Countdown to Zero! Shahrukh Mondays

Oh boy, a scheduling announcement!  Just what you all were hoping for, I am sure.  Oh well, hopefully you read it so you know what is happening.

Traditionally, I do a burst of short thought pieces on related films the week before a major release.  It helps crank up the excitement for those of us who are looking forward to the release, and gives loads of space to talk and think and kind of prepare the way for a fully informed and excited first day-first show viewing experience.

The downside is, readers who don’t care about the new release get really really bored of reading the same stuff over and over day after day without stop.  Plus, sometimes there may not be enough time to really reflect on everything I write and comment and so on.

So, instead, I’m going to stretch it out a little!  Every Monday between now and the Zero release, I will re-post a review of one of Shahrukh’s recent films.  So we can consider the last bit of his journey that got him to this place.

Monday 11/26: Raees

Monday 12/3: Dear Zindagi

Monday 12/10: Fan

Monday 12/17: Dilwale


6 thoughts on “Countdown to Zero! Shahrukh Mondays

  1. Oh, oh, I’m looking forward to the re-watching and the re-reviews…depending on the time at hand 🙂 Did you change something in the reviews, Margret?
    I think, I will just stop to watch everything posted about songs a.s.o. that could contain film-material. The trailer made me happy enough and everything else I’ll watch in the movie.
    I somehow walked through the JHMS-promotion (with which I wasn’t really happy as I had a special connection to the making of the movie) yet for Zero I prefer (almost) zero knowledge beforehand.


  2. Looking forward to this thread and reading or rereading your reviews. I saw all these films in the theater which makes a difference. I also saw them all multiple times!!


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