Trailers! Zero Dialogue, Simmba Remix, Chamma Chamma BAD IDEA

So many videos today!  And I don’t like ANY OF THEM.  But maybe you will and can convince me to feel otherwise, that would be nice.  I like liking things.

First, Zero! New tiny dialogue promo.  Which is all about Shahrukh fighting with his father and generally being mouthy.  I like the idea of a cocky confident Little Person who challenges the world to accept his size.  Not so much the idea of a 40 year old man living off his father and trying to scam the world.  But it is just a tiny dialogue promo, there could be lots of information we don’t have that will make it feel different.

And then there’s the “Chamma Chamma” remake.  I challenge ANYONE to make me like this.  It’s the same as the “Ek Do Teen” remake, they took something clever and pretty and interesting in every way (costumes, dance steps, music) and stripped that all away.  The costume is just a spangly bra top and nothing skirt, the dance steps are barely there, just half a movement and then cut away, and the song itself is remixed into nothing.  This is the problem with remixes, usually it means they were too cheap and unimaginative to do something new with the music, and that’s a red flag that they will be too cheap and unimaginative to do something new with anything else either.

Here, here is the first one if you haven’t seen it:

And now the gross remix:

And finally, the real challenge, the song that is driving me INSANE!!!!  Simmba released it’s romance track, it is another remix, but this time it is a good one (unlike “Chamma Chamma”).  And the visuals are very pleasing.  Ranveer seems a bit stiff, but that could be his character.  Sara looks lovely and her half-top, full skirt look is flattering and striking in the best way.  But, HOW DO I KNOW THIS SONG????  I already looked up and found out it is a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan standard.  But I don’t listen to South Asian music if it isn’t in a movie, so this MUST have already been sampled in some other film.  What is that film????  What is that other song???  How do I know it so very very well?????  HELP ME!!!!


8 thoughts on “Trailers! Zero Dialogue, Simmba Remix, Chamma Chamma BAD IDEA

    • Thank you! I watched the video, and that is the melody and lyrics I know, but somehow there is a different version I’ve heard more often. With a male singer and more kind of a creamy sound. The search continues!


  1. I think it was used in Bend It Like Beckham? Love the song, too. And Sara’s clothes are absolutely gorgeous…somehow she pulls off that last yellow floral thing, too. Have you all noticed her nail game? I feel like the color of her nails changes at least on a daily basis!

    BTW, Manmarziyaan is finally on ErosNow and I broke down and subscribed again. I didn’t know until late last night…so watched big chunks of it and the end and will go rewatch this weekend. I have concerns…


    • Yes I noticed her nails! It reminded me of a thing from an interview with the costume designer for Aisha. She had this idea of Sonam’s nails changing to match her outfits, and she said she would never do it again, took forever to wipe off all the polish and then reapply for every single scene.

      Be careful with Manmarziyaan, I think it is one of those movies where chunk-watching and skipping around could really ruin it. It’s all built up so very very carefully so that the shifts make sense as you see them play out but would never make sense if you saw two scenes separately.


      • So, you didn’t say…was it Bend It Like Beckham you’re thinking of for the Tere Bin song? It’s definitely where I’ve first heard the original remixed I think.

        The nail thing is true in her everyday life too, I think. She’s always color-coordinated.

        I know about the Manmarziyaan viewing…I was just so excited to see extended parts of it after watching all of the songs and clips incessantly! I think I’ll still enjoy it but expectations are too high for sure. I can already tell where it needed to be edited better. I am fascinated with the twin dancers…some of the best choreography and dance innovation in ages in Bollywood. It made me realize that all dance in recent years looks the same. Though I will say the hook steps, especially the one at the end of the Simmba dance remix song were particularly memorable.


        • No, I don’t think it could have been Bend if Like Beckham. I know the song so well, and I’ve only watched Bend it Like Beckham a handful of times and not for years. The quest continues!

          Manmarziyaan is a funny movie. I’m not saying it’s perfect or brilliant or anything, but it is definitely innovative and exciting. A director who feels like he is having fun with the romance format, instead of feeling locked in by it. And at the same time, there are little flaws to how it fits together. But the most important part is the layers of the order in which it fits (I think). The slow reveal of Abhishek’s character as more than just the “perfect boy” while still staying a nice guy, Kangana’s complicated back and forth emotional journey, and Vicky’s complete failure to grow.

          On Fri, Dec 14, 2018 at 9:23 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I hate Luv Stories???

    It’s Tapsee in Manmarziyan (and I would like to see her in a movie with ShahRukh) 🙂

    Maybe Bauua isn’t living off his father…it’s possibly just the money for the wedding and a way to pay him back for having made his childhood (and his life in general) miserable.


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