The DCIB Break Out Actress of 2018 Was….Radhike Apte! Of Course

My goodness, only one more of these to do after this. Oh, and also the TGIF and FanFic ones, but I don’t have a deadline on those, maybe I’ll do them on Sunday or something.

Once again, totally subjective scoring. I just went through your comments and picked out who you talked about. And with that subjective scale, this is what I came up with:

Break Out Actress of 2018:

Radhike Apte: 6 votes

Taapsee Pannu: 4 votes

Sanya Malhotra: 3 votes

Sara Ali Khan: 2 votes

Tabu: 1 vote

So, it’s Radhike! That is less interesting to me than that Taapsee and Sanya are crawling up so vast. Miss Braganza mentioned in her comment that she picked out Radhike 9 years ago and has been watching for her in things since then. Myself, I didn’t notice her until Badlapur in 2015. That’s still 4 years from a substantive critically acclaimed role to actually being a name people recognize, breaking through.

And then we have Taapsee, she was in Baby in 2015 in a small role, then got Pink in 2016 and first got noticed in the Hindi industry, now just two years later she is almost tied with Radhike, after Radhike was struggling for 9 years. And then Sanya! Dangal was just in 2016 too, at the end of the year while Pink was in the middle. And Sanya with just two films after it has already come up right behind Taapsee with her 7 leading roles. That’s how fast these off-beat talented actresses are growing in their careers now.

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