11 Pipers Piping! Desi Style

Well, I managed to make it 6 and a half hours at work today, sitting upright in clothes like a person, and then I gave up and went home and put on a bathrobe and ordered a ridiculous amount of chicken soup from “One of the Few Jewish Delis in Chicago” (that’s on the big sign in the window). I’m gonna manage the Happy New Year review tomorrow, because I promised you, but today is going to be all silly song posts, sorry. On the other hand, I got about $8,000 in unpaid bills for work in 6 hours of phone calls, so yaaaay! Work-work! Paychecks! Rent money!

11 Pipers Piping! I had fun with this one.

First, an obvious one, “Radha Kaise Na Jale”

And then one that just makes me giggle, “Dekho Na” from Swades (think about it)

Another straight one, “Tanhai”. Love this one, the way Shahrukh sings with his flute.

Okay okay, something classical to make up for the silly one. “Main Piya Teri” from the classic Basant Bahar along with Lata Mangashkar

And of course there is Hero with young Jackie Shroff’s complicated flute based tragic back story.

OMG, Kisna: the Warrior Poet is such a bad movie! Look at Viviek pretend to play the flute!

Another classic one! We really don’t have that many flute songs these days, do we? “Kisi Raah Main” from Mere Humsafar.

And at least one straight up Krishna song, “Soja Zara” from Bahubali 2 (sorry, couldn’t find the Telugu version)

Okay, I know there isn’t a real flute in this, but there is that little flute hand gesture thing. And anyway, I LOVE this song. “Bhool Bulaiya”

Here, a treat for my southern readers! NTR playing Krishna!

And to end, this is just for my sister because she came up with the idea and it made her laugh hysterically: Gadar!


11 thoughts on “11 Pipers Piping! Desi Style

  1. Some Telugu/Southern recommendations –
    1. Ee gali Ee Vela from Sirivennela – Played by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, the best flutist from India. Also, watch other songs from this movie, especially Chandamama Raave, a lullaby. This is an interesting movie with the lead actor (Sarvadaman Banerjee) a blind, and the lead actress (Suhasini) dumb.

    2. Prabhas in Pournami

    3. Roja song – Chinni chinni Aasa/ Choti choti aasha –

    4. Humma humma from Bombay

    5. Bombay Theme music by ARR –

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  2. Awww, I love Tanhai. So innocent! Will have to rewatch the Swades song because I don’t remember the naughty entendres, intentional or unintentional.

    Hope you keep feeling better! Yay for Happy New Year review!


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