Let’s Play Another Game! How Would You Do On an Indian Film Quiz?

More holiday fun!  Probably not as fun as the MadLibs post, or yesterday’s “hook-up date marry kill” characters post (which you can still comment on) but still pretty good.  And the best part, there are no clear answers!  Every game could end up different.  and the other best part is, it gives us all something light and brainless to do while we all (including myself) are overwhelmed with holiday schedules.

Challenge 1:

Name as many actors (male or female) named “Khan” as you can

Name as many actors (male or female) named “Kapoor” as you can

Bonus: Before you start, guess as to whether you think there will be more Kapoors or more Khans.


Challenge 2:

Name 2 (or more) actors (only male, not actresses) from Telugu cinema who are NOT related to any other actors.

Name 2 (or more) actors (only male, not actresses) from Tamil cinema who are NOT involved in politics or related to someone involved in politics


Challenge 3:

Name 3 actresses from Malayalam cinema who have never played village girls

Name 3 actresses from Telugu cinema who launched at age 25 or older

Name 3 actresses from Hindi cinema who were never rumored to have dated any married men


Challenge 4:

Name 5 actors who played Devdas

Name 5 actresses who played unwed mothers


Challenge 5:

Name 5 famous songs that were recently remixed

Name 5 famous movies that were recently remade


Bonus Challenge:

What challenge would you add?  What challenge would you drop as too hard?  And what challenge would you drop as too easy?



(oh, and I’m not giving my own answers, first because I don’t want you to be able to cheat by looking at mine, but also because I’m honestly not sure I could do it!)


Feel free to play along in the comments, we can use an honor system to believe you aren’t stealing answers.  Or just print it out and bring it up at your next family or fandom gathering!


12 thoughts on “Let’s Play Another Game! How Would You Do On an Indian Film Quiz?

  1. I think there are more Kapoor than Khan although there are many, many Khan, too. Spontaneously, I already know more than a dozen by name Kapoor or Khan (even though not having watched all of them). And if one looks at the birth name (and not only the actor’s name) there are even more Khan.


    • I was thinking about the birth name question! Dilip Kumar, for instance, could you count him?

      On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 12:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. This quiz is too dificult for me, especially southern questions, because I rarely read gossip and family stuff about actors.
    I counted all Khans and Kapoors and Kapoors won, just as I thought.
    Every telugu actor I remember is part of some famous family except Nani, but I’m not sure if he has some connections or and maybe Vijay Devarakonda.
    Devdases – I only know 3 SRK, Dilip Kumar and Abhay Deol. There was this 2018 movie Daas Dev too, but I don’t know the name of the actor.
    And the only unwed mother I remember is Preity Zinta twice: in Salaam Namaste and Kya Kehna.


    • Yeah, I couldn’t do the quiz either! At least, not the non-Hindi questions. I also could only think of Nani and Vijay for non-connected Telugu actors, but there must be more, right? I can do the unwed mothers one though, Preity THREE TIMES (Chori Chori Chupke Chupke too), Sharmila Tagore once, Waheedaji in Trishul,

      On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 4:00 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I could only think of six Khans, and that’s counting Suhana as an actor. Many more Kapoors. The Tamil and Telugu challenges are beyond me, but the Devdas challenge is where being a Bengali film buff really pays off: Uttam Kumar, Prosenjit, Shahrukh, Dilip Kumar, Abhay Deol. Easy peasy. I could only think of Sharmila as an actress who played an unwed mother. Actresses not rumored to have slept with a married actor: I am out of every loop, so may have missed something, but Vidya, Juhi and Konkona maybe?

    Suggest: actresses who have played a prostitute/tawaif, etc. That’s what I kept accidentally thinking when trying to come up with unwed mothers. I thought of 5 instantly; maybe ten would be more of a challenge.


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