Katching Up With Koffee: Ajay and Kajol!!! A Marriage That Works for Them

Huh.  Well, the season is really going now, and it looks like this will be season of interesting personal stories and connections.  I am down with that!  After Saif-Sara and Janhvi-Arjun, we have another very private and unusual connection between two people.  Actually, three people.  Because Karan is part of it this time around.

Okay, another one that requires backstory!  Back in 2016, Ajay Devgan and Karan had movies opening opposite each other (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which was surprisingly good and Shivaay which was shockingly bad).  And there was a very complicated story with Garbage Person Kamaal R Khan (KRK) at the center of it.  Garbage Person KRK contacted Ajay’s team and offered to sell them a good review of their movie, claiming that Karan had already offered him such-and-such amount for a good review and challenging them to beat it.  Decent Person Ajay promptly recorded the conversation and made it public.  Garbage Person KRK immediately tried to backtrack and claim it was a lie and he would never actually sell a review.  Now, Ajay in all his talks said nothing about Karan directly, just about the practice of selling reviews.  And as I read the transcript and the story, Garbage Person KRK was clearly lying about having made a deal with Karan in order to help himself make a deal with Ajay.  If he really had made that deal, why would he bother with Ajay?  Plus, KRK is a Garbage Person and nothing he says is reliable.

Anyway, in the middle of all of this, Kajol retweeted a tweet about Karan buying reviews with something like “Shocking!”  It broke Karan’s heart and he declared (in writing in his memoir) that their friendship was over.  And then he forgave her like 6 months later.  Because being Karan’s friend is EXHAUSTING.

So, that’s part of the backstory here.  The other part is that Kajol and Karan have always been friends, and Ajay has not been friendly.  With anyone really, especially Kajol’s friends.  Which has lead to a whole bunch of rumors, the popular perception of their marriage is that Ajay is withholding and controlling, has affairs with actresses, doesn’t let Kajol act, doesn’t let Kajol be with her friends, tries to come between her and Shahrukh.  And, of course, that Shahrukh and Kajol are Meant To Be and Ajay and Gauri are just killjoys coming between true love (this last is a pretty rare rumor only believed in little corners of the world).

So, that’s what this episode is dealing with, showing us how Kajol and Ajay’s marriage works on the inside, not just from the outside.  And putting the finishing touch on resolving the Karan-Kajol beef.

But first, something completely unrelated!  Karan’s stupid buckles.  It’s like a normal black jacket, but with little leather buckle touches at the shoulder and pockets and just STUPID.  I hate it and it should burn.

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Moving on, Karan and his stupid buckles talk about the problems he had with Kajol, that he thought they could never be friends again, but in fact it is just like it was before, no cracks, same as they have been since they were teenagers.

With that out of the way (for now) Kajol comes out with Ajay.  Ajay looks kind of mature-hot, glasses and graying stubble.  Kajol looks freaking AWESOME.  Simple black dress, big slit up the leg, plunging neckline, it’s simple but it makes her look amazing.  Only downside, her shoes are clearly too high for her.  The make her legs look great, but she is very tippy as she walks over to the couch, definitely needs Ajay holding her arm.

After they sit down, Karan starts by talking about when Kajol first told him about Ajay, that she was doing a movie with this guy but didn’t want to, she liked the script but he was so boring and all.  And Karan told her to do the film because he is and up and coming star and it would be good for her career.  And he saw her a month later and it was all about how wonderful Ajay was.

To which Ajay’s response is “Not in a month”.  Which is partly a cute thing that he remembers there falling in love so well that he knows it took more than a month.  But then also he follows it up (and Kajol agrees with him) that it took them a year to fully break off with the people they were dating before.  So maybe that “not in a month” clarification is for people who might still feel a little burned by them falling in love.

I wonder who Kajol was with?  Ajay won’t say who he was with, because she is “married and not married and married” which makes me think Karisma.  Plus, of course, he was dating Karisma.  But I have no idea who Kajol was with back then!

So then Karan asks why is it that Ajay is not friends with Kajol’s friends, even Adi.  They tried back then and through to today and they just can’t seem to get connected with him.  What I find most interesting is that Karan makes a point of bringing Adi into it.  Shahrukh, by the way, is almost never mentioned in this whole episode.  I don’t think there is a big big reason behind it, no conspiracy theory, I think Karan just wanted to make it about him and Kajol and Ajay, not about him and Kajol and Shahrukh, for this once.  But he does bring in Adi here, to show he isn’t just talking about himself, but all of Kajol’s friends.

And then we get the first joint story between the husband and wife.  And as will happen through out the episode, Ajay starts the story and Kajol jumps in and cuts him off and finishes it.  Cute enough story, Ajay has some work event he has to go to, says “I have to, it’s for work”, Kajol gets all dressed up, and then at the last minute Ajay says “Oh, I don’t feel like I can do it, I’m sick, can you go for me?”  Which is how Kajol ends up going to so many events and picking up awards for Ajay.

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Ajay comes back in at this point to point out that Kajol loves it, she comes back all happy saying “she wore this, she wore that”.  Kajol agrees, says that for her the rest of the industry is like a gossip channel she tunes in to she loves just popping in and catching up.

Karan swings back at this point to saying again he wants to be Ajay’s friend and Ajay saying “yeah, sure” and Kajol jumping in all “no no no no no no!”  So now this makes sense!  Now that we had the whole exchange right before.  Ajay doesn’t care, Ajay wants to stay home.  Kajol likes going out alone and having her free time and fun.  No wonder she doesn’t want her friends to be friends with Ajay, she likes her alone time.

Karan moves on to sincerely apologizing for breaking with her for a while, for not talking to her, for badmouthing her in his book, and for snubbing her at a Manish show.  Kajol just laughs and says that she remembers that and knew he was picturing it like a film shot, dramatically walking past her.  And then right after, she stumbled and he started to jump up and help her and stopped himself.  So yeah, Kajol is the best possible friend for Karan because she just laughs at his nonsense and forgives him.  Oh, and she also says that the whole time Ajay was saying to her “Why don’t you just call him up and talk?”  It’s just tossed in there, but it’s another part of building the picture of this marriage as not about “controlling man who keeps her from friends” but more “deeply introverted man who cares about her but doesn’t interfere in her life”.

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They move right on to a story that Karan leads them to, about how at Diwale they took a photo and then Ajay hated it that Kajol spent the next several hours playing with the image on her phone, Kajol argues that it was Nyssa not her, teases Karan and Ajay for being old.  It’s cute, but mostly I find it interesting for how it shows the way Kajol and Ajay interact, she leaps in and bubbles around and chats and he just sits back and smiles and doesn’t interrupt.  And it ends with her “winning”, declaring that they are the old ones, she is sitting there with two old men.

Oh, and in case we missed the point, after all of this Ajay points out how Kajol always jumps in and she says “because he doesn’t explain his answers!”  Ajay will say something straight forward, and Kajol will want to add on to it.  That’s how their marriage works, Ajay is simple and straightforward and she is bouncy and all over the place.

And it is very private, that’s the other part of it, their marriage works because they don’t care about the way other people’s marriages work.  Karan tries to introduce another section and Kajol really resists him revealing their personal business, and it turns out he is talking about the way she shops!  All deals, all cheap.  She used to shop at the regular stores, now she gets it all online.  Ajay agrees, he comes home and there are boxes and boxes of things.  And she is so excited to tell him how little she paid for things, 600 rupees or 400 rupees or 1200 rupees (approximately $15, $10, and $30).  Karan will try to give her a designer bag, and she asks if it has a zip pocket in the back.  She wants things how she wants them and doesn’t care about if they are expensive or not.  And she won’t spend money on herself, even today Karan asks if her big diamond earrings are hers and borrowed, and of course they are borrowed.  Ajay agrees, she won’t spend money on her self!  He will give her a gift, and her response will be to get excited about the box.  So now every year he gets her a new car, but she just drives it for a few days, and then is done with it and it’s his car.

That’s the first of a series of stories.  It goes on to confirming that Ajay really doesn’t care about being part of society and out in the world, he just wants to do his work and come home to his kids.  He is more worried than Kajol, about everything to do with the kids.  He is the one staying up until curfew to make sure Nyssa gets home.  But on the other hand, Kajol is the one who is closer to his parents, his mother really loves her.  But then, Kajol loves all older women, Karan remembers that she had the best time at his mother’s birthday party, surrounded by 70-80 year old women.  Kajol agrees, so does Ajay, and adds on that she always does best with people under 10 and over 60.

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So that’s the mysterious Kajol-Ajay marriage.  Ajay isn’t keeping her home, she doesn’t want to go to things, she doesn’t want to spend money, she isn’t into the whole movie star thing.  And when she does go out alone, she has a better time than if he were there.  And Ajay, he doesn’t hate the world, he just wants to come home to his kids every night and wait for his teenage daughter to come home.  We are just seeing it from the outside and it is hard to see that way, from the inside it’s buying cheap purses online and hoarding boxes, and pretending to be sick so he doesn’t have to go to award shows.

Karan has set the stage with these stories, and now he is ready to head towards the two big rumors about their marriage: that Kajol doesn’t work because Ajay forbids her, and that Ajay cheats.

Kajol has a really interesting description of what she looks for in a script, “speed”.  Something interesting, something that grabs her attention.  And if it isn’t there, she won’t take the role.  And then she and Karan and Ajay all confirm that Ajay doesn’t care if she works or not, it’s up to her.  Kajol asks Ajay’s opinion, but then feels free to ignore it if she wants.

Karan then heads towards the Ajay cheating rumors, asks if there is ever “insecurity” and they both skate away from it.  Instead, Kajol leaps to point out that she is the one out at all the shows!  He never leaves the house!  If anyone, HE should feel insecure about her!!!!

Now, I don’t know about this part.  I believe everything they are saying, but we can’t know someone else’s marriage, and it’s highly possible that the whole “leave work at work and then come home and be with the kids” part of Ajay’s life includes some workplace flings.  So long as he leaves them at work and comes home.  I mean, those rumors are really really common.  Or, it could just be that no one can believe Ajay is really such a perfect husband and therefore the rumors started up out of nothing.  But I do like the method chosen to avoid the topic, pointing out that Kajol could even more easily be having affairs than Ajay, as she is wandering around at the award shows.  It’s great to point out that she is vibrant and attractive and sexual and just as capable of stepping out on the marriage as he is.

But Karan responds with something that I think is true, and also interesting, telling Kajol that he knows she is truly the ideal wife (using the old fashioned Hindi term for it), loves her husband, really does think of him as God like she is supposed to.  Kajol is laughing a little in embarrassment, but based on this whole episode, and what I have heard elsewhere (including Kajol’s first Koffee appearance, where she picked “my husband, hands down!” as the sexiest man in India), I think this is true.  She is out there at awards shows, she is laughing and loud and talkative, but she also truly thinks her husband is the best man in India and will not criticize him or go against him in any way.

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(This is that Diwale photo they posted, notice how the whole family is kind of leaning on and around Ajay?  Seems like that’s truly how it is in their household.  Also, Yug is gonna give Taimur a run for his money in terms of loving the camera)

And then, Rapid Fire!

I only picked out a few answers as interesting.  Asked about 90s heroes, Kajol picked Saif as most likely to have a tantrum, Shahrukh as most likely to be late on set, and Ajay as most likely to lie about being busy.  And as for who is still wearing 90s fashion, Kajol herself!  Now, what I find mostly interesting is Saif throwing a tantrum.  I knew it!!!!  I knew he was a little baby back in the floofy hair era!

Next answer I find interesting, especially in the context of the whole wedding extravaganza, Kajol picks PC as the one who has the best PR in the industry.  And she gets a little snarky when asked who has the best body, suggests they are all the same and you might as well ask who their doctor is.  Which made me suddenly realize that Kajol and Ajay are one of the couples with the most natural bodies in the industry.  Banging amazing bodies, but not slimmed down and 0% fat or any of it.

And continuing the “no Ajay love triangle issues” story, Karan asks who Kajol would consider a friend to today among the actresses, and she considers for a while, says that she is friendly with a lot of people, before finally landing on Karisma.  So, HUH!  Ajay’s rumored ex is the one person Kajol would consider a friend.  Based on the other stories I’ve heard (for instance, going out of her way to greet Kangana on an airplane in the midst of Kangana giving interviews about her affair with Ajay), I think this is Kajol’s policy.  Whenever possible respond to these rumors with friendliness to the other party, it’s the best way to handle it.

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Speaking of rumors, the final question that Kajol answered which I found interesting, Karan asks her to pick between Fanaa and My Name is Khan.  Kajol laughed and kind of looked toward Ajay and said “On this couch, my name is definitely not Khan!”  Which is as close as they came to even acknowledging the “Kajol should really be with Shahrukh” stories that are always flying around.  As a joke and a thing to laugh at.


Then Ajay’s rapid fire!  And he does well, mostly.  Karan asks him who he likes opposite Kajol in the new batch and he says “as a son?” which gets a big rise out of Kajol.  Karan asked what the most common lie actors tell is, “I love my wife”.  Kajol reacts a bit to that, and Ajay points out that it’s not something he says.  Which is true, they have a very private unusual marriage, not about big public statements or gestures at all.

There was a funny moment when Karan asked Ajay who he would arrest for certain crimes, like “gossip” or “crimes against fashion” and Ajay had to look to Kajol for confirmation because he truly does not know these people in the industry and has to use her as his lifeline.

He answer that what makes him blush are compliments except from his wife.  Because she is always telling him nice things so it doesn’t count.  Same comment came up earlier, if she trusts her judgement on his films, no he doesn’t because she just loves everything he does.

He was on firm ground when picking an underrated actor and went with Saif (which is probably sincere, but also because they are currently filming together).  And for a fellow non-dancer, he went with “my neighbor Sunny Deol”.  I am assuming he knows him far more from being a neighbor than from being famous.

And then it was time for the Quiz!  Newlywed show style, Karan asks them questions about the other one.  Stuff like “what color are Kajol’s shoes?” which Ajay gets immediately.  Actually, all of the questions they get really easily.  Which says something right there, that there is no stumbling for answers.  The only time Ajay gets it completely wrong is when he gives the wrong date for their anniversary and Kajol makes a big fuss and Ajay just smiles and says “I was just testing you”.  Oh, and then it ends with the usual “Hi Karan” challenge, Kajol is stumped looking at her phone trying to think of someone famous she knows, and then it rings and picks up and it’s Ajay calling her, she says “Hi Karan” and he wins.  Karan is a little “but, why would you do that?  Now he has the points!” but Kajol and Ajay just don’t care.


That’s the point of this whole episode to me, Kajol and Ajay just don’t care.  They have a marriage that works for them.  And it involves Ajay seeming a bit of an ogre from the outside.  He never goes out in public, he never makes friends, Kajol doesn’t have nice things or nice clothes, doesn’t get to work, and so on and so forth.  But what we see here is that they like it like that.  Kajol is the one who objects and doesn’t want him to be friends with her friends.  Kajol is happy going to events alone and coming home and talking about them.  Ajay is happy to have a wife who constantly fusses and abuses him and doesn’t mind.

It’s the kind of marriage you see some times that looks different the closer you get.  From a great distance, Ajay seems to be an abusive demanding spouse who cuts her off from things.  From a little closer, Kajol seems to be the one in charge, making a big emotional fuss about everything (like Ajay forgetting their anniversary date) and always cutting him off when he starts to speak.  But when you get right into the heart of it, as Karan makes a point of saying, Kajol truly does think of Ajay as the head of the house and all she wants and the center of everything.  She may cut him off in a conversation, but she thinks all his movies are perfect and compliments him so much in private that he doesn’t even get embarrassed any more.

29 thoughts on “Katching Up With Koffee: Ajay and Kajol!!! A Marriage That Works for Them

  1. Huh, I haven’t been a Kajol lover for sometime and was expecting the worst from this episode. It actually went well. They surely have a marriage that works for them-but the picture presented is so typically Indian middle class.The brooding sexy man who wants to stay away from all gossip,the one who is making fun of his wife’s age(thankfully not her body),pretends to forget the anniversary,the protective father who just wants to work for his family and get home.On the other side is the giggling, gossiping,penny pinching woman(just realized Kajol is the loosu ponnu heroine prototype in her public persona)who is secretly the good, upstanding, adoring wife and dutiful daughter in law and lets her husband win against her.This could well be my mom & dad without the heels & suit.

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    • I am now picturing your mother and father as devastatingly naturally attractive middle-aged Sex Gods. I’m just going to keep that picture in my head from now on.

      What I started thinking about their very traditional marriage, I wonder how much of that is what Kajol wanted after her parents’ messy marriage. No judgement on Tanuja’s life choices or anything, but the way Kajol is living and raising her children is very different from how she was raised. Maybe she saw the opposite as a child and decided that it wasn’t what she wanted for herself. It can happen sometimes, kids raised in very traditional households decide that they want to have a different kind of life, and kids raised in very untraditional households decide that they want the opposite marriage to that. Nutan did the same, married her nice solid middle-class husband and had kids and was perfectly happy.

      On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 9:11 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. Didn’t know Kangana allegedly had an affair with Ajay. At this rate, we can safely say, only Maddy could resist the temptation. Jokes aside, just realized there was a Hrithik reference in the first 10 minutes of TWMR which went under the radar.


    • Kangana gave this very “I’ll never fall in love with a married man again” interview that to one of the magazines (Stardust maybe?) that everyone knew was about Ajay. And at the same time, he was lobbying to have her cast opposite him in a bunch of movies, so there did seem to be some kind of support for the story.

      And I am very happy to add “able to resist cheating with Kangana” to the list of Maddy’s perfections.

      On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 9:11 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. A fascinating episode! I think I agree that this is what what works for them and that outside perceptions are the problem…that she is the traditional Indian wife and family and supporting her husband will always come first, despite her outgoing personality. He still seems like a bit of an enigma (part of his sex appeal and part of his ick factor at the same time). Where there’s smoke there’s fire and he, Akshay, and Hrithik are still on my #metoo probable list, which is sad but not surprising.

    Do you think Nyssa is going to get into films? She’s still growing into her looks in my opinion, but she has the potential to be very stunning.


    • I wouldn’t put Akshay, Ajay, and Hrithik on a #MeToo probable list, but I would put them on a “mutually pleasurable relationship with co-stars” list. And on the “also their wives know and don’t care so long as it is left at work and doesn’t come home with them” list. Well, at least Akshay and Ajay, not necessarily Suzanne. Twinkle herself talked about their relationship starting when they were filming in Canada and she ran out of things to read. She wasn’t pressured into it, she went after him as a fun thing to do while on location. Anyway, with Ajay, I could easily see that kind of situation, if he is on a location shoot and the co-star seems accommodating, he will have a fling. And then he comes home to his wife and kids and leaves that all behind. And it’s how their marriage works and they are both happy with that.

      Years ago I read an interview with Kajol where she talked about how they want their kids to work, and specifically mentioned that she started acting and working at age 16. It’s true, that is her family tradition, the daughters start working at 14-16. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they launch Nyssa (if she wants to act) before college, more age 18 than age 23. It’s funny with this current batch, we can really see the difference in what parents what for their kids, especially the daughters. Some of them are launched right out of high school, some of them wait until after college and life. Especially with Ananya Panday, she’s best friends since kindergarten with Suhana and Sanjay Kapoor’s daughter, I think all 3 girls want to be actresses, but Ananya gets to be launched now at 19 and Suhana is going to be stuck going to college and all that before she is allowed to start her career because that’s the rules her parents have set for her.

      On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 9:14 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Suhana is in a unique spot and will face unique challenges so needs to be trained and educated differently compared to her friends Anaya and Shanaya. The other two girls come from film families but not the types where directors and producers will be waiting for them whenever they decide to act. For them, I think it’s important to strike when the iron is hot. If there’s an offer on the table, I can’t see them turning it down in order to go to college because there’s no guarantee there will be more offers in waiting in the future. They’re relatively small star kids too so they wouldn’t face the nepotism barrage either the way Suhana will. Sara Ali Khan is launching in two films just because of her connections but I see no negativity towards her. People are embracing her compared to the viciousness Suhana faced for a much more minor thing like a magazine cover.

        Her parents are smart for insisting she go to college. It will help her mature and gives her a few years to herself to make sure this is really what she wants before jumping in. Meanwhile, she can get an acting degree and get some stage experience so eventually when she does land a movie, she can say she has worked hard towards it instead of just being a privileged star kid. The nepotism cries are not going to die down when it comes to SRK’s kids. She will need to counter them in some way.

        As an aside, SRK and Gauri were recently in NY with Suhana and visited NYU. The dean put up pictures with SRK and asked him to make a little video for her mother who is a big fan. NYU Stern’s official twitter account has also retweeted comments about Suhana so it’s possible she is headed there in the fall.


  4. They wanted to give off the vibe that they really don’t care and succeeded. However, if they truly didn’t care, they wouldn’t have even come on the show to display their marriage to the audience. Kajol also suddenly started dressing in fashionable designer clothes a few years ago when earlier she never cared what she wore. Also a bit odd that Kajol watches all his movies and compliments everything he does but he has not seen a single movie of hers.

    When Ajay was on the show alone, he implied himself that he cheats while answering a question. I suspect that is the point where Kajol started losing her cool with Karan. The other fights were just a result of that part of her life being made public when she didn’t want that to happen.

    Anyway, all marriages are different and what works for some may not work for others. They do come across like a fairly average middle class people in spite of the money.


    • Good point about them being there showing they do care. To flip that around, this is the first joint interview in years and years and years, showing that they truly didn’t care all that time. I am assuming this interview is partly a courtesy to Karan/public reconciliation between the 3 of them after all the mess, and partly promotion for Ajay’s next movie. They seem to have no problem using Kajol’s popularity to sell Ajay’s films as needed, before Shivaay they did that weird “have dinner with Ajay and Kajol!” tour of America. And Taanaji is supposed to be very very big. It’s not coming for a while, but then Koffee won’t be running by the time it comes out, so they might as well get in now.

      I was really interested in the tidbit that Kajol doesn’t buy the designer clothes. So it’s possible the switch to designer fashion came along with a switch in how designers functioned. Once they started offering her clothes for free and dressing her, just like they do for movies, she started dressing better because it cost her no time or energy.


  5. My therapist once told me there are as many ways to have a successful marriage as there are married couples. In the end it really is about what works for both partners. I guess the opposite is true also–there are as many ways to screw up a marriage as there are married couples. 🙂


    • Yeah, based on this episode Kajol and Ajay seem very contented with what they have, even if it makes no sense even to Kajol’s closest friends.

      On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 10:23 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  6. I think these people are consumate actors as are all of his guests. We forget sometimes how good they are. This is the vision they want us to have. Parts, huge parts may be true but we will never know. Bringing up how close Kajol is to Ajay’s mother is a case in point. This is the ultimate Indian test: can the daughter in law make a true mother out of the mother in law. That and making a perfect roti which NO ONE has probably asked Kajol to do. She’s been working since she was 15 or 16. I loved the public apology and reconciliation. I’m not always sure Karan will do the right thing but this time he really really did. And not to neglect to mention my favorite topic: I think it is wise that Karan stayed away from the Shah Rukh topic. Enough has been said and they are all sick of it.

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    • Karan has been steering away from SRK all year in Koffee, and I think that is wise. For all concerned, it helps Karan build his brand separate from Brand SRK, it lets the guests have their moment on the show without being overshadowed, and it lets SRK continue to have a bit of a break from being so all-consuming and public. Especially with this episode, I loved seeing this is kind of a triangle revolving around Kajol, Karan is her friend and Ajay is her husband and there is no other connection needed to discuss.

      On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 10:25 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  7. Y is it a big deal off Ajay is friends with Kajol’s friends ??
    They come from different backgrounds .
    Kjo/adi had super rich privileged fathers while Ajay is a son of a stunt master and has come the hard way up.

    It’s great that he is still relevant after 30 years.

    Also he is trying for his wife to be on a show which he truly doesn’t care about with a person he can’t stand.
    That’s a great husband goal

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  8. This was my favorite episode of the season. Not just because it gave us an insight into they Ajay-Kajol marriage but the Kajol – KJo friendship as well. He went so far as to include the fight in his autobiography. Very immature of Karan to include that in a written document (which is archived for posterity now, can’t erase it now). Kajol has been very gracious after that though to always be the first to blink. She also goes out of her way to keep in touch with her old friends and is a very loyal person though she can be really obnoxious at times.
    I loved their banter. Didn’t look scripted at all. And I loved Ajay’s take – she talks, and I don’t listen 🙂 Oh, and was wonderful to not hear any Alia-is best-thing-since-sliced-bread narrative on this episode.


    • True! How nice Karan hasn’t included Alia at least in this one episode. But why there must be always something about Kareena being the queen of gossip? We already know it, why repeat it every week?


    • Karan even said in his memoir “people told me not to include this”. And he did anyway. So exhausting, someone everyone gives advice to and he just ignores it.


      • What? That’s crazy! He’s so strange. On the one hand – he’s petty and very much a gossip gal but then on the other hand, also very loyal to his core group and has a lot of gratitude.


        • I think he’s one of those people that is quick to leap to absolutes “I will never be friends with so-and-so again!” and then “We will always be friends!” it’s never just a “we’re close for now, but who knows?” Actually, he’s quick to do that with everything, not just relationships. “I’ll never make a movie without Shahrukh”, and then he does. It’s a bad habit, Karan!


  9. I’ve lost my interest for Karan (and also KwK) because of the ‘showing off’ that turns me off.
    I like to read your takes on the Koffee-episodes (which I’ve stopped to watch since long). I am very hesitant to believe in anything that people show at the show… they all are actors 😉 and I believe that the guests know a lot beforehand in order to prepare their answers & their attitude.

    I like the fondness that ShahRukh has for Karan (still being realistic about Yash Johar’s son) but I don’t get positive vibes as for Karan dealing with his feelings for ShahRukh.


    • I wouldn’t be either! And on top of everything else, can you imagine the disorientation of the world being 6 inches higher than usual? Looking your husband in the chin instead of the chest, for instance?

      But they really do make her legs look AMAZING. I can see why Karan suggested them (I assume) since she only had to totter 20 feet.

      On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 8:22 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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