Happy Makar Sankranti!!!! Here Comes the Sun!!!!

Okay, I’m ready! I want to welcome in Surya and bring on the sunshine and happiness and be done with all this winter and sadness. And to help it along, here are some songs.

We’ll start with a song that is technically about the moon, not the sun, but there is far more sun in it than moon. “Chand Tare”

Pritam is always my go-to when I need cheering up.  Somehow his songs are just sunshine and vacation and freedom and long days all condensed into 3 minutes of catchy beats and sing-along-able lyrics.

Of course, there’s also the actual vacation songs, the ones that make you feel like just hoping in a car and escaping all your troubles.

Well, now this is just turning into the Goa post!  Let me throw in a sunny vacation to somewhere else, just for variety.

Or a vacation to somewhere in India that isn’t Goa!

A song that’s getting pretty old now, but is still guaranteed to make me smile and feel like I am back in college.

A new one that I know I have posted a few times before.  So peppy and pretty and free and sunshine-y!

Speaking of Kerala, “Hosanna”!  I know, it’s not in Kerala, it’s in Tamil Nadu, but the character is from Kerala.

Which reminds me of the more recent song, that is all being in love and road trip and sunshine and freedom.

And another new one to me, from the same director:

Moving slightly to the side, from Tamil to Malayalam.  And from a city to a village.

Brand new one from brand new composers:

And finally, my personal guaranteed anti-depressant song!

And, since Mahar Sankati is also the day of the Gujurat Kite Flying festival, here is one of my favorite kite flying songs:


12 thoughts on “Happy Makar Sankranti!!!! Here Comes the Sun!!!!

  1. I have to admit, I love Chaand Tare not only for its sunshiney (moony?”) vibe but the fact that he is in a shot with Mannat, before it was Mannat. It is on this shoot that he decided to buy it for Gauri. The actor in this shot could never have known: 1) how large and gorgeous Gauri would make it 2) How many people who always be in front of it and 3) (sadder) how high a fence he would have to build…

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    • Oh, and…the parents of friends of mine have a photo at a famous outdoor venue (Tanglewood). A young woman is sitting on a blanket at a picnic in the background of a picture of a young man. The young man and the young woman had not met yet, but would meet after that and have now been married over 50 years. Its like a Hindi film. I feel like this picture of Shah Rukh with the run down heritage house in the background it like that.


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