Thanks for listening! Now, go read the fanfic I just reposted because it is quite good and I had forgotten about it. You know, if you are still looking for work distractions.

      Yep, that’s my one “off” moment. It’s just not right as a performance choice, but it is the only one I can think of, everything else is so perfect as to be invisible.

      What I really notice with Aryan is how unlike his father he is in photographs, in that he really really seems to hate the camera. That’s the biggest thing that makes me doubt him as a potential future actor, just because his father is famous doesn’t mean he wants that for himself. And come to think of it, that’s another thing he shares with his mother.

      I’m sticking with “interesting” for Zero as well. Not just from Rai, but from Shahrukh’s last few movies, it seems like “interesting” is what we can count on from him.

      On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 4:40 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Wonderful!!! I’m so happy for you both. For Melanie that she is expanding her Pardesi empire and for you that you will have another outlet to spread the word about your blog (and you won’t have to mess with all of the technology!).

    Loved the first two episodes (though there weren’t too many surprises, since I’m a regular here and I watch most of Melanie’s videos, too, of course). But a necessary and fun intro to who you both are and your SRK obsessions:)

    I knew you were talking about that one “off” moment in JHMS. It’s the major flaw in the film that I can’t get past because in general that full section of the film is so well done. And as sexy as it is because it’s such a taboo kind of scene for SRK, the sofa/bed scene is still so awkward to watch at the same time.


    • I can get past the sofa/bed scene because it feels perfect for the characters even if the blocking and stuff is a little awkward. But that moment before Radha is just odd.

      On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 7:12 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Hey all, thanks for listening! If I have anything to say about it, Margaret will be a regular every month on the Podcast. We have too much fun talking about Indian cinema.

    And Margaret, you weren’t too loud or too bossy in the least! It was all wonderful. I missed listening to your old your podcast, and I bet others have too.

    If anyone has ideas of things we should talk about in future episodes, I welcome any suggestions!

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  4. Thanks for sharing the link here. I enjoyed both the content and the comraderie. God work!

    Margaret, podcast is enjoying a resurgence of late, you should consider trying it again. Podcast is useful while commuting, driving, or in transit, as well as doing chores or taking a walk. And it lends itself well to presenting grand visions and ideas and linkages, the way you do. Nowadays i listen to more podcasts than visit websites or blogs.


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