2018 Best Performance in a Bad Role…Vicky Kaushal in Raazi!!!!

This was a fun category! I’m glad I added it last minute. The actors who managed to take a dull underwritten part and turn it into something.

Once again, totally subjective scoring. I just went through the comments on the post and pulled out the names people mentioned and then added them up. Completely unscientific.

2018 Best Performance in a Bad Role

Vicky Kaushal in Raazi: 3 votes

Jim Sarbh in Padmavat: 2 votes

Katrina in Thugs of Hindostan: 1 vote

Radhike Apte in Andhadhun: 1 vote

You know, Radhike would have swept this category just a few years ago. Good for Radhike! Finally breaking out of those underwritten parts. Her role in Andhadhun isn’t great (Tabu’s is way way better) but at least it has some fun little quirks and scenes.

And then there’s Katrina on the way down, oddly turning into a better actress than she was on the way up. Now that she finally has the skills, no one is giving her the leading parts she could probably carry now. Well, at least not in 2018. It’s possible things will be better in 2019, if she has a decent part in Bharat.

Vicky broke out just this year, started the year in an underwritten love interest role, and then took on an impossible “best friend” part and made it soar and now isn’t looking back. I doubt he will have to deal with as bad a role as he had in Raazi ever again.

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