Saturday Small Talk: I’ll Tell You About My Weekend if You Tell Me About Yours!

Happy Saturday! I am sleeping in because yesterday was very very long and very very tiring. I’ll tell you all about it, and then you can talk about your days while I sleep.

I guess I should start with Thursday. Left work, and had to take Dog Hazel straight to the sitter’s which was VERY WORRISOME. But they were a nice young couple who were very happy with her (because she is so cute), so I feel better about leaving her with them. They are dogsitting to raise money for their wedding (like Dog Hazel, they are also very cute). From there, drove back to my place, had dinner, did the last little bit of packing, and went to bed super early. Only to pop awake at 2am, toss and turn for another 2 hours, and finally really get up at 4am.

I did not pop awake as cinematically as this, but it was the same sort of dawn departure

Cab got to my place at 4:30, we had a nice chat on the ride to the airport. I got to learn all about his exciting marriage life (wife left him for her high school boyfriend so he had to move neighborhoods because the boyfriend was scary. And all of these people were over 50). Got to the airport, security wasn’t that bad for the Friday before Christmas, but the line at Starbucks was enormous. Finally got my Peppermint Mocha and breakfast sandwich got to the gate just in time to finish it before boarding.

Me after finally getting my sweet coffee drink

On the plane, nap, read, nap, read. Get off the plane, met by my lovely driver guy from the little local car company my sister likes. A middle-aged woman runs it, along with her husband and a couple of friends who help out. Told a little white lie to my driver, that he was dropping me at a mall because my sister was working so there was no point in going to her house, I might as well kill time there. Which is sort of true, in that my sister was working, but of course the real reason for the mall was Zero showtimes. But I didn’t necessarily want to try to explain that whole thing to this nice man.

Zero! Best part of the movie

Got to the theater, very very happy it was a fancy theater with recliner seats. Normally I don’t care, but after cab and flight and car and all for the past 6 hours, it was nice to stretch out. Finished movie, sister picked me up, drove me home, I made myself a chocolate milk and wrote the review. So, if you are trying to figure out if you would like the movie based on my reviews, remember I was writing them on 4 hours of sleep and a breakfast sandwich 10 hours earlier.

Counting with Madhuri’s help, a breakfast sandwich at 5am and writing the review at 4pm with an hour time change means 10 hours with only that for food, right? Or else 11. Or 9. Something too long to go without real food

Finished reviews, family time! Watched an episode of Columbo with my sister (Edith Head guest stars!!!!!), had chicken pot pie for dinner, hung out with my sister and brother-in-law for a while, and finally went to bed at 10pm EST. Where I am writing this. Awake for 17 hours straight, be very impressed by how lucid this is with the words that I am saying/typing write now on my machine.

I could not successfully do this speech right now

Tomorrow/Today (Saturday), I am going to sleep in, and then we are going to go buy a Christmas tree and eggnog! So it feels more Christmassy. And then in the afternoon, we are going to a Christmas themed Pride and Prejudice fanfic musical (my brother-in-law is not invited).

Now, what are you doing this weekend?

14 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: I’ll Tell You About My Weekend if You Tell Me About Yours!

  1. I understand you were very tired and stressed and I wish you two things:
    1- rest and enjoy your Christmas vacation with family
    2- maybe review your comment on Zero and say that finally it’s not that bad at all…
    I don’t know when it would be possible for me to view it; but I trust your opinion and was hoping it would be a step ahead of JHMS in redefining SRK career.
    Oh well, it seems it was only a wishful thinking!
    Here we are at 38°C which is above 100 °F! Best wishes to you and all the friends of the blog. I’m waiting anxiously for Joyomama review; she was happy with Zero!

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    • I’ll keep playing it over in my head, but so far I am landing on the first half being well-made but difficult (our hero is purposefully unlikable), and then the second half starting the work of redeeming him and ultimately failing largely because it doesn’t seem to accurately continue the relationship that was started so well in the first half.

      On Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 10:57 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I put my son on a plane to NYC this morning to spend Christmas with Grandma and his cousins. He’s 11 and it’s his first time flying solo but he got through the flight just fine and he’s at my mom’s apartment. My hubby and I will be alone together for five! whole! days! Well, except for Christmas with family friends. We hardly know what to do with ourselves.

    I have a question: do you get a lot of negative feedback from your fellow SRK fans when you give one of his films a bad review?

    And a request: Can you do an analysis of 2018: The Year All the Khans Wiped Out?

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    • That’s too young! He’s so little! I am so glad you aren’t telling us this before he arrived, I would have been worried all day. My Sunday School kids are that age and they can barely get from the classroom to the coffee hour by themselves.

      And obviously, this is when you finish Bahubali 1 and watch Bahubali 2. DUH! And then spend the remaining 4 days discussing them.

      I got crazy backlash months ago when I posted my “the problems with SRK” posts. Actually, before that, when I reported on Virat Kohli having a bigger rate for advertisements than him. I am waiting for backlash on this, but it may not come just because I already drove away the SRK fans of the level of not being able to handle any criticism. I mean, you can see in the comments, everyone who is a fan who is around now is either reacting with “oh shucks, I was hoping it would be good” or “Hey, I liked it! But different strokes for different folks”. I’m not getting any “you are a hateful bitter person who has turned her back on goodness in the world in an effort to get clicks”.

      I’ll probably do an analysis of 2018 at some point. Maybe related to when the Box Office figures for Zero come out?

      On Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 5:40 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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        • Oh goodie! And then you can browse through all my many many many many many posts.

          And now that you have seen the whole movie, can we have a moment for my favorite character? Sudeep, the sword salesman? Five minutes on screen, and I just want to watch a whole movie about him, traveling around trying to sell defective swords and being horribly insulted when people point out they are bad.


  3. I’m in the US for a couple of weeks and I’ll be spending my weekend trying to recover from the very long flight and all the jet lag. I’ve had two naps today already.


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