Ready to see a Baby with Good Taste in Films?

I hung out with a baby last night and it made me so happy, so I wanted to share it with you, because she is a truly excellent baby (don’t worry, I got permission from her parents to use the photos).

9 years ago my very first movie night was with two nice young women I had just met at a church event.  I showed them Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and we ordered a yard long dosa out of curiosity to see what a yard long dosa looks like (it looks like a dosa, but bigger).  They both became regulars after that, especially one of them who we will call “friend A”.

Friend A came over to my house once a week for movies and cookies and talking almost every week for 2 years.  And then she moved away because she’d finished her grad school program and her boyfriend got a job somewhere else.  We skyped and g-chatted and I sent her Christmas and holiday cards and visited her once, and then FINALLY she moved back with the boyfriend who had now been transformed into a husband.

They got a house and then a dog and eventually acquired a baby.  And last night I got to show the baby her VERY FIRST Indian movie.  I brought over a stack of 20 and she picked out the very best one, instinctively!



See????  A Gentleman is a good film and what the Indian audience was too blind to see, little 9 month old Baby C spotted immediately! She has such good taste in film!  Or, at least, in good tasting DVD slipcovers.

And of course she loved the movie too.  Clapped and danced and shouted.  And also growled a bit (she is raised in a house with a dog, these things happen).  She did a lot of “ah….ah…Ah…AH….AH!!!” which we tried to turn into “ah…ah…Ah…AH…AH!!!!  AHMITABH!!!!”, but no luck.  Maybe next time.


9 thoughts on “Ready to see a Baby with Good Taste in Films?

  1. I always smile when I read your enthusiasm about A Gentleman 🙂

    Meanwhile I’ve watched the movie and can understand you. It’s a nice movie with a nice twist and nice protagonists…a truly pleasurable watch.
    As I had read your spoiler review the twist wasn’t a suprise, nevertheless I enjoyed the way ‘both Sidharths’ were shown alongside…I think I would have liked it had been stretched even longer with a shorter show down.

    Btw.: Happy Diwali (if you somehow celebrate it)…I already celebrated with 2 Marathi movies made by Riteish + Genilia Deshmukh’s production house. ShahRukh’s two tweets and the Deshmukh responses gave me that idea…and boy oh boy, what a pleasurable watch, especially BalakPalak!


      • Yeah, I watched Lai Bhaari, too (my 3rd Marathi movie…my first was Rita with Jackie Shroff). Mauli will be a sequel to Lai Bhaari. Both the movies (BalakPalak and LaiBhaari) were big successes…and rightly so, I think.
        I’ve watched them on einthusan with engl subs.


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