Saturday Small Talk: Which of These Stories Surprises You LEAST?

Happy Saturday!  Today is the day I do NOTHING.  I am very excited about this.  Of course, Dog Hazel will still drag me outside for our daily walks, and I should probably buy milk, but otherwise NOTHING.  And you can join me in my nothing by lazily talking about gossip stories.

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Zero Trailer! Now with SUBTITLES!!!! Start Your Speculation Engines!!!!

Second post, updated with subtitles and some fan theories from the comments on the first post!  And also, just to make sure it didn’t get lost in the flurry of other Shahrukh Day postings.

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Trailers again! Vishwaroop 2, Loveratri, and Zero Teaser

More trailers!  I tell you, Eid is exhausting.  Plus there’ve been fireworks on my street the past couple of nights, which is also exhausting.  But it’s all worth it, because THANK GOODNESS Zero is looking a little better.

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