2018 Break Out Male Star: Ayushmann!!!! In a Write-In Win!

I thought for sure this would be a stroll to victory for Vicky Kaushal. But no, Ayushmann pulled it off in a write-in win!

This one was a little extra subjective. A lot of people went back and forth and changed their minds, so I had to sort of translate out and pull what I wanted them to be saying. But Ayushmann’s win, that is for sure, people really said his name. It’s more stuff like what “all 3 boys from Bhavesh Joshi including Harsh” means, and I decided it just meant “Harshwadhan Kapoor”. Because of NEPOTISM! Or, to put it another way, because I could spell his name and the person commenting could remember his name.

Break Out Male Star 2018:

Ayushmann Khurrana: 5 votes

Vicky Kaushal: 4 votes

Sohum Shah: 1 vote

Harshwardhan Kapoor: 1 vote

Vineet Singh: 1 vote

Pankaj Tripathi: 1 vote

Isn’t Ayushmann fascinating? If I had done this same post last year, and maybe even the year before last, he would have been the winner too. And that’s legitimate, he just keeps breaking out in new ways and new levels. It’s not a one year thing, it’s a multi-year surge.

Vicky, he is definitely a one year thing so far. But if 2019 continues the way it began with Uri, he could turn into a multi-year thing too, breaking out in 2018 and then even more and differently in 2019, and on and on.

Or, it could be Vineet Singh and Sohum Shah! Both of them in beloved little scene artistic gems in 2018, passion projects that they didn’t just act in, but helped come to the screen (Vineet wrote Mukkabaaz and Sohum produced Tumbadd).

And then there is Harsh. Connected, traditionally handsome, “just” an actor (no producing or writing or anything else). But steadily building up popularity.

And in terms of who is reading DCIB, NO ONE picked Tiger Shroff. Despite him being the only young star to break into the top ten box office. We just don’t like action films over here.

5 thoughts on “2018 Break Out Male Star: Ayushmann!!!! In a Write-In Win!

    • Yep, you were my Sanya vote!!!! One of three. But the winner was Radhike.

      On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 10:06 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • The funny thing is, that goes both ways. Suhana may benefit from the coverage if she wants a career, but Aryan seems to hate the cameras and he is stuck with them forever. Really not fair that being an adult person who says “I want to be a movie star and I am a movie star” doesn’t get you coverage, and being a child who says “I don’t want to be a movie star and I don’t like the attention” doesn’t stop you from getting coverage. Or look at Anshula, her sister got this big boost in her debut movie, but poor Anshula got trolled on twitter because of something she said over the phone on a talk show.

      On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 10:22 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • As superficial as it sounds,some of it comes from being connected AND good looking as in Aryan’s or Navya Nanda’s case. It’s like you are so good looking & you have the legacy, so why wouldn’t you want to act?

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