Best Gossip Story of 2018: DeepVeer Ki Shaadi!

Fun year for gossip! But out of all the many many stories and weddings, DeepVeer reigned supreme.

As with all of these, I am using my discretion about how to count the comments since they are just in the comments. In this case, I am not counting the three votes for #MeToo just because I don’t think that is a “gossip” story exactly, it’s more than that. But I’m counting everything else I can figure out how to count!

Best Gossip Story:

DeepVeer Wedding: 3 votes

Kangana and Manikarnika: 2 votes

Sonam’s Wedding: 1 vote

Phantom Break-up: 1 vote

Prick Romance: 1 vote

KriArj Scandal: 1 vote

Again, always, I am very proud of us all! Look how high minded we are, we like the beautiful formal non-scandalous true love story of DeepVeer better than all of the more scandalous or more clickbaity options. Also, BEFORE the latest flurry of interviews and so on, we had all already jumped on Kangana/Manikarnika as the best story. Truly, we are noble souls with a good healthy relationship to gossip.

And look what a happy pretty thing we picked out to treasure from all of 2018!

Image result for deepveer wedding

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