Sunday ReRun Announcement: Bombay Talkie (1970)!! For Shashi, Next Sunday 2/3

I just finished reading a biography of Shashi Kapoor, and now I am all excited to finally watch Bombay Talkie and see Shashi and Jennifer together and in love onscreen.

The Merchant-Ivory producing team, before they hit it big with A Room With a View and so on, were a couple of poor kids with dreams who made friends with young Shashi and Jennifer Kendal and convinced Shashi to do a movie with them (The Householder). They stayed friends for the rest of their lives, and continued to work together. Bombay Talkies is the one time all three friends worked as a team, Shashi and Jennifer playing the leads in a film directed by Ivory and produced by Merchant.

Shashi plays a version of himself, a smooth Hindi film star, while Jennifer plays the British journalist with whom he has an affair. It’s a cynical take on the Hindi film industry through the eyes of an outsider (Jennifer), made by insiders. Most importantly, it is the film from which this beautiful still of Jennifer and Shashi comes:

Image result for bombay talkie shashi jennifer

Oh, and it is also available for free on youtube:

5 thoughts on “Sunday ReRun Announcement: Bombay Talkie (1970)!! For Shashi, Next Sunday 2/3

    • It’s amazing, right? It’s a still from the film, but it could just as easily be an art photograph with two professional models.

      On Sun, Jan 27, 2019 at 2:01 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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