Malayalam HAPPY Movie Suggestion Needed!

I’ve got an extra day off next week and I want to get back into the swing of things, so I need a Malayalam film to review. BUT! I am also sick and depressed (my sister gave me her cold and Christmas is over)! I don’t want any of that “and then the rain falls over their shattered lives” Malayalam endings. HAPPY! HAPPY HAPPY! What is happy and also high quality and also I haven’t watched/reviewed it yet?

Let me put it this way. In the Malayalam happiness scale that goes from Chenkol to Ohm Shanti Oshana, I need something entirely on the Ohm Shanti Oshana side of things. Classmates, for instance, is far far too sad for me at the moment. Gandhinagar 2nd Street is too sad for me. I want the Malayalam movie where no one ever reveals their shattered past, and no character is left heartbroken at the end.

Now, the last time I made a request similar to this, one of my suggestions was Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal, because it is a romance with a happy ending and also very good. And that is true, but along the way it is NOT HAPPY.

And so I want to be very clear this time, I am willing to give Malayalam a try again, eager even, but I don’t want any rape, I don’t want any rain, I don’t want any “darkness of society revealed in shattered lives” nonsense. Oh, and no corrupt Nairs ruining everything in the village. I want sunshine and happiness and Kerala tourism board approved images of pretty landscapes. River boats would be fine too. And songs that go “twinkle twinkle twinkle”.

Like this movie! This was a good movie. Okay, it wasn’t a “good” movie in that it wasn’t high quality, but so happy!

So, what do you think, does this movie exist? Or should I just give up and watch more Telugu movies by Sekhar Kammula until I feeling less depressed?

43 thoughts on “Malayalam HAPPY Movie Suggestion Needed!

  1. Nadodikattu! If you want a classic malayalam movie. It’s a fun movie with characters who are unemployed and have to run away to find new jobs. They end up mistakenly in Chennai and there is an entire hilarious drug subplot involved.

    Veendum chilla veetukaryangal is a super cute Jayaram movie in the late 90s. Very simple movie about a pampered young man who refuses to grow up and marries a poor girl, and is forced to grow up – he has an ADORABLE relationship with his dad and a really sweet relationship with his gf/wife (typical Satyan Anthikkad)

    Ramjirao speaking is also hilarious. First movie of the infamous siddique lal duo who made the funniest comedies in the early 90s.


    • I just mentioned that watching Nadodikattu gave me a mild depression

      same with Arangetra velai (Ramji rao speaking)
      I kept dreading the ‘sad for Tamil standards’ Faazil ending, but luckily that never came


      • Then I would recommend – Veendum Chila Veetukaryangal for Malayalam. It’s a really sweet, simple, uncomplicated movie and it has a really nice, sweet, uncomplicated ending.

        Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Tamil (or Hindi) remakes of Malayalam movies as I find that a lot gets lost in translation. What was funny in Malayalam never makes itself funny in Tamil to me – but that’s a personal choice!


  2. If you want something happy and silly – Adi Kapyare Kootamani. It’s got an awesome Aju Varghese and is perfect for the holidays!
    Arnuraga Karikin Vellam if you want something sweet and heart warming. Also got Asif Ali.
    Nadodikattu is great but might be a little context heavy IMO. Newer movies might be easier to watch if you don’t have that much of time.


  3. Among the new malayalam films…
    Anuraga Karikkin vellam -title means tender coconut water of love. Its about a father and son ( biju menon and asif ali) and their love lives intersecting..

    Aravaindante athidhikal – a typical vineeth sreenivasan feel good movie. Simple story, beautiful music, talented actors and a beautiful temple as the backdrop for all..Nothing great about the film but it makes you feel happy.

    Immanuel – Mammooty plays the title role. A simple and good guy working in old press with middle aged co workers..When the press finally shuts down he is forced to join a new gen insurance company under a rude ( and comical) boss ( fahad fazil ) and other younger co workers..Its about all the troubles he faces and his attempts to survive in the new world..

    Aanandam – its about a bunch of college students going for their first college tour and all the changes the journey brings into their lives..Another vineeth sreenivasan type feel good movie. Not great but not bad.

    Aadu series – if you are looking for some brainless masala..No story, no logic but lot of fun

    Among the old films available in hot star…
    Manu Uncle – Mammootty plays the title role but a bunch of kids are the real heroes in the film. A group of children joining in their ancestral home for vacation and all the fun and adventure they had during the vacation including tackling some robbers.Film won the national award for best children’s film.

    Kilukkampetty – jayaram plays a successful architect who falls in love with a single mother. And he becomes the care taker of her daughter in a false identity. Best thing about the movie is baby shamili. Cute little daughter of heroine who is very naughty..

    Vinodayathra – typical sathyan anthikkadu feel good movie..An irresponsible and aimless young man coming to live with the family of his sister in a villagae meeting new people, falling in love and all the changes thus happening to him..Film has really good humour and interesting characters..

    Akkare Akkare Akkare – its the third part of Nadodikkattu series.. Nadodikkattu is really good but it has a few sad moments..But this one is all fun..Mohanlal and sreenivasan arriving in America as CID s investigating about a stolen gold crowd smuggled from India. Its about all the fun they have in america in the name of investigation.
    like this

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    • Thank you! It looks like I might be sick for a week or so, so it’s good to have a whole list of options of cheerful being sick movies.


  4. 1. Anuraga Karikkin vellam: A really cute movie starring Asif Ali and Biju Menon. The mature love story between Biju Menon and Asha Sharath is really sweet.
    2. Kunjiramayanam: A funny story happening in a village. This one has Aju Varghese and the Sreenivasan brothers.
    3. Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu: A 90’s movie by Sathyan Anthikad portraying a typical village setting of that time. One of Urvashi’s best performances.


  5. Also, if you want kerala tourism approved stuff, try ordinary. That’s a beautiful one. Or ramante eden thottam. Both by kunchacko boban. Anarkali of privithiraj is also light and beautiful and if my memory is right, not sentimental much


  6. Chandralekha is a good comical Malayalam movie that takes you through a laughing riot and ends on a happy moment…plus great acting all the cast…one of Mohanlals finest performance…comment back if you are going to watch it lol


  7. Summer in Bethlehem -my happy movie !it’s the iconic lighthearted fun Malayalam movie and has a multistar cast all in great form(it’s about cousins too -a prerunner to Banglore days if I may say so).This movie is a reminder of why manjuwarrier became the sweetheart of Malayalam movies. was one of her last movies before her marriage.pls do watch if you have not.priyadarshan made a horrendus remake in Tamil.
    Amongst the recent ones anuraga karikin vellam is good choice as I read in the comments above.
    And this is my first comment on your blog! I tremendously enjoy reading your reviews .You have put me into a bad habit of not watching movies because you explain it better than I would have understood it on screen.:-D


    • Thank you for commenting!!!! And I am flattered, although it’s sad that you don’t get to enjoy watching movies any more.

      I’ve been considering Summer in Bethlehem, but it looked so confused I was worried I couldn’t follow it without knowing Malayalam (always my problem with comedies)


      • Ha I skip the movies where I want to watch i but I don’t want to watch it at the same sure it’s not a bad movie altogether but once upon a time I was a huge srk fan and in last couple of years whenever his movies disappointed I took it as a personal can’t bear more disappointmentm

        Summer in Bethlehem has a straightforward story .u plant it in any other language it would have worked the same.its more of an urbane story. Hope u watch it one day ! 🙂

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  8. Oops I read someone mentioning yodha too.thats a laugh riot as well. Only Malayalam movie Rahman made music for. But summer in Bethlehem is my comfort movie.think it’s available in hotstar

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  9. So you do have a good Malayali readers crowd. On top of everything mentioned above,I can suggest Salt n Pepper. Food & love.
    If you aren’t keen on Malayalam,try Telugu film Sammohanam. Insipred by

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    • Notting Hill. Assured happy ending.Bonus- Aditi Rao Hydari in lovely costumes. The hero has a stupid face but acts well. Good songs and a progressive mother character.


      • Ugh, stupid face hero. I don’t know if I can handle that. I hate stupid faces.

        On Sat, Dec 29, 2018 at 7:43 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I love Salt & Pepper! I’ve already seen it, but it would be worth a “I’m sick!” rewatch.

      On Sat, Dec 29, 2018 at 7:41 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  10. chandralekha, yodha, tp balagopalan ma, sanmanassulavarkku samadhanam…all of these are on hotstar or…all are real feel good films with some fun moments harmoniously placed in the film


  11. A fun Malayalam movie from 2015 is “Rasam.” Translated as “Taste,” it’s a story about….food. And caterers, starring Indrajith and Mohanlal. It’s available, with subtitles, on Einthusan.


  12. Hello,

    Here are my recommendations (partly inspired by the above list). All of them are available on HotStar with subtitles

    (1) “Nadodikattu” – Out and out comedy, one of the best comedies in Malayalam, even the villains make you laugh!

    (2) “Poomaram” – I’d suggested this earlier. It might appeal to you or it might not, but this is not at all sad – nobody dies, no tragic back story or anything of that sort plus it’s got plenty of beautiful songs.
    It’s the Malayalam version of “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” or Robert Altman’s “Nashville”. A bit slow though.

    (3) “Oru Vadakkan Selfie” – Nivin’s comedy scripted by Vineeth Sreenivas

    (4) “Aadu” series – directed by the guy who wrote “Ohm Shanti Oshana” (Kerala Tourism approved, but you’re unlikely to enjoy it as it’s very specific)

    (5) “Vellimoonga” – another comedy starring Biju Menon & Aju Varghese.

    “Style” – I think Angie is right! Won’t call it a good movie, but fits in your template of a “HAPPY MALAYALAM MOVIE” (this, I’m not sure where you’ll find it)


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