TGIF RePost: Vitamin C Filled Post for My Cold Filled Body

I am never going to be healthy again. My sinuses hurt so much I can’t sleep, I was up until 6am last night. Not like tossing and turning up, but like actually sitting upright on the couch watching TV to distract me until 6am. And then napping fitfully until 10am. Anyway, Vitamin C! That will fix me!

So many different fruit brands in India!  With so many different brand ambassadors!  Even Imran Khan and Parineeti, who I don’t think of as the biggest “get” for a brand.

Image result for aamir khan mango juice

The biggest get, of course, is Shahrukh.  And his Frooti ads are THE GREATEST THING EVER!  So surreal, so hilarious, so occasionally sexy.  I will be scattering them through out this post, so the goodness can be spread.  His mango is very very frooti.

Image result for shahrukh khan frooti ad

Katrina Kaif‘s mango is also very fruity, if you like that sort of thing.  I don’t understand this photo at all, but it does really make me want a mango, so goal accomplished I guess?

Image result for bachchan mango juice

But this ad really really makes me want a mango!  Or else a tight short sleeved t-shirt.  Or really great teased hair.  Or a guy who will look at me with a kind of half smile in his eyes.  I’m not sure, what exactly is it selling?

Amitabh gets in on the mango action too.  But in a dignified grandfatherly way.  That makes me think “oh yes, mangoes are good for me, Bachchan Sir knows best, I should eat more mangoes!”

Image result for amitabh bachchan fruit ad

But then Shahrukh reminds me that mango can be fun too!  In an almost deliriously happy way.  Is it possible they put something extra besides mango in his bottle?

Now, maybe because he grows it himself on his farm, Salman seems to have a pretty calm reaction to fruit.  Happy to use it as just a prop to lean on.

Image result for salman khan fruit

Aamir seems slightly intimidated by his fruit.  To be fair, I find that arrangement a little intimidating too.  Where are you supposed to start?

Did you know that tomatoes are technically a fruit?  And also an excellent source of vitamin c?

Related image

Okay, I know there are cultural differences and I should respect everybody and all that.  But WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THIS AD CAMPAIGN????  Akshay is a gangster?  Who is forcing fruit juice on everybody?

Image result for akshay kumar rasna

And there’s a gorilla?  WHY?!?!?!?

Image result for akshay kumar rasna

Well, at least he hasn’t gotten high and made himself a boa out of bottle labels like Shahrukh.  Seriously, what were they drinking at this photo shoot????

Check it out!  Varun and Alia have their own ad campaign!  I had no idea!  I am so proud of them!

Image result for varun dhawan nestle
Image result for varun dhawan nestle

And finally, a sexy one.  Because if a man can’t drink a children’s fruit drink in a super sensual manner, what is even the point of the advertising profession?

Related image

Bonus: I don’t normally put in videos in these posts, but this Frooti as is SO STRANGE!!!  At least, I think so.  Can you confirm?  Because it really feels like, although it is supposed to be saying desire for Frooti turns grown men into boys, the message is that it is a whole different kind of desire that is over-powering them.  Which makes the whole children part of it kind of uncomfortable.

Bonus bonus: Yes yes, I know the other Frooti ad is even stranger.


3 thoughts on “TGIF RePost: Vitamin C Filled Post for My Cold Filled Body

  1. Feel better! I amused my Indian colleagues in Bhubaneswar to no end by drinking Frooti at lunch rather than water or soda. I also insisted on buying Lux soap as part of the little thank you packets we put together for homes we visited. I can tell you there is plenty of added sugar in the Frooti bottle. Maybe enough to induce intoxication/hallucinations.

    Hang in there!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have an acupuncture appointment tomorrow which I made ages ago for SAD and general lethargy (my Mom suggested it as a Christmas present), but now I am going to walk in the door and be all “what do you have for the common cold?” I’m picturing her sticking needles in my nose and draining all the cold out of it.

      On Fri, Jan 4, 2019 at 7:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Acupuncture is so good! You’re going to feel better without risking the side effects of that weird fruit juice…
        Take care!


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